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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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ye shall know them by their works.


I would have several mental health councilors advaiable to interact with these folks, and warn them about drinking too much " cool aid ".

LDS Torrance CA

Can these people protest the Conference in April instead of a funeral of a wonderful husband a loving father and a TRUE PROPHET OF GOD?

I am so glad he spoke in our Stk Conference on Jan 13th 2008.


This protest will be a demonstration of ignorance. Just like in the days of Joseph Smith, they wanted to murder him and knew nothing about him.
I hope someday to be the kind of person President Hinckley would like me to be. I love the Prophet. He was chosen and extremely well prepared by The Lord. I won't pay any attention to the adversary and his minions. I thank the Lord for a prophet.

Matt Johnson

I am a pastor of a Baptist Church in Salt Lake City. I am disgusted by the actions of this so called "Baptist" church. I do not believe that people with this kind of anger and hate truly know Jesus Christ as their Savior. I do not think that President Hinckley was a prophet, but that is a theological difference that LDS people and non-LDS can discuss in civility. Difference in religion or theology should not reach this level of self-gratifying hatred and arrogance as exhibited by Westboro "church." I would like my LDS friends to know that the majority of that "baptist" church are the children of the one pastor. They are denounced by every Baptist group I know. I had a phone call this morning from an irate individual first saying that my church was despicable and that baptists are horrible. Please do not lump all of us together, that would be like Baptists saying that Warren Jeffs is the same as Gordon Hinckley which is not true. There is just as many varieties of Mormons in this nation as Baptists, so I ask again to my LDS friends, please do not catagorize all of us the same.

I don't think that any

Church is better than another. But I do believe in respect for everyone. The past President of the LDS church was a good man and deserves the utmost respect. People that want to "protest" certain things need to choose a much better time and place than a funeral! (How disgusting)


I've seen these Westboro people at work at a university graduation in the Midwest. Their attitude and "God is Hate" ideology speaks for itself, and I'm convinced will be duly "rewarded" in the next world.

There is nothing to be gained by addressing them or even acknowledging their presence. Ignore them--pretend they're not even there. They live to provoke and offend others and besmirch and befoul the name of true Christianity. They are infinitely more guilty of blaspheming the name of Christ than anyone they've ever accused. They are therefore to be pitied, not argued with.

I am glad I have learned and seen for myself that these people DO NOT represent the voice and position of true Christians (including Baptists) and other religious believers worldwide. They do not represent the voice of true Christians in regards to President Hinckley.

The irony is that President Hinckley himself would have compassion on these people, were he here. May he rest in the peace he deserves with God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Among the Baptists

There are many of them who are very good people. Everyone should remember that the Westboro group is really no more representative of the Baptists as a whole as the fundamentalist LDS are of the rest of us. Sad that they do this, but this is their choice.

Thank the DesNews for the heads up and let them do what they choose.


I think what needs to be done is protest the protesters. In fact we need to get a bunch of the BYU and Utah Football players together that are LDS (the big ones) to go down across the street and protest them. The protesters from the Mid-West would be intimidated to say anything if they saw the size of some of those players


Why cant people just learn to get a long? The Mormons only want peace in the world. That is what our church is all about.

An idea?

Maybe this group will influence voters from voting for Huckabee (as he is a Baptist preacher) and support for Romney would increase. It's just a thought, but maybe good could come from this.


Such a despicable act will only hurt them. Let them come and make a fool of themselves. True Christians would never even contemplate on doing such heinous act.

Brother Domingo

To fellow saints,
I am sure that Pres.Hinckley would want us to love,pray for them that despised and say evil things against us. Let us follow his counsel coming from the Lord. On the other hand, let's protect our laws to maintain civility and proper behavior in our community. We'll surely miss a true prophet of of God. He lived a Christlike life.


No class. Let God judge the ignorant.


I can't believe when people want to celebrate and mourn for an individual, others just can't leave them alone. Respect others!

Karl (not Rove)

If I were the P.R. guy for the Church, I would hire a group like this to show up.

What a contrast to the real spirit. Even the Mockers on local blogs would notice the difference.

Injecting humor

Maybe some of their baptist brothers will line up with them and hold up their huckabee signs! Would make a beautiful picture, perfect for the evening news.


Perhaps this church should read the sermon on the mount before planning another protest. "Blessed are the peacemakers..."

Convert in Murray

The Westbro Baptist church is not Recognized by the Baptist dominations. Please as an convert of the church I am asking everyone to remember that President Hinkley would not want us to lump them all together. I still have many family members of the baptist faith and they are just as appalled as the rest of us. Kets embrace them and let them know that we still love them even if they are wrong.


I'm not LDS, but I have sympathy for what the LDS community is experiencing right now. I too think the Westboro "church" is completely out of line, whether it's Hinckley's funeral, or Matthew Shepherd's, or a military funeral. But now can you understand why non-LDS people get annoyed/hurt/angry when Mormons think they are wrong or "going to hell" simply because we may not have the same beliefs as you?

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