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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Every one of you are holding up your own signs..just do what Hinckley would do and go about your business..recognize it's America the beautiful. Then follow what you profess to believe in CHOOSE THE RIGHT! Don't get uptight! Have a good day and walk w/love , peace , happiness!


If the Westboro baptists are the only people going to heaven I don't think I'd want to be there anyway!

On a 1st amendment note, the city has to approve their right to a peaceful law-abiding protest. "Protest" implies that the views held by one group are contrary to the views held by others. We can't just shut it down because we don't like what they have to say. In order to retain our rights to speak, to gather together, and to express and practice our religion we need to respect the rights of others. Their protests are frustrating and annoying, but if we don't pay attention to them they have no lasting effects.


They are our brothers and sisters too and we should shower them with love and kindness. As the old saying goes.....Kill them with kindness. Remember the Prophet and Sister Hinckley will be in attendance and watching. Let's honor them both by protecting what we hold dear and sacred and not lose the Spirit. Pray and fast that day and unite your families together and Satan will NOT prevail. We must be doing something right, if the adversary is using others to make such a fuss about the leaders of our church. Hmmmmmmm????????? Something to think about......


Folks the best thing you can do is ignore them, they WANT reaction, you can either have civility and peace in your heart when President Hinckley is laid to rest, or you can ad to the atmosphere by being confrontational, think about which one the Prophet would have approved of.


These people would love to cause a fight and controversy. The response that would best honor Pres. Hinckley would be to simply ignore them. I'm sure that's what he would do.

outsider looking in

That anyone would protest or disrupt a funeral, whether that of a fallen soldier or a church leader, is disgraceful. These monsters want to get a reaction from the LDS members who attend the funeral. The best way to handle them is to ignore them. Don't give them the angry reactions they crave.

I am not LDS, but perhaps this episode will make LDS members more sensitive to what the rest of the country has experienced for years at the hands of Westboro Baptist "Church" (they are independent and NOT affiliated with any national Baptist group, no one would want them!).

They protested the funeral of Matthew Shepard (the man who was murdered in Wyoming for being gay); their website despicts Shepard burning in Hell.

They protest at military funerals all over the country, upsetting the families of soldiers they never even met.

They even said the tsunami disaster in Thailand and Indonesia---to which the LDS Church sent substantial aid---was punishment from God.

I would not want to see the First Amendment suspended. Rather, is it too much to ask for these kooks to show some decency and respect to the bereaved?


Here is a chance to live what he taught. I can think of no better way to honor him. Avoid contention. Don't wrestle with a pig in the mud.


I am pretty sure this is what Jesus would do. NOT!! Your time could be better spent feeding the poor or something else. Obviously the work of Satan to incite feelings of hate and discontent.


All I can say is that I stand on my committment to support the rights of others to express their opinions. Otherwise, I will not lower my standards to the level of these people.


Can't put the link here, but Westboro has a press release regarding their protest of the Prophet's funeral. There are 2 great ironies about this stemming from the press release and this article:

1. The press release criticizes LDS teaching that man can become like God, yet apparently they already know "Hinckley is in hell," something only God can know.

2. Westboro's spokesperson criticized Pres. Hinckley for apparently not being tough enough on gays. I'm sure there are groups who would disagree and say he and the Church were too tough.

Scott S, Vacaville CA

What can I say that hasn't been said already? They don't have the truth, its clear to all. They are very misguided but that is clear as well. To the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, you are only embarrasing yourself but we still love you and as wrong as you are, we believe you have the right to choose, but be prepared to accept the consequences. The distasteful action will just go ignored by most, now is not the time to belittle someone, let it go, remember love the sinner, not the sin.


I think everyone that attends the funeral should shake hands with these people and say "hello". Be kind and show them what we are all about. We follow Christ's example.


I have seen it all: I used to be a member of a local Baptist church, and they were very judgmental against the LDS faith. That is why I left to join this wonderful LDS church that says be kind to everyone. But I don't think even that Baptist church would go as low as protesting during a funeral. That is very disrespectful no matter whose funeral.. Would you find a LDS ward protesting during Billy Graham's funeral or the Popes funeral?? I think not that is why We are the true Church Of Jesus Christ,and are Christians!!


Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. It is a hard thing to do, but it is what Christ has asked of us.

I like the idea of members singing hymns in the streets. The misguided can feel our love and witness true praise and worship. Perhaps one of that group may be receptive to the spirit, and realize the error in judgement.

I can't be there physically, but I'll be at our Ward Building watching the service broadcast.

Praises to our Saviour!


If these people claim to be christians they need to read up on what a christian is. I know for a fact that Jesus would not approve of protesting a funeral for anyone. I hope they realize that what they are doing is not christ like. They need to find more productive things to do with their time like serve the lord.


We dont need a permit to walk down the street signing songs because we are not protesting.. We should all do it.


What a great example of an empty life driven by pointless feelings we have before us here with the Baptist Church. What spirit is leading these people?

LDS in Michigan

This group is afraid..afraid of truth. Most people who know something is true however do not want to admit it and will do whatever it takes to ensure that truth does not come to pass. President Hinckley was the perfect example of this truth and faith and we would all be better people if we followed his example of that truth and faith that he held so dear to his heart.


First remember that the Baptist Church has nothing to do these people.

Second remember these people are a hate group pure and simple. They hate Mormons, they hate Catholics, they hate Jews, the hate Muslims, they hate the United States, they hate many other countries including our neighbor to the north.

Third these people will be there to create conflict. This so called church is supported by a law firm run by the church founders. They try to get people mad and take action. Then they will file lawsuits against the people, the city for not protecting them and anyone else they can get money out. Like Doug Wright said, stay clear of these people and ignore them because they want to start a fight.

Fourth, these people will die out because they are only allowed to marry within the church and most of the young woman are not getting married or having children.

Some Guy from Out West

It would be awesome if a couple area Relief Societies got together and made them some hot food (Mormon women do make a mean casserole) and hot chocolate (SLC in Feb.? burrrr) and brought them some extra blankets in case they get too cold.

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