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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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This is the same group that protests funerals of fallen soldiers with signs that say "God hates gays."

It's totally inappropriate and very low class.

baptist at out funeral?

Protesting a funeral? How little respect this shows on their behalf. Why not celebrate his goodness rather than focusing on some mute point that is hardly substantiated, considering the church literature produced on the topic. The Savior taught to love everyone regardless of differences. Pres. Hinckley emulated that teaching better than anyone.

Who to contact @ SLC goverment?

Does anyone know who to contact in the SLC gov. that could stop this this. It is just not right!


I am somewhat familiar with the Westboro Baptist Church. I actually admire them for their firm stand against homosexual behavior. This is why I am a little surprised. Don't they realize that they and the LDS Church are on the same side on this particular point, that the LDS Church is one of the remaining churches out there that firmly refuses to bend its standards to the demands of the homosexual lobby?


I really feel sorry for these protestors. It is a shame that they don't have or want the truth. I will keep them in my prayers. I am so very greatful for the LDS church and President Hinkley and I hope and pray that someday everyone will have what we have and feel the love that we feel from our Savior and from each member of this church. God Bless America and America Bless God.


Life is about lessons, this one is as basic as they come, "love your neighbor", "blessed are the peacmakers"..."turn the other cheek"...'if you have done it unto the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me'...great opportunity to apply these lessons, and teach them to our children.

As you listen to their words of hate you realize where it is coming from, and makes you feel like you must be doing something right. There really is no reason to take offense with these people. I'd be more concerned if they held a President Hinckley memorial honoring him, these really are troubled people...just hope that life's lessons will somehow touch them, and changed their troubled lives.

Love your "enemy"

This is far from a christian act. Shame on these Baptists. I think it's obvious whose being led astray. I hope the rest of the Baptist community will condemn this action.

Anonymous in Sandy

I love the idea of the crowd singing We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet, and other inspirational hymns while waiting in line. The voices of 100,000 people singing will uplift and overshadow any poison these people have to spew. We, as Latter-Day Saints, worship in song. Music comforts us as we grieve. Lets seek to uplift and be loving.


Where does this church get their money to fly people all over the U.S. to do things like this? We should find out who attends there, what businesses their members are running and BOYCOTT and dry up their pockets any way we can. If anyone out there is reading this and has any info, please post so we can do something about this group.

S. L. Payton

These people are sick. How can someone be so full of hate and anger? By their fruits I guess. God bless our Prophet and his family. President Hinckley is truley where these folks think they are going.

Pres Hinckley

Any group of individuals who support the stances taken by this group of so called Christians should be ashamed of themselves. I have no problem with people having different religious views or with people who have no religion. They are completely free to choose what they believe in.
If President Hinckley were still alive he would probably council us to extend a hand of love to them and to make them feel as comfortable in Salt Lake City as possible.
Thank God for the restoration of the gospel and for great Prophets like President Hinckley

Jo Ann Armour

Pray for these people, do not stoop to their level by calling them names. We are COMMANDED to love one another, and we must follow the example of our Lord and Savior, and ALL the prophets. They loved and forgave everyone who trespassed against them. The Savior at the last supper, at his trial, on the cross, etc. We have the TRUTH, and it is our responsibility to tell those who are in darkness to come to the light. President Hinckley IS a true prophet(as were those before him),ordained in the pre-existence. They all used their agency in the right way and served, as asked, in this divine calling. When those of other faiths, religions and beliefs have gone beyond the veil, and meet the Savior face to face, they will not be able to say that we did not tell them. They will be responsible for themselves. In the meantime, we must open our mouths and not sit on the things we have been taught, witnessed and been partakers of. Press forward!

Re: Contrasts

Who said we hold you in contempt? I know several secular humanists that are great people, and I like them...I am sure that you also are a nice person. Let us know when your atheist leader dies, and we will mourn with you.

re: Who to contact

Let them speak.

We can all decide if we agree or not.

Unfortunately the Constitution protects "Stupid Speech"...



Jesus said love everyone. I would say that this baptist church is not practicing what Jesus taught. Shame on them.

Keep in mind....

.... that even though we've had our differences with Baptists in the past, these guys aren't the same thing. These Westboro lunatics are a fringe movement, completely marginalized and ignored by every mainstream denomination and not affiliated with any of the Baptist Conventions. They get their press by doing these sorts of stunts, but they're just a bunch of extremist twits.

Don't give these jerks the pleasure or the dignity of any attention. Just help give President Hinckley the dignified and loving farewell he deserves, and let those people do what they will.


I don't think we should stop it. I like the right to express my oppinions. Let them say their peace and ignore it. It doesn't change who he was or what he did. And, in the end they have chosen to live angry spiteful lives, so they have payed the price for their choices already. If you fight them it only lends creadence to what they are saying.


I am against any personal disrespect for Mr. Hinckly. I think he was a good man and deserves the love of his followers. I think people have the right and reason to protest the office he held. There are many questions and concerns about the authenticity and practices of the church that people fear and disrespect. People should have the right and opportunity to know the truth and not be bound by irrational indoctrination and force. I hope one day the mormon people will be free.


To Contrasts: I'm sure I'm not just speaking for myself when I say that the comments of sympathy and respect from non-religious, or non-member, individuals are greatly appreciated. I've been very humbled and touched by everyone's kind words this week, as I'm sure many others have. Thank you.


Isn't Mike Huckabee a Baptist?

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