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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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We have been given an opportunity to practice those principles of kindness so often taught and demonstrated by President Hinckley. It can be our priviledge to be his legacy.


What would Pres. Hinckley say to this group? He would say, "Come in from the cold. Warm yourselves in the halls of our buildings and by hearts of the people of this church. We love you. We don't need to understand you to love you...our love for you is without condition." Maybe something like that.. Oh, how I will miss my dear Pres. Hinckley! May I learn to bridge gaps and take the sting away from contention as he did! Pres. Hinkley was proof that God loves ALL His children!!

Remember Lonnie Pursiful?

This is no different than your typical conference session during the Main Street Plaza flap.

If the members of the Westboro Baptist Church wish to make fools of themselves, I for one won't stand in their way.

Brigham Young once said: "Any time you kick Mormonism, you always kick it upstairs, not down. The Lord Almighty so orders it."

3-2-1 Contact

Let these immature protesters come. Let them come & sleep in our motels and eat in our restaurants and buy gas at our gas stations. Yes, let them come and boost our economy a little.

All we have to do is ignore them. Sure, there will probably be one over-zealous idiot that gets in a fight with them and gets arrested-there always is. But, if we all ignore them, they won't get the satisfaction they seek.

We thank thee O God for a Prophet.


No First Amendment!
Just as the 1AMD protects the rights of those who want to protest his funeral, It also protects the rights we have as a church. There was a time when we couldn't say what we wanted and it resulted in the death of Joseph Smith and the infamous extermination order. Remember the the 1AMD doesn't just pertain to things that we want to hear, but things that we don't want to hear also. I would rather have a few protesters at President Hinckley's funeral, then not have the right to assemble and worship how we please every Sunday. No 1Amd, no General Conference. Think about that.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE IGNORE THEM. If anyone going to the funeral of President Hinckley gives this "hate group" any attention, they will accomplish their goal of disrupting what will be a moving and spiritual tribute to a prophet. If they get one picture in the media of an LDS member confronting them, they will celebrate all the way back to Topeka and their pathetic, miserable goals will be accomplished. IGNORE THEM. AVOID THEM. Don't punch them out, as I know that will be tempting.


Have some respect for a wonderful man. Honestly, protesting a funeral of a beloved leader? And this is coming from the church that claims Mormons are not "Christian." It looks like they sure are though...

Oh Boy

I think President Hinckley would wave at the protesters and smile to them. Everyone should do the same. Bigotry still exists in this and othe Baptist churches if that is what they are called. Really they are hate centers. Oh well. We wish them well.

Josh Tan

Classless, disrespectful, unchristian - how about adding selfish and self serving? These baptish ministers get paid for their "service." Business not booming "eh" (as we say it here in Canada).

Utah Beekeeper

Sometimes we must be content to "be still and know that I am God" When Westboro Baptist Church's cup of bile is full, they will be dealt with by a long suffering, patient and perfect Father in Heaven. I will bee watching Saturday. The most excellent thing is that I believe President Hinckley had no idea just how great a MAN he was! What an example to attempt to follow.

Hate mongers

Go to Youtube and search "The Most Hated Family in America" and you can watch a documentary about this crazy family, which pretty much make up the whole congregation. It's enough to make your stomach turn.

Jeff B

The truth will always be persecuted.


Wouldn't it make a great statement if everyone attending the funeral would lay a single flower at the feet of any protesters as the passed by without saying a word.

Honor GBH

The best way for us to honor President Hinckley is to follow his example. He exemplified TRUE Christianity when he lived up to what is sometimes the more difficult requirement of our religion, as spoken by the Savior: "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you." (MT 5:44)

When a group of protestors showed up at the Rexburg temple open house, volunteers took them punch and cookies from the open house. That is what it means to be Christian. I don't mean to preach, because I am FAR from perfect. But, President Hinckley would not want us to say negative things about these individuals, because to do so is contrary to what Christ taught. They can't hurt the church anyway. I love President Hinckley and am inspired by his ever-positive approach to life.


I feel bad for these people, they have obviously let their intolerance for the rest of the world blacken their hearts.

Lets show them love and show them what Christianity really means!

Ask them if they like Utah, thank them for visiting Temple square and turn the other cheek and don't let them ruin the spirit of our dear prophet. Let us live his legacy and do what he would want us to do.


IGNORE THEM. All they want is an audience and to create shock value. Don't even give them the time of day or waste your breath on any words to them in passing.


I saw we form a group that blockades the corner they want to protest at. When they try to protest military funerals a group of bikers block them out, I saw we do the same.


So, this permit to demonstrate in the process of being approved? APPROVED? Seriously. You'd think Rocky was still mayor. But, I have to agree with the previous comments saying "let them come and make fools of themselves..."


Notice us atheist let you morn and follow your beliefs in peace as civil citizens should? Maybe, it's not the secular humanist that you should hold in contempt.


Don't they have jobs?

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