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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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When a young solider from my hometown was killed word got around that protesters would be at his funeral, so my hometown showed up, in support and sympathy for this soliders family that the protesters did not have the guts to show their faces.

President Hinkley was a wonderful man of God. God loved him very much, President Hinkley loved everyone it did not matter to him if people were church members or not, he loved us all. Even the protesters, he was respectful, and encourged us all to be respectful of others, however you would never see him encourging any church members to protest outside their churches, or stating they will burn in hell.
We were lucky to have a great Man like President Hinkley.

People like those that protest about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, only strengthen us and reconfirm how true the church is


I am a member of the Church and live in the South and I have had several Baptists tell me passionately that the protesters aren't members of their church and that they truly disagree rather strongly with what the Westboro Baptist Church does. Please don't point fingers at members of your local Baptist churches and lump them with members of the WBC.

Phil, Corona CA.

I am a Christian, not Mormon. We love you and send our deepest compassion for the loss of your president. We are sorry to hear of this group protesting at the funeral and feel it is a unloving thing to do, and do not recognize this as true ministry.
We pray for your healing as you seek the true Jesus of the bible for comfort, as he is our only comfort.
As a christian, I often take time to make friends with the mormon community to reach out with the love of Christ. I stand in front of the temple from time to time handing out tracts and greeting people, I do not join in with the "street preachers". It is my duty as a practicing christian to share the gospel with all people and defend truth as it is writen in the bible. My calling is simple. 2tim 2:24-26
We will continue to pray for utah and the mormon community as they mourn.
Try to be nice to me next time you see me handing you a tract. Love and Respect.

Stormin mormon

just do what president hinckley would have done...said to them..."I Love You" they are our brothers and sisters, they have just been led astray and will one day know the truth when judgement day rolls around, just ignore their words and believe our's follow the prophet, heed to his words, love everyone, forgive everyone, dont critisize the actions of others, yes what they are doing is wrong and disrespectful, but they are still our family


Were the Westboro protestors also supporting Huckabee?

Non-LDS respect for the Prophet

It disturbs me that anybody would protest at a person's funeral. Out of all the times that you could protest, a funeral just seems like the wrong time.

I'm not LDS so I think my odds of seeing Gordon B. Hinckley in heaven are slim. If I had a choice in the matter, I'd sure love it if I did see him and I could sit and have long conversations with that amazing man. Everything I saw about the man exuded class, honesty, love and integrity.

I've said for the longest time that there are certain LDS members who I've truly admired over the years. One of them is Gordon B. Hinckley, another is Ken Jennings, and last and definitely not least Salt Lake Tribune humor Columnist Robert Kirby.

God Bless Gordon B. Hinckley and all the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I look forward to the new Prophet of the Church as I have fond memories for the man Gordon B. Hinckley who truly made the State of Utah and the World a better place.


As i read these comments about this protest, which I find dispicable, I wondered what the LDS Church leader would have said or thought. I am not sure but I do recall that he never rediculed, never critized and never waivered in being a Christian and loving everyone. I know many wonderful Baptist people and this group does not represent Christian principles or the Baptist churches. It is a misguided group that does not need any attention, just prayers.

Paul Gibbs

As a member of the LDS Church who loves President Hinckley, I want to thank these protesters for publicly announcing that we and our beloved Prophet are true, loving, tolerant Christians, and nothing like them.

I feel sorry for these protesters.What they sadly don't understand, and President Hinckley spent his earthly life teaching, was that God the Father and his son Jesus Christ love EVERYONE.

Las Vegan

"Agree with thine advesary quickly, whilst thou art in the way, lest he turn and rend thee again."
D & C. Section 19 tells us not to revile the revilers.

I don't have this quote exactly but it goes something like this.

"Hate does not hurt the one on whom it is poured,
rather in the one it is stored."

Another. If we have hate in our heart, we might be looking for someone, or something to use it on.


BMACLVSPREZHINCKLEY you are absolutely right. That is what the prophet would do. The scriptures tell us that there must be opposition in all things. How wonderful it is to know that Christ lives, is our Savior and Redeemer. Alma the younger was much like those demonstrators. Imagine if the Lord works in their hearts in the same manner as he did young Alma. May President Hinckley legacy live in each one of us.


This just breaks my heart, not only for our dear President Hinckley, but for all of those soldiers who died protecting their First Amendment Rights. My husband is in the Army, and I would be proud of the sacrifice our family would make for this country.


People of low intelligence and high level of hatred rarely understand what civility and compassion have to do with proper behavior.


May these folks humble themselves and learn sound doctrine.


And this is Christiany????


It is hard at times to understand and be all forgiving with these kinds of "whatever they are"...This MAN surely believed in his Lord and His teachings...I can only do the same...It is hard to be kind towards them, but I have to be.


There is such a thing as funeral etiquette. Even the God of every religion on earth, or no religion at all understands that.This group should not have ever been given any newspaper space at all. Don't reward rude behavior with attention.

Mountain High

After viewing the Youtube sight "The Most Hated Family in America," I can only say that the premis of Jesus asking anyone in the mob, "Let Him who is without sin, cast the first stone;" was most certainly way over the heads of this group. Something so simple......but yet so least understood for these blinded obscure beings..

Trying to explain the difference between the "Old Law of Moses" and the "New and Everlasting Covenent," which Jesus ushered in during his ministry and sealed with his atoning blood, would be asking too much for this group to remotely understand. The sacrifices of so many good men and women seem so wasted on idividuals so lost as to put their hate into song and teach it to their own children. They fail to realize that God also had Hatemongers high on his list of dispises.

Protest too much

Methinks they doth protest too much.


To all LDS:

Let us ignore all these evil protests against the church, leaders and the Gospel ...Just remember, these are the same type of taunts, disrespect and name calling from those people who crucified the Lord. They can not accept the truth...These are people who are proud and ignorant who doesn't know what humility is and strongly refused to listen the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ. They would rather please Satan but subtly do it in the name of our Lord to get more people.
Remember, during the time when prophet Gordon Hinckley was called to be a leader in his early callings, the membership were only 500,000...Anti-mormons and mormon bashings mushroomed several years later that made people curious to know more about the church..The result--we now have 13 million members..In a way, these protests helps increase the membership of the church--makes people want to listen to the missionaries. Let's pray for those protesters that they would continue -- to enable those humble souls to open doors for the missionaries and to listen the true Gospel and be baptized.

did this happen?

The media covered the funeral proceedings. We were all more interested in President Hinckley. So I don't know if these people even demonstrated, did they?

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