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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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There couldn't be a better tribute to the only true church on the face of the earth than Satan's minions rejoicing over the death of one of the
Prophets of God! God Bless Gordon B. Hinckley! He
lived great and has died great!

No one of Consequence

Lest I sound like a hypocrite, I'm making this comment because 342 people before me have already commented. But perhaps one of the worst things we can do is to give this group the attention they so badly crave.

First off, they're not a church. This is exactly the type of group that causes so many agnostics/irreligious to be turned off by all religion, and to associate religion with evil and wicked judgment. They are no more Christian (or Baptists, for that matter) than they are a group of dandelions. They might as well call themselves 'wheelbarrows' and people would associate wheelbarrows with evil. But they can call themselves whatever they want, just as they can protest and make obscene scenes (ha!) almost where-ever they want.

The worst thing the media does is cover their agenda. Seriously, stop reporting this. As if groups like this needed any more fodder for bickering, contention, pathetic attention and infantile whining. Yet we have semi-major newspapers, media outlets reporting about them. Ignore them, just as the 30,000 funeral-attenders and supports will do Saturday, and every day for the rest of their lives.

just someone

I just hope that we as citizens of this great state, as well as any visitors coming to celebrate the life of President Hinckley will keep our heads and not let any of our reactions bring embarrassment to ourselves. Let these attention seeking folks have their moment, but don't let it become yours!

small towner

I agree with Some Guy from Out West: If we give them food and something warm to drink (something for each hand maybe), then they'll have to put down their signs. ;) Just keep the hospitality flowing! Besides, who knows when a heart can be turned. Just ask Saul, Alma Sr, Alma Jr, etc.

Don Harryman, Jr.

The demonstration by Fred Phelps and his followers at President Hinckley's funeral is revolting and incomprehensible. One has to wonder if the LDS community will gain any understanding from this situation. This is exactly the kind of hatred regularly visited upon homosexuals by the LDS Church and its members.


The best way to handle this and honor President Hinckley at the same is to treat these protestors as he would have treated them--probably with a quiet smile and not an ounce of anger directed at them. Hate or anger demonstrated against these people only sinks us to a lower level.


Bet there won't be any people taking the time to protest their funerals when their time comes!


For the few peole who say that the LDS people think we are the only ones going to heaven, how wrong you are. If you knew anything about the LDS church you would know that thats not true. Thats why you yourselves need to study and try to understand the priciples taught in the LDS church. Dont just go along with the crowd. Study it for yourself then pray about it and make a descision. God loves everyone! Not just Mormons. Do we believe that this is the true church, absolutely! Do we believe that Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet of God, absolutely! God is the same yesterday, today and forever so why would he not continue to have prophets on the earth today? Do we believe that other faiths are going to hell, absolutely NOT! Did you ever here Pres Hinckley say that no. The members of this church may not always do what is right or maybe even hypocritical at times, Jesus Christ said, "I am well pleased with the church collectively but not indivdually." I love Gordon B. Hinckley. I am sure he has heard the phrase well done thou good and faithful servant.


it hurts to read negative comments to our late prophet hinckley but i know those religions who have negative comments are instuments of satan i know and i beleive that pres.hinckley is a true prophet and that the THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS is the only true and living church upon the face of a whole earth


Those that try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ do not condemn others. None of us are in a position to judge anyone else and determine whether they will go to heaven or hell. That is God's right. He knows us and what is in our hearts. I feel sorry for those that choose to behave in a way that is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. He shunned no one. He spent his time with those that were poor, needy and those that stood in need of a friend. He did not spend his time condemning or belittling people. He spent his time lifting, loving and encouraging people. He loved all. People are human and as such we make poor choices. To be unkind to anyone or judge them is not Christ-like and should be avoided at all costs. Life is to short to harbor ill feelings or hatred. Our job as humans is to serve and love all those that we come in contact with, no matter what they may be believe. God created us all and loves us all the same. President Hinckley set a good example. So did Jesus Christ.


Our founding fathers granted us the right to practice our religous beliefs. Jesus even gave us strenght to turn the other cheek when our less than admimoral fellow man acts disgracefully toward each other. But their comes a time even when God turned the other cheek to get it slapped hard and said no more. It is one thing to practice religous freedom and another to practice a way to insight a riot. Westboro Baptist Church should be shut down by the Baptist Ministry for it they can not control one of their own. All I am saying is if he keeps up something bad is going to happen all in the name of Religous Freedoms.

why bother

Since we as LDS believe in faith in the Lord and repentance as the two fundamental beliefs guiding actions, 1)the prejudices of protesters wouldn't register because the Lord is the kind forgiving judge of everyone, and 2)if a person is concerned about their own errors of ommission or commission and is trying a little every day to overcome them, there would be no reason to be concerned with the actions of others, (other than to try and help them).

I hope that everyone in Utah has a great day honoring Pres. Hinckley.


Best thing that we can do is ignore these protesters in the media --- thats what they are there for.

Amanda from MO

I don't know how anyone (including above mentioned Westboro) can call this group a "church." A church is not supposed to encourage hate. They don't agree with homosexuality? So what? That doesn't mean they should be out there protesting at funerals (the Prophet's, a fallen soldier's, or anyone else's-may they rest in peace). I am LDS, a couple of my friends came out of the closet, and my sister is gay. There is no way I could hate these people: I love them very much. Just ignore this group of haters.


Many heckled Christ on the cross, we should remember His words: Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

Candace Salima

The Westboro Baptist Church is proving how incredibly insensitive and evil they have become. First they protest at the funerals of our fallen soldiers, which is reprehensible, at best! But to bring their lying, wagging tongues to the funeral of our beloved prophet who only reached out to all faith which maintain the standard which the Lord expect of him is beyond the pale.

I support the First Amendment, I do. But I equate the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church with those of Larry Flynt at Hustler Magazine. You're take a right and a privilege and abusing it.

Mormons fled the Midwest in the mid 1840's due the licentious, murderous behavior of its citizens and established a safe haven in the mountains of Utah. Leave us alone. Go back to your little town where hate reigns supreme and let people of God mourn the passing of one of His most valiant and beloved servants.


The strongest possible message is to ignore them.


By their fruits ye shall know them. Where your heart is there be your treasure. Let them show who they really are.


Shouldn't we be dissappointed if the evil Phelps group didn't show up? Pres. Hinckley is in good company when we look at who else Phelps protests. I think it is a good sign, further confirming that Pres Hinckley did the right things throughout his life. Protest away!!!

Vegas Ed

Poor people. The Rev. Jim Jones comes to mind. Just blind to picket at funerals and other religious occasions. WWJD is what many other religions use. Obviously not this.
It's not against the law to look stupid.

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