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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Let them be

I'm sure that Pres. Hinckley experienced many protesters at every temple dedication he attended. I'm sure their antics would be nothing unanticipated or new to the prophet. The work simply rolls forward!

hhsnyder of CA

Dittos to Pastor Johnson, Dwight S. Adams, and Paul
in MD. to Hate is Hate
Let he w/out sin cast the first stone. We all were
created from God's image. how fortunate to be given a body to be 'tried and tested". It will be by "our
fruits" that we will be judged. In remembering this
let's live each day and give thanks for we wil never
be able to live that day again. Lets not choose to be "offended or to offend others". After all "Love
the lord God With all the heart" and "Love thy neighbor". These are truely the latter days and
here in California we have been living with this revelation for many years as the numbers of LDS
members are not the size of the state of Utah. Having said that we are a "blessed" people but are
in no way better than non members. Actually we have
a higher standard to maintain as we "know the truth"
so as bearers of this truth we'll be judged accordingly!!!!!!!!!! Let them protest; just give themno fuel to quel their fires!!!!!!!!!


This church group is really gonna protest at temple square saying that Hinkley was a false prophet? Good luck, thats like bringing a knife to a gun fight.


This is just a re-affirmation of the truthfulness of a gospel, based on becoming more Christlike and living as Christ did, not judging, avoiding contention and loving unconditonally. President Hinckley was a wonderful advocate of everything godly and beautiful. I wish these people could belong to a faith that instills values and respect and then perhaps they would think twice about trying to tarnish what is in effect a very personal event for the family of our dear Prophet and would have the moral decency to say 'This is NOT the place'.

To Some Guy from Out West

You must live WAY out west--The Relief Society comforts those who mourn, not those who protest--nice try though, interesting twist on "Charity Never Faileth"


Since their real purpose is to gain attention, the best thing to do (as suggested in the article) is to quietly ignore them.

to jr

if organized religion is the cause of so much hatred then why did Christ bother to establish a church when he was on the earth? Organized religion is not the cause of hatred, it's the leaders of some of those religions that preach intolerance and hatred, and then the followers take it even further in their actions and words.

Christ's church didn't preach or teach hatred at all, and many organized religions of today don't either- including the Mormons. That doesn't mean some members don't take it upon themselves to be rude and judgmental at times, however. This is true of all religions and groups- some don't always practice what they're taught.

Obviously you have some negative feelings and opinions about the Mormon church and some of it's members. Did you learn that hatred from organized religion as well?


Fools come a dime a dozen. I think that we should show these protesters that we are truly honest in heart, good, pure, and always kind to others always. Lets not let hate take our position with them. We are better than those people who spend their time hating, belittling and condemning others. A true Christians would never spend their time doing these things. True Christians only spend their time saying good about others. Lets not help them with their hatred by participating. God will bless us.


We thank thee O God for a Prophet to guide us in these latter-days...for we are indeed in the living in the last dispensation of time.. we are witnessing all that we knew and know 'to come to pass' we are witnessing an era where the very standards and principles that are being attacked, are the very ones we must live... my fellow sisters and brothers, we share a deep devotion to a 'GIANT OF A MAN' who stands in the realm of the Prophets, ancient and modern, he walks hand in hand with his beloved Majorie, to return with union amongst his 'goodly parents'.. we must now walk in the footsteps of him who gave us wisdom, understanding and tolerance 'for all'.. it is our way of saying, 'we love you Hinckley and miss you'.. live by his words, walk in his shoes for "Vengence is mine saith the Lord, I will repay".. this will be one of many and if we will ENDURE TO THE END, we will have eternal life to live again with our departed Prophet, Seer and Revelator President Gordon B Hinckley, Prophet of the only TRUE church here on this earth.

to: Emma

(Emma 10:31 am), you must not be reading the same comments I am. The overwhelming majority of the comments are about keeping the peace and ingnoring the protest. I'm surprised more aren't about "taking them out." I'm actually very pleased with the sanity and muturity of 99% of those that have commented. Maybe you should read a few more comments.


John 11:35 Jesus wept.
We all need to pray for these individuals, they need to learn to know the Savior, and they are in need of all of our prayers. I weep for them.


Maybe the local missionaries and/or faithful LDS members should seize the opportunity and hand out the best book ever written - The Book of Mormon!!!


Granted what happend on 9-11 was devasting to our hearts and to our country, but to say it was a hate crime from God is completely stupid. I believe in God but I am not really religious. I have been to a LDS chruch actually many of them and my best friend and her family is LDS. They are very welcoming and caring people. Granted some of their beliefs I dont agree with but thats fine. I remember going to services and hearing about President Hinckley. I feel for his family losing a brother, son, husband and father. My prayers go out to them while they see these protestors on the corner near his funeral saying awful things just because they have different views. If everyone is the same in this world it would be quite boring. I think the differences in beliefs between my friend and I are why we are so close. I work in a health facility where it is Catholic based and we have mass everyday. These protestors are wasting their time by standing on the street corner and saying awful things about this man and is mourning family.


As a gay man, I want to express my sympathy with the LDS Church and the attendees at President Hinckley's funeral. Fred Phelps has been viciously targeting our community for years. We know how it feels to be on the receiving end of persecution. No one deserves to be the targets of such hate. On this, the gays stand in solidarity with the Latter-Day Saints.

ED Pulaski

This group -westboro baptist - has disrespected multiple funerals and are spreading hate and lies.

It is not illegal what they are doing. Just like it is not illegal for opposing groups to ride on motorcycles with extremely large banners praising President Hinckley. Or to make large Angel wings to open and obscure the hateful protestors. No words have to be passed. Simply apply for areas directly adjacent to the protestors and encapsulate them and surround them with positive signs and banners that drown out their hateful messages and posters. It is occuring at Soldiers funeral and other places these individuals are protesting. In Denver Harley riding motor clubs attach big American Flags to motorcycles and drive around the westboro protestors totally obscuring them.

I know President Hinckley is not in Hell and he was a good loving man and the LDS Church has served Millions of people with aid world-wide. Too bad the westboro baptists don't serve some poor people throughout the world instead of doing something so hateful and Anti-Christ like.

They're pathetic

"I'm sure that Pres. Hinckley experienced many protesters at every temple dedication he attended."

It's true. I know some of these temple protesters, and they take pride in being "persecuted" by the people they're trying to "save" (i.e. the Mormons). Don't add fuel to their fire, don't try to be nice (google "Most Hated Family In America" and watch the video about them - they're pure, pure evil and meanness to passersby), and remember how powerless they are compared with our numbers. And be grateful you weren't born into that messed-up Phelps family. I pray for their children, that more will escape the clutches of their evil forebears.

Henry Drummond

Staging a vulgar demonstration may be free speech but is that enough to make it newsworthy?

Find Common Ground

I'm so confused. We dislike homosexuals as much as they do? Why are they protesting us?


Being a baptist myself, reading this disturbs me!! I have, never in my life, been ashamed of my religion until now. This IS NOT the way I feel and saying I'm upset is an understatement.
RIP Pres. Hinkley

don't understand ???

don't understand why some of these comments are posted while other that say the esentially same thing
are not poated...

This is for those who make those decisions.

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