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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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jr is more than a little twisted. You would fit in well with the Hillsboro American Taliban.

Way Beyond Free Speech

As LDS we practice our free speech in many ways to proclaim our belief. Those who do not agree with us have the right to express that as well. Anti-Mormon signs near the conference center during General Conference are no more intrusive or offensive than missionaries knocking on doors asking to come into someone's home to proclaim the truth about the Church is to some.

BUT - this kind of protest at funerals goes so far beyond human decency that its hard to imagine. This group is not just an anti-Mormon group. They will target anything and anyone who is not as radical as they are - which is basically everyone but them. There brand of Christianity and biblical interpretation is so extreme that they should not even be labeled a religion. They intentionally target the most emotional and personal moment many humans experience - a funeral. Even many of the most hard core first ammendment advocates have a hard time justifiying their brand of "free speech". And I would assume even the most die hard anti-Mormon would find their targeting of the Prophet's funeral an unacceptable place to express disagreement with the Church.

The Saviour's Example

I am confident that no-one will read this message, as it will be apparently number 301. Nonetheless, I express my comfort in the gospel of Jesus Christ, my testimony that He has given His life for ALL mankind, including those who despise or displease Him. Were it possible, I would hope that all people everywhere could feel the strength that comes from even our most meager attempts at true faith, hope, and charity.

From my perspective, President Gordon B. Hinckley demonstrated that as the world sinks into despair and destruction--the bar, for all of us, has indeed been raised. "All of us would do well to study the life of the Master and try to emulate His words and doings." I believe these are not just nice words. He lived his life this way.

These are words of a prophet. What disagreement can there be in this counsel? In this time of somber reflection, I hope to make a better attempt each day, as I get up each time I fall, and as I try just one more time.

From San Diego

Please be careful when dealing with this group. They tried to come to Santee, California when their was a school shooting. Their specific goals are to provoke an assult. They are lawyers who want to sue you. That is how they make money. They will take you for everything you own. They also went to Columbine after their shooting. They look for situations where emotions are running high and they add fuel to the fire. They are evil.. don't fall into their trap.


I agree with the many who have said to ignore those on the street. President Hinkley would. He is the man who preached tolerance to other faiths and backgrounds. This group is hiding behing the name "christian" group. It is the same excuse to make a scene and act inappropriate in any manner that men/women have done for centuries acting in the name of "christianity."

This small group is a group who represent a small minority who enjoy the cameras. President Hinkley was a wonderful man who will be missed. He did as the other prophets did before him...preach of Christ. His legacy will never be that he preached of himself and proclaimed himself the leader of the church. He made it known to all nations, kindreds, and people that Jesus Christ stands at the head of the church and it is through him that all things are administered.

Ignore those who profess otherwise but respect their right to be wrong.

Simon Says

13 million versus 200!!!!! What a shameful pitiful sight they will make. A pity to paint all Baptists with the same pathetic brush as this so called Christian group. As LDS we get upset when people think we are the same as all the apostate "Mormon" groups out there.
As three famous penguins said on the movie "Madagascar." JUST SMILE AND WAVE BOYS.....!!!

President Hinckley truely was a GREAT human being. His legacy will live on.

Elizabeth Marie, TN

Do not be alarmed by the protesting of the Westboro Church. They have been to Tennessee and protested at funerals for some of our fallen soldiers. Therefore these people know nothing about our Heavenly Father. The Lord will deal with that "church" and those people. President Hinckley would not want us to be angry but to pray for them that the light of Heavenly Father's love will someday reach the hearts of those who protest. "Father forgive them,for they know not what they do.." I am very proud to be LDS and not Baptist..


The members in Salt Lake City need to be kind and ignore these people and give them no reason for law suits or media publicity. They are trying to make the members mad and then they will sue them and the city and try to get media publicity out of it all.

ill help

im not a member of the LDS faith, but i have great respect for the work that president hinckly did. if you would like i will voulenteer myself to irritate the protesters so that president hincklys funneral can go on in peace.


As a Texan and long time Latter Day Saint, I think we should pray for these people and hope they see the error of the hate they are spredding. We love President Hinckley and he will be greatly missed. We need to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ and treat these people accordingly.


Maybe some people could deliver some Huckabee signs to this group. I'm sure they wouldn't mind carrying them during their protest. It would make such a nice picture, especially if it got picked up by the National news.


Just laugh at these people who waste their money to come here and freeze in our best winter in recent memory to spread a 'message' to blind eyes and deaf ears. They're making fools of themselves. Just as you would discipline a tantrum-throwing child by quietly refusing to acquiesce, turn your face from these preachers of hate.

Sunny in AZ

I think it would be great if a couple of UTA buses just happened to breakdown right on the corner where these folks will be. One bus heading East on North Temple and one bus heading North on State. Just pull the buses right up to the curb and yank the ingintion wiring out of them. This plan has merit, somebody call UTA and arrange for the breakdowns.

It's pure hatred

One more reason to see biggots for what they are. Just like Huck for staying in the election. They hate Mormons and envy Mormons success.


I'm amazed that these people call themselves Christians and they think Mormons aren't. I think these people are really rednecks pretending to be Christians. I can't imagine that the Savior would even think of doing something like this even if he didn't approve of someone's behavior. The best thing to do, though, is to just ignore them and let them make fools of themselves.

a mom

When people do things that are hurtful or perceived offensive I try to remember 2 Timothy: 24-26. "And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will." All we really need to do is be an example of the truth to these people. The Lord knows what they need in their lives to come to a knowledge of the truthfulness of this gospel. We can do our part by exercising charity even when we might not want to. True charity is unconditional- a challenge for all of us.

Juan Carlos Reyes

It's painful to know that the enemie will be there always bothering, but we don't have to get worried because God always will bless the people who follow him. If that "church" wants to say something in that way is because they are not the true church and they have to shout to say something because they are with the devil because "..he that hath the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil, who is the father of contention..." (3 Nephi 11:29).
But we have to remaind that they are our brothers and we have to love them. Just don't care about them.
Greets from Chile


I think that the best thing is just to think "What would Gordon B Hinckley Do?" He was an amazing man. It is in the lords hands and he will not let anything happen that would hurt us. If anything we will be strengthened. I can't even express how grateful I am To be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Gordon B Hinckley was a true prophet of God and he did so many amazing things. How could you not believe it?

Sunny in AZ

I wanted to make a post but as I typed it in, I decided to take the high-road and I will not post it. But, just so you know I really had a post, I thought I would put it in this post. Just so you know that I really had a post.

"blah... blah... blah, blah... blah,...blah"


To all those attending the funeral - just act like the man whose funeral you are attending. They've come to get a rise out of everyone and gain attention. Surprise them.

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