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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Appalled at first

but now I'm reminded that they are doing this for sport. I only hope their "sport" doesn't hurt impressionistic children who witness their insensitivity and hate. If so, it's a great teaching opportunity for parents. I hope parents teach chldren to not return hate for hate. There is too much of that in the world. Best to teach children that these poor people haven't been touched by the spirit yet and hopefully they will sometime. Let's prove the demonstrators wrong by our Christlike actions, taking the high road and being courteous to them, or at the very least, not feeding their frenzy with contentious words ourselves.


Why do the people of the Baptist faith not disalign their church from this radical group? I think Baptists are above these who call themselves Baptists..


gostaria de dizer a todos que cristo vivi e que ele sempre chamou profetas e que o presidente hinckler um profeta de deus,alguns pecadores acham que falando mau de um servo de deus vai aliviar seu sentimento de culpa o remedio est em cristo e no nas criticas e manifestaes desejo a todos que sigamos o exemplo de cristo e nosso amado profeta.

Jennifer-Salt lake city

If your faith is strong and your beliefs are true..... you are a fast moving train. People throwing pebbles at you will not derail you. We have the power to ignore hateful thoughts thrown at us by very hateful people. Us LDS members get accused of not being Christian.......What this Baptist church is doing, disrespecting a beloved sweet gentle man on the day of rest, is sick. Children will be there, his grandchildren, greatgrandchildren etc etc. It is sad, even dead this wonderful men gets beaten down.... i am SURE he is up there with his sweet little wife smiling down and giving us stegnth to ignore the hatred and stand strong. Shame on you for doing this. I agree, people should stand right next to them singing hymns of praise. If they move, then they get followed with even louder singing. Mute them out, walk on by, and let them tear their salvation to shreds.

Just a thought

Mike Gallagher offered them air time to keep them away from the funeral of the Amish girls. Perhaps a similar arrangement could be made. I would rather have the ability to turn off my radio than to have to walk past them on the way to a funeral.


Yep, a little hot chocolate will do the trick, it will show them that in spite of their arrogance and stupidity, that we love them anyway.

And besides, the bit of Ex-Lax we slip into the hot chocolate will help make them not so full of what they are so full of.

It's definitely a win-win situation.


All I can say us unbelievable. If my baptist friends knew what these guys were doing, they would be very ashamed and disgusted!

Montana Mormon

With regard to the vitriolic protesters:

Jude 1:10--"But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves."

Alma 14:11 "And [the Lord] doth suffer them that they may do this thing . . . according to the hardness of their hearts, that the judgments which he shall exercise upon them in his wrath may be just; and the blood of the innocent shall stand as a witness against them, yea, and cry mightily against them at the last day."


Not even appropriate, or respectful of human life. It's wrong they would want to protest Heath Ledger and it's wrong they would protest President Hinckley. At least they believe in equal opportunity. Haha.

Raymond Takashi Swenson

There will be 30,000 people at Temple square and millions more around the world who will gather to honor President Hinckley. The forces of good are winning. The Westboro Baptists and so many other churches that preach hatred in this season when a Mormon runs for US president are losers, in every sense of that word.

From appalled at first (again)

Oops, I meant "impressionable children". That word "impressionistic" didn't seem right but I punched the add comment key anyway. I think you all knew what I meant.

Pac 10 Alumnus

Deny them the permit.


The Kansas based hicks are at it again.

hold back

As hard as it's going to be to not practice a little "laying on of hands" with these protesters we need to refrain. What would President Hinckley do? He'd probably walk up, wish them a good morning and say, "Why don't you put those posters down, bring all the good you've got in your heart (albeit nearly nothing) and see if we can't add to it." I wish the city would do like Augusta did with Martha Burke's protest at the Masters. She was allowed to protest about 1500 feet away from the golf course. Nobody even saw her.


to matt johnson's, paster of a SLC Baptist Church.
Thank you for pointing out that this particular Baptist group is not mainstream baptist, and actually a splinter group. They are just calling themselve's baptist so baptists loose crediblity.

and to all you lucky people who get to go to the funeral in person, IGNORE them and SING while waiting. i'd recomment not only we thank they o god for a prophet it, but We Believe in Christ, Jesus Said Love Everyone.... it is true, if anyone contronts or talks to them, they won. let's honor hinckley.


These people that will be protesting are local members of this hatemongering church. I have seen them before.


I BEG the press to ignore these people. Please do not give them a voice. DO NOT put a microphone in front of their faces and allow them to desecrate the name of such a great man. I propose that the public boycott any news program or newspaper that gives them a minute of air time or a centimeter of newsprint. We have a voice also. Our voice will be heard in the news programs we choose to watch and the papers we choose to buy. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!


Freedom of speach is one of our greatest liberties. And why complain the church sends missionarys around the world to canvass and convince people how to live a mormon existance and now the lord has delivered prospects to you. Show your salesmanship and convert them to your side. I don't see where it will make them much worse off.

The Authority

Interesting that a supposedly Christian church is exploiting the rights we have as Americans to use the language and tactics of hate in an effort to soil the funeral of a man who preached a message of love. President Hinckley always shared a message of God's love for ALL of his children. It's sad to see someone trying to ruin a farewell to him with such a hateful and disgusting action.

If you've ever seen this group on the news, you'd know they come across as hillbillys from some really stupid, low budget horror movie. The good thing is that they are so ridiculous that they are not worth acknowledging. It's best just to ignore their hateful foolishness.


Phelps is a coward, Lead by example and show up to your own rally... I can't wait till he is 6 feet under. He won't even get the pleasure or Flattery of picketing... This is great! Im not even mormon but guess what I do know Pres. Gordy was an excellent leader and top dog Christian. Maybe I will go to church... Someone send me the Missionaries... I'm a military member serving in the Air Force... I would love to see someone disrespect one of my brothers in arms funeral... Talk about war...

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