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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I find it interesting that there is not a baptist church organization anywhere in the country that accepts Westbro Baptist Church as a member. They give all churches a bad name. Since there are many good people that belong to baptist church's typically, I would think that this "church", which is just a front for a hate group, is an embarrassment to all baptists.

I for one am offended that Westbro Baptist Church exists, and are showing up for another funeral. I just hope anyone that thinks this is typical of other baptists realize it is not. Even Huckabee wouldn't stoop this low.


They must have something more worthwhile to do with their time... I wish I understood what went through the heads' of these people - protesting at the funeral of a man that epitomized goodness and love. President Hinckley would show compassion to all and so should we, regardless of what they say or do.


We thank thee oh God for a prophet... to guide us in these latter days! President Hinckley was and always will be a wonderful man. May his heavenly reunion be wonderful.

I will miss you!


Isn't it amazing that these people are so well known? I myself don't agree with what Hinckley has had to say in the past, but I would never in a million years pull the antics that these people do. I don't believe in hell, but I wish I did when it comes to these lunatics.


Lets keep this tiny group of ignorants kept apart from and not mistaken for being "apart of" the mainstream faith of Baptists.
I for one know first hand as a Saint living years in Augusta Georgia that the Baptist church is abundant with good hearted, hard working Christians doing the best they can..just as we are.

I bet you if we all remembered to earnestly pray for these lost brothers and sisters in our evening prayers, the Lord would soften their hearts.

(or perhaps keep them home with the flu)


If we took just one flower out of the bouquet we brought to lay in rememberence of our dear Prophet and handed it to one of these protesters, they could feel what Christian LOVE truly feels like.
That is one feeling they seem to completely lack.
I believe That sort of show of brotherly love would open the door for the Holy Ghost to touch their hearts.
I don't believe these "other sheep" were brought up with the Spirit in their homes or their hearts, so how could anyone expect them to know how to show it to others?


Charity a Christ Like Love

I think it is sad that people would do such a thing. Especially those who say they believe and follow Christ, our Savior and Lord. I know Christ would want all of us to respect others, he talked to Samaritans, when other would not. But us as member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, need to remember to Stand a Littler taller (SALT) and still love them. Jesus forgave those who crucified him, he even had mockers and "protesters" when he died. President Hinckely was the prophet that i grew up with, and I will dearly miss him. But the work will go forth. We do thank God for a Prophet!!!


how can someone call themselves "Christian" is they criticize the the very people who believe in the same principles as them? through this we see a real issue of ignorance and intolerance for discrimination against religions. Yes, it is beautiful that we are free to our own religion, i know that when President Hinckley's funeral takes place, that these people will feel the spirit, and that they'll be tormented by their own guilt!

Re: some guy

Great post! I too would love to see the picture of LDS serving these people in a Christlike way while they practice their version of Christianity.

I believe you can judge the character of a man (and a church) by his friends and his enemies. I believe that I would people who are so consumed with hate protesting President Hinckley rather than mourning his loss, as the rest of us do.

Who finances this group, anyway? Do they have jobs?

Mom in MO

I find this a little amusing. To be protested because we're not "anti-gay" enough. Tell that to the groups who protested because we're too strict on gay matters. Yes, we should ignore them. And stay tolerant of others' beliefs, whatever they are. I will follow the 13th Article of Faith, and do good to all men.

Livingin the south

Being LDS in the Southeast we deal with these types of people on a daily basis. It is plainly obvious that they do not subscribe to the basic teachings of Jesus Christ. How sad for them. I appreciate all good people no matter where they attend church. President Hinckley was a good human being who left this world a better place. Isn't that the goal for all of us?


It's REALLY stretching the definition for these people to call themselves Christians. Wouldn't it be interesting if the earth opened up and swallowed them during their protest?


God bless you, President Hinckley. We will miss you.


The very fact the Baptist church uses such a solemn event as the funeral of ANY HUMAN BEING let alone a very respected LDS leader as a opportunity to protest ANYTHING tells me they lack world any compassion for their fellowman.


The road to "Outer Darkness" begins with the loss of Inner Light and Truth. I am so grateful to President Hinckley for letting his light shine forth in all the world and feel such sorrow for the Dark Road these people are traveling. There can be no joy in their morning nor will their be honor in their going. President Hinckley surely has the greatest of both!

Paul in MD to Fantastic

Fighting to protect marriage is not the same as hating gays. If you actually took the time to learn the LDS teachings on the subject of homosexuality you would find the church teaches compassion and love toward everyone, regardless what their words or actions are. We consider homosexual behavior a sin, and the church does not condone it. We believe marriage is a divine institution, defined as the union between a man and a woman. Period. We also believe that EVERYONE who walks the earth is a son or daughter of God, and as such deserves our love and respect.

Love the sinner but hate the sin. Read the Bible - that's what Christ taught, and what we should all be following.

Paul in MD to Hate is Hate

I am truly sorry that you have experienced judgment and scorn from LDS members. That should never happen. That is NOT how we are taught to behave towards others. However, I have seen that attitude among members of our church. I have also seen that among almost every other group that happens to hold a majority in any setting - LDS in Utah, whites in affluent areas, African-Americans in DC, men in some companies, women in others... There is no end to the examples. It is especially pronounced among people who at one time were persecuted - they get a little room and power and have to flex that.

Please remember that we are taught in the church, and I am teaching in my home, that all of us are brothers and sisters, and all should be treated with the respect and esteem due all the sons and daughters of God.


I hope these people are not representive of the Baptist church.....How sad ...They should be using there time and energy to help others..

OK I get it

At first I was upset, but after reading the posts I finally get it. They do this kind of stuff to get people like me upset, do something stupid and get in trouble. They don't really care about you, me President Hinckley, LDS, other Baptists, or whatever. They will be here for as much publicity as they can get and then they move on to their next protest. As much as I would like to handle this the old fashion way, that is exactly what they want. I finally get it. IGNORE THEM.

Paul in MD to the Lion

You bring up some good points, but you miss some as well.

True, the only people who can know beyond a shadow of a doubt are those who have spoken with Christ face to face. The rest of us have to rely on faith. I have heard many at the pulpit say they know. I just remind myself that this is an expression of extreme faith, but perhaps a poor choice of words. I do believe there are a few on the earth today who have seen Christ, but they won't say this. It is too sacred an experience, and would just give others another reason to bash the church.

I'm sorry you feel that missionaries are offensive. In the New Testament, the apostles talked about a coming apostasy. All Christians believe there was one as foretold, we LDS just believe it was complete, while the rest of the Christian world does not. These young people are sent out to testify of the Gospel, not to attack anyone. Look closely at our teachings, and you will find far more common ground than opposing viewpoints.

BTW, hypocrites preach that which they know to be false. We believe we preach the truth.

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