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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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President Hinckley HAS spoken to us about this:

"I pray that each of us will be a little more kind, a little more thoughtful, a little more courteous. I pray that we will keep our tongues in check and not let anger prompt words which we would later regret. I pray that we may have the strength and the will to turn the other cheek, to walk the extra mile in lifting up the feeble knees of those in distress." (Gordon B. Hinckley, Let Us Live the Gospel More Fully, Liahona, Nov 2003, 1023)

I dont like bigotry. I dont like hate. They are so incompatible with the spirit of the gospel and the teachings of the Lord.

"I like peace. I like friendship. I like mutual respect. As we have these things, I dont think that is going to slow down the growth of the Churchit may enhance it. I believe that we can do much, and I think we are doing much. I think we are making very substantial headway (interview with Deseret News, 25 Feb. 2000).


There are defining moments in everyone's lives. Hopefully the protesters will have one Saturday.
May Pres. Hinckley's family have peace at this time. And Pres. Monson have all of our prayers.


It saddens me to think that another religion would attack a leader of another church. They have a choice to pick how they want to worship. Let LDS members mourn and remember such a fine leader in a way that he should be remembered.


Love and pity people who think this is a good way to change anyone's mind about anything. I will be wearing duct tape over my mouth and earplugs in my ears. Not kidding.


What a classless act. This is a day for people who truly cared for the Prophet to celebrate his wonderful life. There are many who care for and love this man greatly including myself. He was the perfect role model and if I can be one percent of the man he has become, I will have lived an amazing life with much happiness. Now there is only one individual or spiritual force which would love to see this uproar take place and that is Satan who is the father of all lies. He wants altercations and contention among the children of men at all times. When people argue or poke fun over sacred issues in life, it just creates a very negative sentiment and that is not the spirit of Christ nor will it ever be.


This will have no effect on our Church. People of this caliber did not stop the Prophet Joseph, Brigham Young, John Taylor etc. I find it easy to ignore ignorance. The Church will keep moving forward.


What a bunch of ninnies. Classless, stupid, hopeless ninnies. Who do they think they are going to "sway" with a demonstration at a funeral?

Some Guy from Out West is right. I was thinking more along the lines of water balloons, but i believe his way is more "Hinckley"like.


Maybe we should show how real Christians (Saints) behave and invite them to lunch.

Glad I'm not a child of theirs

I'm am so thankful I was raised believing in free agency. Our biggest blessing is knowing that Our Heavenly Father is all about love and peace who put each of us here to become the best we are capable of becoming. I'm sure that they don't know of a Loving Heavenly Father and with all they do to promote hate guess they don't have time to work on becoming the best person they can. It makes me realize how important it is for us to always set a good and positive example in our daily lives.

Peter Walters

Remember the lessons of Ether: If the Baptists have not charity, it matters not to you.

Take some extra scarves, gloves, hats, and coats. Join them in the protest and make some hot chocolate to keep them warm -- not to support them in their anger, but to show them what you think a Christian is.

Can you be so Christian?

Being Christian doesn't mean having the right book on your table. It's what you do with your life.


People who cannot control their anger and who seek vengeance constantly on others are not Christs followers. It doesnt take intelligence for a person to start riots, protests and hostilities. I believe it is a lower form of human existence to behave in this kind of matter. People who follow the Savior do not participles in such bad behavior.

kris k

I sorrow for these people. Not because they don't belong to the LDS church, but because they live their lives filled with so much hatred for their fellow man.


The people of God have suffered persecution from the beginning of time, and will till we return to our Father in Heaven. We can't expect Satan to not try to disrupt the services of this great man. He always tries to drive the Spirit of God out of our hearts. He cannot unless we let him. President Hinckley is a prophet of God and nothing these protestors do will change that. Follow the example of our great leader. Smile at everyone you see, it is contagious. Let love lead the way.

Michelle V.

God doesn't Hate

1 John verses 7-8

7 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.
8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.


I find it hard to believe that there is anything negative that can be said about President Hinckley. He was such an amazing influence and example to all of us that I feel sorry for those that do not love him! I know he was called of God, and I will miss him greatly! Protest all you want, it doesn't matter, it never will! Like Elder Maxwell once said, "If in the end you haven't chosen Jesus Christ, it will make no difference what you chose instead." I testify to you all that President Hinckley is now in the presence of the Savior, continuing his mission. We thank thee o God for our Prophet!


You are all right. It is a disgusting show of human character for this group to be acting out in such a way.Although everyone is entitled to their opinion of things, no grieving person should be subject to this. I am not LDS. I am not religious. I am, however, a concerned citizen of this state and I need to put my foot down an say, however cliche it may be, "Not in my city!" Don't worry. The angels will be there to protect the world from hate. Look for us.


You know the Babtist can say all they want but all of us LDS Church members know the truth. That is what I will always remember about President Hinckley. He was our leader and our Prophet, who made us all feel the love and devotion he brought to all of us, whether we were born LDS or found our callings thru him. He will always be my prophet and nobody can ever change this for myself or my family. As for the protesters let them do and say what they want, we all know what is true and I know I owe all of this to our prophet PRESIDENT HINCKLEY. If I could be as good a member as he is my life would be perfect, but Im still working on this and I know I will be there to see my prophet when I join them. Maybe someday the baptists will learn that protesting does not get you very far HATRED is a strong word and heavenly father will be they first to say so.GOD BLESS PRESIDENT HINCKLEY AND HIS FAMILY.


I have found that when you are tearing others down you are not growing yourself. That is why we should not confront them because when we do we become like them. President Hinkley was truly a great prophet and leader for our time. He would want us to stand a little taller, be kinder and love all people even when they turn on us.

Marcelo Gomes, Mesa, AZ

The very fact that you are standing in front of a group of people deeply moved by the loss of a loved one and are desirous to openly attack their religious leader shows how much your religion is truly off on what it means to be a Christian and true followers of Christ. Afterall, did not Christ say something about "mourning with those who mourn, and comforting those that stand in need of comfort?

Megan and Amanda

You all need some serious help! Do other church's have this going on? NO.. Then why do we? We don't bother anybody, President Hinkley is a good honest man and I totally respect him and you need to mind your own business. Instead of tearing other people down why don't you work on your faults and try to improve yourselves. Why are you blaming others, the only person to blame is yourself for your own happiness. Mind your own business and focus on yourselves rather then other people. The reason you are protesting is because deep down you know The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church!

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