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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Annmarie Mckenzie

I just wanna say that this protest is a display of fear and we will forgive them for they do not understand what President Gorden B Hinkley lived and died for . He has a respect for people, he loved children, and it is sad to see "Fear" in the souls that are truley lost do to the fact that no one would have a following of a great leader of faith in Christ in their church like our loving President Gorden B Hinkley. May God have great judgement and mercy for the lost Amen. Love, Mckenzie Family


You can't say this particular group of Baptists are prejudice.....they hate everybody. You have to laugh at them...nobody takes them seriously


Let's all of us do what President Hinckley would say we should do: As members and visitors approach the Conference Center start singing "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet". The evil spirit cannot overtake the spirit of Christ. This article has brought many tears to my eyes, feelings of concern for the people who reverantly mourn...please don't bow to their wickedness...just say a prayer and start singing. Silence says more than words...if they are ignored they will not have accomplished what they set out to do. I hope and pray the members will bite their tongues and have the courage and wisdom to totally ignore their presence and words. Don't give them the satisfaction of upsetting you or your loved ones or others at the viewing. I will being praying for all those attending this special time. It just has to be one of peace, humility and calm.


The unfortunate thing is that a miniscule congregation can get so much coverage because of their outrageous conduct. Perhaps it sells papers, but is it news?

Dwight Sheldon Adams

To all of you who are not LDS: Thank you so much for your Christ-like attitude, humanity, and support. It is never more evident that we are all children and servants of God than when we stand together to support Christ's example despite our theological disagreements. We love you, and we appreciate your willingness to let us know that you love us as well. God blesses all who try to follow His teachings, no matter their faith.

To those who have been offended by church members: It is NEVER our place to say who is going to heaven and who is going to hell. Church members who treat you poorly because you are different from us are horribly in error. Understand that we see God's teachings as a means of judging for ourselves what we should and shouldn't do, as well as what we should and shouldn't expose ourselves to. We are never supposed to look down on others. If we do, our judgements are unrighteous, and we are no better than that which we oppose. Nevertheless, we have the responsibility to protect ourselves from that which we see as evil. But I'm truly sorry if we have been cruel.


This group is so weird! I looked at their website, and firstly, it sounds like a 10 year old made up their website name. Then I looked and they actually have a petition schedule. All the different events they will protest for the next few months.


The modern-day Pharisees are at work. That this Baptist group doesn't recognize the parallel betwen their ancient counterparts and themselves is astonishing.

cupcakes are yummy

It'd be flippin great if weather was very bad and their flights from Kansas to Utah got grounded. Or delayed till AFTER the funeral.

Or if we had a storm like Mondays. Unless they are VERY VERY stubborn, they'll not stand outside for too long.


This guy is quite mad. His church is made up of his many children (all of whom were brutalized as children) and all seem to have inherited the rage gene. he wants attention - period. I actually met him once and he reminded me of something out of a Stephen King/ Stanley Kubrick nightmare. However, he has done gays a tremendous and much needed favor over the years. People take one look at him and think - well, I don't want to be like that - and begin to look at their gay brothers and sisters with compassion. Sort of a backwards way of creating compassion. Reacting to him at all, reporting on him at all - well that's what he wants. The dude has the scariest eyes I have ever seen by the way. We all have scary mad people in our religious traditions, but he does seem to be over representing the Baptists. Don't know a single Baptist who agrees with him even when they might be very uncomfortable with homosexuality. Sounds as if the LDS prophet went to the side of compassion. Fred can't.


Wonder if Huckabee will be with them?

Lacey in CA

I cannot believe the hate and the pathetic lengths at which people will go to hurt others. I am appalled that they are planning to protest the Prophet's funeral, but what else is to be expected from those who would protest a soldier's funeral. They care nothing for the hurt they cause others, and I believe Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and President Hinckley are all weeping for them as they look down upon us all. Let's make them proud of the members of THEIR church by behaving the way they would want.

Michelle in washington state

I am very saddened by these people who think it is a good thing to protest a person's passing....I hope and pray that they well be touched by God standing thier Saturday protesting and then realize what President Hinkley really meant to all of us who are Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


This is so unfortunate but it is illustrative of the world in which we live and one that President Hinkley understood so well. I'm confident that we will all handle this unfortunate expression of the First Amendment (which I am so grateful for) as President Hinkley would counsel us to. He would encourage us to rise above it....

I love this great Prophet!!!


It saddens me greatly that our forefathers paid the prices they did for religious freedom. Here today, a time of mourning, they are protesting a man who was recognized by the very leader of this Country for the good President Hinckley did. He recieved the highest honor given to a civilian.
Why are the members still today hounded like Joseph Smith was in the Churches first years if not for fear itself.


I was at the Joseph Smith farm years ago in Palmyra while protesters were lining up and down the path to the Sacred Grove. It was extremely hot and humid, and a little (mature) sister missionary came out of the Smith home with cold lemonade and served them. When we returned from the grove they were gone. There's probably a lot a ways to handle this, but I know if done in anger or hatred it won't work. Many years ago the Savior walked to His death among protesters, whom He offered forgiveness. I believe GBH is OK with the MILLIONS who will honor himnot worried about the few who wont.


you know...there's an abandoned commune site in Guyana that would be a great place for the Westboro Baptist congregation to live....

Porter Rockwell from CA

Isn't anything sacred anymore? For goodness sakes! I had to get over the SHOCK of reading a protest will take place at our dear beloved Prophet's funeral. On the other, I can imagine President Hinckley counseling us to BE KIND to the very end. God bless our Prophet dear.


Re: the First Amendment -- Canada doesn't have the First Amendment, and it manages mostly fine.

The freedoms that the First Amendment protects are only as safe as they are cherished by the American people. Unless they are so cherished, the First Amendment is no more than ink and rotten parchment, which third-rate lawyer could interpret into insignificance. (Just as a lot of second-rate lawyers are trying to do to the Second Amendment.)

The First Amendment will be cherished as long as it is understood as protecting what Americans want protected -- that is, the genuine substance of free expression. When it becomes seen as something that allows the restriction of core political speech (as the McCain-Feingold "campaign finance reform" does), while shielding the right of pornographers to profit and Fred Phelps to be a [bleep], I fear we may start to lose sight of just what a treasure the real First Amendment is.

Even if we lose it, though, we'll be no worse than Canada, for whatever that's worth.


How UN-Christlike, disrespectful,and UN-Christian!! It is because of people like this and believing the falseness of what they do that the gospel MUST be preached to ALL the nations! May God forgive these poor misled people.

Let's step back...

I'm certainly hopeful this church will change it's mind - but let's step back and think about it.

What would President Hinckley say about this protest and how we should handle it?

Would he approve us villifying other children of God? would he suggest we tear then down and hate them?

I think that to truly honor our dear Prophet, we can be kind, gentle, loving and above all, Christian about this issue. How many times has he chided us as the Lord's people for treating others with anything other than love and respect as fellow children of God?

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