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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Matthew 5:11

Fellow LDS members: Please ignore these "people" from Westboro. Saying nothing, doing nothing is your best bet. If you take them casseroles, be prepared to have them thrown back at you and be accused of trying to poison them. If you wave canes, they'll scream about you threatening them and tell the world. The Porter Rockwell jokes--funny here, kinda, but not so much Saturday morning.

Acknowledging them puts you in a no-win situation. Just let them do their thing and move on. That's being realistic, not unkind. They really ARE that bigoted and spiteful, sorry to say. They've been doing this for years and they're very good at what they do--hating others and generating resentment.

Since this is America, they ARE entitled to their free speech. They'll use theirs to show what they're really made of and what they really believe. So use yours to say nothing, leave them alone, and show who the true Christians really are.

Honor President Hinckley and the Savior by doing what both would have you do: Try a little harder to be a little kinder, and remember Matthew 5:11.

Listen but don't drink

Hey, go ahead and let them talk. Just don't drink if they offer and Kool-aid...


Wow, I can't beleive human beings would actually protest at a funeral. Thats terrible.


Re: Rev., Johnson, thank you for your nice words. I respect your thoughts on this. However, we have some neighbors living next-door to us from your congregations who are not as considerate as you are, and they would probably be better off joining the protester group. They deliberately taunt us every chance they have because we are LDS. Perhaps you can talk some sense into some of these people with your strength, wisdom and knowledge.

Thank You and we appreciate you.


Satan works in mysterius ways. I believe they are following his rule, not the golden rule. This group makes me want to throw up. Why do people follow such sick leaders, all in the name of religion. Because they are sick also. I'm sure it makes Father ill to see this going on. Would be hard to hold my cool if I were there honoring this wonderful prophet with that trash on the corner.

Zooms Dad

I am profoundly impressed by the mature and spiritual nature of the people of Utah. My knee jerk reaction to this article and to the "Baptist from Westbury" was naturally outrage. But then as I read many of the comments and thought about the great Prophet they mean to run down. I was hearted at the kindness and Christ like attitude that we as a people try so very hard to uphold.

We are a meek and wise people. The world confuses meekness for weakness. The world has no idea how strong we are. If we were a weak people we would lash out and play the victim. We choose victory with quiet resolve and dignity. And am proud to be a Latter Day Saint and proud to live in this great state in the United States that allows the freedom to ignore those who unwisely use the freedom to speak.

Pres. Hinckley taught tolerance

I sure appreciated Honor GBH's comments -- we should honor President Hinckley by living as he taught -- be tolerant & kind not vengeful or vicious.

I wish these folks wouldn't protest -- I wish they knew what I know: that Gordon B. Hinckley was a prophet of God called to teach God's children how to live in love & peace so they can return to live with Him someday.

But these people have their agency -- gratefully, I have mine, too, and can choose not to get angry or confrontational -- to let them exercise their agency in peace.

I definitely think the "no audience, no reporting" idea is a good one. I've seen what my kids do with an audience -- it isn't pretty :-)!

Just Me

Y'know, Pres. Hinckley would probably say there's a soul in that protester that needs love and compassion and may have deep troubles that contribute to their behavior, and love the person, learn to forgive the behavior. That's not just good Christianity, it's good citizenship and manners!


Even if you don't like the guy his funeral isn't the place to protest.


In comparing the character of the two, If I have a choice between being in heaven with Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptists, or being in Hell with President Hinckley, I'll be sure to grab some shorts and a fan on my way down.

Be kind and smart on Saturday

I really appreciate all suggestions for reactions to the protesters, expected to come on Saturday, that represent what I expect Pres. Hinckley would have done. "Be kind" comes to mind, as well as "Be smart", "Be positive", "Be humble", "Be prayerful", and "Be involved". Wouldn't it be great for some mature youth or (young) adults to "Be involved" on Saturday and, in an acceptable way, stand between protesters and mourners, wearing clothing, covered with invitations, that remind us all of the best "Way to be": (Be) "smart", "kind", "still" and "grateful", especially for the God-given guidance through Pres. Hinckley, that helps us to deal in a loving manner even with these misguided protesters (John 13: 35).

Arvin Lee Hansen

I am waiting to see if Mike Huckabee is the first Baptist preacher to denounce and decry this event in that they bear the same religious lockstep name as his....but then again, I'm not going to hold my breath since I never heard any denouncement of his ill-willed low blow declaring that Mormons believe Jesus and the devil are brothers.


The Westboro group are not protesting 'Mormons' ... they protest everyone! They want/need the exposure to spread their message of hate. They think everyone is going to hell and it is their God-given duty to let us know about it. They also believe that the more we hate them or revile them, the more assured they are of being saved - because if you 'love Christ you will suffer for him'. Truly twisted.
And this group is NOT an example of a true Baptist. As a member of the LDS faith, I have found good people in all faiths. I do not believe that anyone not of the LDS faith will go to hell. That is for God to judge. Everyone is just trying to do the very best that they can and we need to love them for it.
TO: Matt Johnson - Thank you for being a friend. And know that I will think of you when I greet and smile all strangers that I meet.

The Lion

Every sentiment expressed by you "faithful" Mormons has its exact mirror image in the sentiments of the Baptists. Don't you see that they are just as passionately "convinced" of their "testimonies" as you are of yours? (Perhaps moreso!)

You see how apparently arrogant these Baptists are by claiming to have the "truth", but why can't you see how arrogant you are by claiming the "know (beyond a shadow of a doubt)"? You consider their protest to be offensive and unChristian, but you don't see how your sending 50,000+ missionaries out into the world to attack other Christian religions (by preaching the Apostasy) is horribly offensive! You see how "cultish" these Baptists appear because they engage in behavior that seems irrational, but you can't see how irrational your own behavior is: dressing up in robes and aprons, forming circles, and chanting together?

Jesus called all such people "hypocrites".

Robert Paine

I worked at the Visitors Center of the Washington DC Temple in the 80s when Sonia Johnson was excommunicated. An ERA group planned a big demonstration one Saturday. The temple closed early, the gates were locked, etc. I went to the roof of the VC for a ringside seat for the main event. The appointed hour arrived as I sat with semi-bated breath and...nothing happened. No protestors, no media - nada. I had three hours left on my shift in which to do....nothing. Figures.

Someone from utah

I always read in the scriptures that Jesus Christ loved everyone. These people sure aren't christian. If they were then they would be treating everybody a lot better no matter who they are or where they are from. I know that the LDS church is true. These people will sure be in for a very big surprise one day. They will know that there church was not christian. Christ would not approve of people treating people badly.


America lives. Freedoms are secure. And, yes, feed them and give them warmth. I would go with the tuna fish casserole with some nice bread crumbs on top. Oh, that is so goooood!!! Cold milk really sets that off too.

My view as a card carrying, God fearing Christian is that they are following their conscience. And that they are publicity seekers. And that their hearts are cold. Very cold.

Feed'em and love'em. Then pity them after they are gone. But do let them try the tuna casserole. It just makes your knees weak.

America is a great nation. We tolerate as we should. It is what separates us from the intolerant nations and mob-rule. It allows us to live in freedom and happiness.

A Kansas Mormon

Perhaps something akin to the whittling and whistling brigade would be in order here. A group could surround these slugs and drown them out.

Dwight Sheldon Adams

It's so nice to read these comments and see that the vast majority of them are positive. What a wonderful spirit of love and tolerance the people of the LDS church are showing in the face of such vitriolic hate.

To those of you whose nerves are frayed: Take time to breath and pray that you can be loving towards the Westboro church. They are children of God, too, and he loves them and will always work to bring them to him, just as he does with you. Though their hatred may be sinful, you must not allow it to make you commit the sin of not forgiving your fellow man. Let God judge. As we would admonish them to "hate the sinner, not the sin," so must we admonish ourselves to the same effect.

To reiterate what several have said, the Westboro church is NOT the Baptist church. We should not hold other Baptist churches responsible, nor think ill of them for what the Westboro church does.

Be cautious. Don't incite any anger. If you are not able to control your emotions enough to pull away if something bad happens, don't even talk to them. It's asking for trouble.

Depart From Me...

These are the people Jesus spoke of when he said many would claim "Lord, Lord, we (Prophesied, taught,evangelized,etc,etc) in your name....."
But He will tell them to depart from Him, for He never knew them.....

All we (including both LDS and Non-LDS followers of the God of Love) can do is show how Christ would have us behave...."Blessed are you when men..say all manner of Evil against you.." "Love your enemies, do Good to those who persecute you."
I may not agree on many important points of doctrine,etc with the LDS faith.. but I've learned to look for the power of Christ thru the Holy Spirit in the actions and words of a person.. THAT's what tells me if they are my brother or sister in Christ.. not what building they enter on Sunday...and by their words and actions the disciples of Phelps The Antichrist show what great servants of Evil they truly are.

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