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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Matt--West Jordan

Just when you think the signs of the times couldn't be more clear, you hear about a "church" group that will hold up a sign saying "Hinckley is in Hell." I've seen it all.

Total dirtbags

Sometimes I wish there was no First Amendment.


Surely the Westboro Baptist Church does something that is normal, compassionate, and Christian. The
protests in the media are just bizarre, cold, and cultish. I'm sure that even Jesus scratches his head at the sight and says, "Huh?"


Amazing that they could consider themselves Christians and behave in such a manner. It is absolutely reprehensible to disturb a funeral and behave that way when people are mourning. You would think there is a way to voice your opinion without imposing on funerals and disturbing people who have lost loved ones.

hamamaoko kambamura

I pray for the protestors that one day they will know the truth and the truth shall set them free. The Church Of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints is the only TRUE church upon the face of the whole earth. no apologies. Gordon B Hinckley was and is a prophet of God just as Moses of old. A true saint from Zimbabwe.


We must "forgive them for they no not what they do" God bless our Prophet dear. I'm grateful to belong to a loving church, a forgiving church, Christ's church.


So, this is Christianity? Actually it's called smash-mouth Christianity. 3 Nephi 11: 29 - 30 and D&C 10:63 describes them perfectly and who is the source of their hate and anger. Amazing, to denigrate the funeral of a great religious leader in order to popularize their hate. Where do I sign up?

Farmington Reider

All this group is doing by such a disrespectful act is giving a bad name to their denomination, a bad name to their city, and a bad name to their pastor and his family. I poor pity the children raised by such people, with such a sad example placed before them of how (not) to treat all people with the respect they deserve.

Liz Holmes

How very sad We love our prophets and will sing with all our hearts We thank thee oh god foe a prophrt.


This makes me very sad. Deepest sympathies to his family. He was very loved.

no first amendment?

I understand how hurtful it will be to have protesters at a funeral. It's a horrible thing to do, but to wish away the First Amendment?! Do you want to lose YOUR right to free speech in other instances? Ignore them. That will make a statement, as well.

Phyllis Waechtler

I think there are more important things in this world than protest at the President Hinckley.
To me it is disrespectful and rude.
He was a great man and an awesome prophet.
Let us honor him and not disrespect him.
There is certainly a limit to freedom of speech,I think we should learn when to keep our comments to ourselves and let those who loved him mourn in love and peace.


I did a search on this Westboro Baptist church, it's headline is God hates fags. I can't believe people would actually belong to a church that preaches hate. God loves everyone, we are all His children. Just as we love our own childeren, unconditionoally, even more so. I can't believe they are protesting at the Prophets funeral.


While at times the First Amendment causes us pause, without it no church could preach. They would have the right to practice but what they said could be used to hurt them.

Already, those freedoms are under attack. In California there is a bill, or at least was a bill, that made it illegal to do or say anything that some special interest group could prove actual or 'imagined' fear or damage. I wonder why this church doesn't protest that.

We know who these people are and what they stand for. As long as they cannot make distracting noise or interfere with the funeral it won't cause problems. They can be ignored, as they should be.


What a bunch of pathetic losers. On the other hand, criticism by this group should be welcomed. I would be very concerned if these people were honoring President Hinckley.

15 Minutes

Haven't these bible-thumping, mean-spirited, "Christians" got something better to do than disrupt the last rites of a much-loved man? They must have sad and pathetic lives if this is what they spend their time and energy doing.

Another plan

I am hoping someone gets a permit directly across the street from them to get a nice group together to sing the hymns most loved by our Prophet. What a sign that would be to those trying to incite hate and anger--hymns of love and compassion about Christ.


I cannot imagine protesting at someone's funeral. I think it is shameful and disrespectful. I may not share the religious beliefs of someone else, but to malign him and make opportunistic use of the publicity his funeral generates to serve my own agenda is self-serving, un-Christ-like and awfully petty.


A silent, peaceful protest in front of their cab or rental car some how preventing them from making it to their site, might be interesting. Or perhaps a flat rental tire or a cabby or conviently got lost might cause them to think as well. Remember how Bringham Young slowed up Johnston's army in the 1850's. He had Porter Rockwell drive off their horses and relocate their food and livestock feed. No one got hurt and by the time the Army did arrive, cooler heads prevailed. I wonder if something like this might not help.


Reading this makes me even more grateful to KNOW that he his back in the loving arms of his dear wife and of our loving Savior Jesus Christ!

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