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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Monique ALONZO


Don and Joyce Broadhead

How we love President Hinckley. We will miss him, but we smile when we think of his reunion with his loved ones who have passed away before him, especially his dear wife.

Sister Luwanna Webb

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A wondrous work and wonder, President Gordon B. Hinckley, has been reunited with his lovely wife and all those who have gone before him. He was the Prophet of my time so far as a Latter-Day Saint. I will take with me the kind and loving way he shared with the world. His passion was the people, all of his brothers and sisters past, present and future. He was a true disciple of Christ. May we all emulate this loving man and create love within ourselves and thus, giving to all others.


Susan, honest man? After saying what he did? Come on.


Prophet Hinkley, I love you: Thank you for all the wonderful tutoring and example. Say Hi to my wonderfull parents please, they loved you too.

Sharon Hill

I, as many others, love the way that Pres. Hinckley responded to Romney about his impending candidacy. It typifies the man so well.
To james stowe: No one more than Gordon B. Hinckley would have loved to hear you say that. Read the preface to his biography from Sheri L. Dew to see what he felt about "adulation".
"I have done nothing more than try to do what has been asked of me, and I've tried to do it the best I could. I don't want you to make more out of my life than is there."
That is the last line of the third paragraph, but the whole first page is priceless. I, however, have no doubt that he was and is a Prophet of God and is as busy now as he was a week ago in the work of his Lord.
As for skeptic: Pres. Monson doesn't need your prayers nearly as much as you need to pray for him.

Lana Vasquez

Our Prophet, We will all miss him. Untill we meet again............................................


To Provo Joe, Mitt Romney never made such a comment. He knows that God has talked to dozens of men anciently and in modern times since Moses. To say what you did is irresponsible and misleading, and (I'm being politacally incorrect now) a lie meant to discredit a good man.


As I read Mitt's words I wish with all my heart that he was as eloquent and articulate as President Hinckley. To speak the truth, even under pressure, in the kind, loving, enthusiastic way the prophet did was one of his great talents. I wish we could all follow his example. Remember when questioned about the truth of the first vision and President Hinckley said, "Yes, isn't it wonderful." It is hard to find fault with such enthusiasm. I also love his statement that if we lived the gospel as we should the world would flock to our doors to join us.
I am afraid that Mitt is hedging too much for his political and spiritual good. I pray that he will be elected president, but if not, I pray that the next Mormon who runs will learn from his mistakes and speak more clearly and enthusiasticly about the church and our prophet.


Sharon Hill said it all in her comments. How wise you are and I appreciate your wisdom. Thank you for sharing and I hope everyone listens and learns especially about praying for Pres. Monson.


I remember many times when President Hickley said he felt our prayers for him and was grateful for them. And I'm sure he (they all) spend many hours praying for us. Don't we owe that to a person who sacrifices so much of himself for us.

Dana Geigle

It is refreshing in this life to find people of such high character and determination to do what is right. President Hinckley was a wonderful man, prophet and example. Mitt Romney is also a man of high character and we wish him the very best in his political ambitions. Our country could use some fixing up!!!!!!

Lauri - Dallas, TX

I don't know if the Mitt Romney quote is correctly quoted, but I agree that if Mitt could be as eloquent as our beloved Prophet, he would have an easier time...or perhaps be more voraciously misquoted! Remember that President Hinckley said that it is by the lives of our members that the Church is to be known. So if we want to support Mitt, or each other, for that matter, we have to be aware of what kind of lives we are living. President Hinckley always noticed and expected the best in others, and encouraged us to give each other the benefit of the doubt. That's what I do when I read or hear negative about Mitt Romney. Because I already know what kind of life he has lead. He has my vote because of that, and nothing else.

Steve-Logan, UT

I was disappointed to hear on the news that Jon Huntsman Jr. sent his condolences on Sunday from Florida where he was campaigning for John McCain to beat Mitt Romney. This was the same Huntsman who recently signed on to a bogus global warming initiative, who went back on his campaign promise to help stop illegal immigration, and who supported the defeated voucher proposition. I am ashamed that I was a volunteer in his campaign for governor. What a slimy contrast he presents with Mitt Romney and Pres. Hinckley. I'll bet his dad is secretly embarassed by the vain ambitions of his son.


Ouu love and gratitude to President Hinckley and his family, I know he will continue to work from above in the building of Zion like all the prophets and leaders,as we follow their teachings obeing Our Heavenly Father's commandments,principles and ordenances of the gospel, we'll show our real gratitude to our dear Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley and make him smile,with the assurance that we will do the same with our next President and Prophet,we will continue to be a good example,and each one of us will follow our amazing Plan of Salvation.With humility my thanks and prayers always to him and his family for their sacrifices.


President Hinckley was and is a wonderful man, a choice spirit of our father in heaven. How eloquent and natural he is.
Mitt Romney is not as eloquent, but he tries and is a good man. Many of us think things we don't quite know how to express. It is true that understanding and agreement must come to all the people who listen to Mitt. He says things the way they will accept and understand. Don't be so critical until you walk in his shoes.

I dont get it!!!

He told Mitt that 'It would be a great experience whether you win or you lose'??? I dont get it............. Shouldnt the Prophet KNOW the answer to this in the first place?? Isnt the Prophet a seer?? Which of course brings up a question before everyone on here tells me WHY he doesnt know such things. If a Prophet doesnt know whats going to happen, which seems to be all of them in the past, why are they a Prophet???

Reply: I dont get it!!!

To: I dont get it!!!

You're right. You don't get it.


If God doesn't tell us everything that's going to happen, but knows it, is he still God? I should say so.


I don't get it!!! This is for you. You sound just miserable..had to get that over with first! Yes...
President Hinckley was a seer and a prophet, and knew many more things than you and I do. But he never really got into telling people how to vote or which political party to join. He instead, told people to vote the way they choose, and encouraged them to think well about the leaders they wanted, and who was the best for our government. The advice ...it will be a good experience ,is very true. All the candidates have mentioned how much they have learned from running for president. We do not have to win to learn something do we?

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