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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Point 1- Pres Hinckley, always knew what to say, great advice. We lost a great leader but the show will go on.

Point 2- I didn't hear about that comment from Mitt but if true it sounds like he is again trying to please everybody on every side of the aisle. If somebody can clarify the comment, please do so.

Greg Sipple_California

He was a giant amongst Us! The tears just flow as I reflect on my personal moments with a Prophet..I loved so deeply. He made us all "taller" by his counsel and love. I love you my dear Prophet and hero. We will all Go Forward with Faith as he would want us too. Those that bring sunshine to the lives of others can not keep it from themselves.....He was a Light..a true inspiration. Just knowing that his hand now holds Sister Hinckleys once again heals the sorrow I feel in losing him in my life. He is HOME now....where he will hang his heart Forever.....Amen,,,,to that,,,*claps*


I am so grateful for a Prophet and man who led by example his whole life. My teenage son told me a story of when President Hinckley went to a meeting with his Father and felt the spirit there so strongly he still remembered it all his life. He made us all want to live better lives. Someone brings in an untrue statement about what Mitt said and it gets a life. Do not give this or any other comment more time. I love the Prophets wonderful sense of humor and his wonderful loving smile.

Vaha Ma'ake,Concord,California

I am so grateful for my Prophet Gordon B Hinckley. He was my guiding light while I was in College in New Zealand, my first time away from home-land Tonga. I always stay close to his words through conferences and it guided through all the way. My faith had grown and my testimony has been strengthened. I am now happily married with 5 beautiful children and am sure will teach them the same principles. You are going to be missed Pres. Hinckley but your advises will be never forgotten in our lives and the next generations.

Good luck to you Pres.Mitt Romney!


We shall miss Pres Gordon B. Hinckley, However the LDS Church moves forward for God's Poeple in Zion. President Monson perhaps the next leader of the Church will put his shoulder to the wheel to continue the Lords Work Upon the Earth.


I think Mitt will do great today in Florida. My heart will miss Pres Hinckley. He was truly a great man, and a great prophet.

I did find it interesting that Mitt did not refer to pres Hinckley as a prophet in the interview. Perhaps it's just me.

Go Mitt!!


President Hinckley was a GIANT in my eyes. He had a way of letting you know how much he loved and appreciated you. His contagious laugh and sense of humor. Oh, it will be missed. He is now with his sweetheart Marjorie and hopefully he knows we as members of the church will remember his counsel and put it to work in our lives forever. He was concerned about that. He was a great example..he will be missed deeply. I can hear the Lord telling him "well done my good and faithful son". Now is the time to pray for President Monson(he is mourning the loss of his dear friend and brother in the gospel) He is a great man and one who loves Heavenly Father deeply. His calling will need all of our prayers, support and love. I believe he will be another wonderful President. Farewell Pres. Hinckley.


Why would Monson or any prophet need our prayers? It seems to me the Lord is going to bless them for service and calling, not because I prayed for them. God wouldn't call Monson unless he was also going to sustain him in the calling, right?

re:richard l. dunbar????

That is one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard.
This article is about The Prohpet and Romney commenting on it.......
What does it have to do with guantanomo bay???
This article wasn't about politic's........

Carolee Adams

If the leaders of our day could have the loyalty,leadership, strength and wisdom of our dear friend and prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, then signicant change would come about. Not by a mandate or law but through the random acts of goodness and kindness that bind a nation together. It is ONE NATION under God and as we look toward the future may we emulate those that have made a difference because of the life they have lived. I know of one such leader that has been an instument in making our world a better place to live. He lived what He believed and by doing so, changed the world more than any of us realize! Thank you President Hinckley for your example. I see the great hope in this nation. Mitt Romney has an opportunity to make a difference. As he stands a little taller, he will come to understand the power that comes to those who recognize the voice that has formed this nation. Until we all stand united, this great nation will continue on a path of decay. It's time to stand tall and build bridges of understanding, hope, loyalty, love & strength. We must all stand taller.


Pres. Hinkley had a great way of telling Mitt that he wasn't going to give him any pointers about running for president! President Hinkley always did know what to say. I had the chance to shake his hand and I must say that I think that he was as happy to meet me as I was to meet him! I'm glad that he has finished his work and that he can be together again with his sweetheart!


it is sad to hear that gordon b hinkley has passed away.

Martha, T.O. Calif.

When we heard of Pres. Hinckley's passing last Sunday night, our family we felt a personal loss and yet we were comforted by the fact Pres. Hinckley has been reunited with his eternal companion. We can imagine the heavenly occupants and their outpouring of love as Pres. Hinckley ascended to their realm.

We will sustain and honor Pres. Monson. We are thankful his shoulders are broad as he will continue to carry our world upon those same shoulders.

We love Pres. Hinckley and we love Pres. Monson.


How blest we all are for for knowing President Hinkley. He certainly has led this great church
through times of great change and peril. We surely
profited from his 'sage advice and counsel". Let us all press on to be the best people and representatives of this "living gospel" and try to emulate all the fine Christ like qualities President
Hinkley taught us so well by his example.

President hopeful Romney, be of good cheer and courage and "let your light so shine". God bless
us all and God bless the United States of America!

james stowe

Just another regular old man died.


I was grateful to this paper and reporter to hear the full story and quote by Romney, some of the other media reports seriously cut off his comments.

I love President Hinckley's response to Romney's disclosure of desiring to run for the presidential office. It is truly characteristic of the greatness of Gordon B. Hinckley, his optimism and realism. He was a giant of a man; a man of God.


For clarification: if you go to youtube.com and search "mitt moses" it is the first result at the top of the list. The degree to which you feel it's ok for a member of the church to say something like that is probably the degree to which you believe in the importance of winning at all costs. For me the cost of this kind of statement is way too high. It is a lie in fact, even with "there may have been others" tacked on the end. Does he practice this kind of junk in the mirror? How does he keep this kind of double-talk at the ready? How very sad.

Happy in AZ

You know I was a little sad when I heard that President Hinkley had passed on, than I thought, what a joyfull occassion it must be for him to finally be back with his wife, and to be with his parents and all thoughs who had gone before him, and to be kneeling at the feet of Christ.

And now I'm happy that he lived such a wonderfull and full life and was such a great inspiration to so many, and I take comfort knowing that he is probably happy right know too.


God bless Gordon Hinckley.


I have seen a few Prophets pass, each has left a part of himself with us. So to will Pres. Hinkley, he has been one of our longest living Prophets. I have a strong testimony of our living Prophets. I have a strong testimony of the Gospel. We will soon have a new Prophet, he too will lead us in the way of our Lord. I'm so grateful to have this man to look to for guidance in this troubled time.
As far as Mitt Romney and his comments, he is the one that has to answer for what he says, not me. I know the truth, so I'm not judging him. I do hope he wins as President, it would be nice to have an honest person there for a change.
This is to Sames Stowe, Pres. Henkley wasn't just another old man, he was & is a Prophet of God. Don't ever forget that or doubt it.

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