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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bob Pomeroy

It's good to hear Mitt's account and that he noticed the same personal attributes I noticed. I wish people could know things like that about Mitt instead of just the political stance he affects. He's just not as bad a guy as it makes him seem.

richard l. dunbar

i'm diappointed that romney remarked that he would like to see more centers of interrogation and imprisonment like guantanomo bay and feels those detained, especially as they aren't being held on u.s. soil, should have no recourse to legal councel funded or originating from the u.s. incidently, i am mormon and proud to be so.

Screen Age

Well said, Bob. I tend to agree.

Mitt is a much better leader than he is a campaigner.


Hopefully Mitt Romney will be our future President of the United States. He is a good man, hope he will have the chance to prove that on election day.
His love of his prophet is apparent, as it is to all of us, who have grown to love Gordon B. Hinkley. Our prophet President Hinkley is one of the most beloved men that has ever walked this earth, besides Jesus Christ himself. Now this sweet man is with his eternal sweetheart Marjorie ~ makes you smile doesn't it?

Ken Baguley

It was great to hear the exchange or response regarding Mitt's running..."It will be a great experience if you win and a great experience if you lose". I'm not certain the exactness of that but that shows what a great mind that President Hinckley had no matter the consequence he sees the positive and Mitt was the recipient of that great counsel.


I am so surprised that you politicos would talk politics regarding this article, when the article had nothing to do with politics except that one of the men mentioned in the article was a politician. The article was about a great leaders death. Can you quit the personal attacks and honor a great leader? Isn't that what we should really be doing at this point?

Manuelita Castro de Avila

Nos va a hacer mucha falta en la tierra el profeta Hinckley.


We are all better for following the Prophet. Mitt would be a fantastic leader of this country. He has my vote. My advice would be......... stay out of the mud.

LDS in Texas

Thank you, Mitt Romney, for taking time from a very busy campaign schedule to honor President Gordon B. Hinckley. Your words reflect the feelings found in many hearts today as we mourn a beloved Prophet of God. Attending the funeral services of this great leader is the right choice.


The future for the US is going to be a rocky road and Mitt is not compendend to lead our nation in these hard times.

Judith Bacon

I am so glad Gov. Romney took the time out of his busy schedule to comment on President Hinckley's passing. I can just see the smile on President Hinckley's face when he made the comment about it being a "great experience". We have all lost a great leader and a true Prophet of God.

LDS phils

as an lds of this generation, i expected the prophet to reach a century old and see for himself the first mormon president of the USA and that of the world. but as one prophet goes, another would would take his place as we sustain him soon...i'm sure just the same he would give the same piece of advise to Mitt Romney...i'm not an american, but if i can vote, he has mine for 3 reasons: morality, integrity and leadership qualities (spiritual and temporal affairs)


Mitt Romney said that God hasn't talked to man since Moses. That is unfortunate, especially now.


i'm sad, and glad at the same time for the loss of Gordon B. Hinckley. He was "my" prophet. He is the only prophet I really remember. It's sad to see him go, but I know it was his time. And now he gets to be with his wife that he loves so much. :) It's wonderful that we know we can all be together forever.


A fitting tribute to Pres. Hinckley would be if Ron Paul is elected as President and America is returned to the constitutional principles established by the Founding Fathers.





where did you get this info? I dont' recall hearing anything of this.


President Hinckley's comment to Mitt Romney about how it would be great if he wins or great if he loses, put it all into perspective. I really appreciate Romney sharing that simple but very wise comment from our Prophet. What ever the outcome of this election, I believe the Romney has helped to give the Mormon church an accurate voice, not through him, but through we as members that answer the age long questions that are being asked. I started out with pros and cons towards Romney, but he has gained my respect, and for him to attend the funeral would be a major chunk of his time during a very vital week.

Out of context

"God hasn't talke to anyone since Moses.. and perhaps some others".
-Was the quote in an interview. Search Youtube. Remember, he is trying to represent Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. He tried to find a common belief for many (standard politics). He didn't deny his faith.


God clearly speaks to his prophet and apostles today, if God and Jesus Christ weren't head of this Church then the Church wouldn't be here today, and it wouldn't be bringing miracles to all. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is so true, and i do testify of these things,Amen.

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