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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I think that it is awesome that President Bush would take the time out on the day of his last State of the Union address, to send his thoughts to the Church and the Hinckley family. I also think it is great that Romney will take time out at a very crucial time to pay respect to our Prophet. I also think that there is a time to take off the gloves, and appreciate those who have the respect and maturity to not make insulting comments when we are saddened by this loss, to the others, who couldn't hold back, no comment.


Probably the only good, honest words Bush has ever said in his life. President Hinckley was a great man and will be missed by millions of people worldwide.

SJ Bobkins

A very kind message of condolance. I appreciated the President's taking the time to make sure it was sent. Maybe the finest tribute to a church president was the one LBJ sent when President MCKay passed away. Amazingly LBJ would call president McKay on the phone during difficult times just to feel his "presence." They had a genuine relationship. I'm sure President Bush has a great deal of respect for who President Hinckley was, but I don't think they had anything but a formal relationship of picture ops.


Thank you President and Mrs. Bush for honoring my dear Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley. Thank you for seeking his advise and spiritual--not political--guidance after 9/11. Seeing him at your side gave me great comfort during a very difficult time. Thank you for realizing his importance in my life and million others worldwide. We love him and will miss him but so grateful to know he is reunited with his sweet eternal companion.

Pol Sanchez, Sr. - Manila

Before, people seems alienated by just being around Mormons that they have to kick them out of the place. But now comes the time when even the most powerful leader of America is not afraid nor embarassed to call a Mormon Prophet a friend. In this era of spiritual enlightenment words are but icing on a cake, I hope Bush learned a lot from his prophet friend and apply it in his life and not just continue praising him.

erick kirong

thank you so much President Bush for the love and sympathy to our Everbeloved Prophet President Gordon B.Hinkley, He is Man of God.


As a member of the United States Military I am grateful for the leadership of both President Bush and President Hinckley. It is our responsibility and duty to fight evil where ever it may be found.

May God continue to bless this country.

My condolences to the Hinckley family.


While I no longer care for what the current Pres. thinks; it was a nice gesture.
I usually like Stephen Colbert but he showed a lack of decorum to use Pres Hinckley as he did on his show.(especially one day after his passing)

Blessings of God's Peace

I pray God's spirit
will comfort all of President Hinkley's family.
Thanks to President Bush for the kind words. May God bless you with his spirit.

BTW-There is a time and a place for political arguments...This aint it!


Isn't it a wonderful thing to know that this sweet and righteous man had nothing to fear at his passing and that he is now reunited with the love of his life. I will miss him so much. It has always been that I knew him personally. His teachings were tender and humble, but he never compromised on what was the will of the Lord. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but President Hinckley was just so cute. I always wanted to give him a hug and tell him how much I loved and respected him as a prophet of the Lord and as a truly good and great man. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for allowing him to lead us forward for so many years.


My, my, my! I must say I was shocked to hear anyone, LDS or not, say that our beloved prophet has blood on his hands. I would be careful what I say, for it is all noted.

I'm grateful to have lived while Gordon Hinkley was the leader of our church on earth. He will be dearly missed but I'm happy with his passing. I feel certain that he has already had a long talk with the Savior. How wonderful to think about!

Jessie in Denver

RE: Iwhojai, George & Anonymous - I am a Liberal Democrat and Inactive member of the LDS church, but know how to seperate politics from "everything" else. This is a time to honor & remember the life of an amazing person, President Hinkley. I like to thank Prez Bush for recognizing President Hinkley's leadership for one of the fastes growing church in the world. Although, I haven't been active, I still tuned into the conferences just to hear what President Hinkley had to say - I think we all agree President Hinkley had a great sense of humor! I was disappointed the media did not have much coverage of his passing like The Pope, BUT then again the LDS church is too humble to show all their greatness - they (LDS church) work behind the scenes to try to make the world a better place. Thank you President Hinkley for your wisdom & love for ALL mankind. You will be missed! Finally, you're reunited with your sweetheart & our Father.


I am greatful for Pres Bush for recognizing & sending his deepest regrets to Pres. Hinckley's family. For those of you who made smart remarks regarding Pres Bush. Shame on you. You are not showing what Pres Hinckley has taught us for many years to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Pls if you want to make comments...make sure you do in love because that is how Pres. Hinckley would like to see us all behave, a true Latter-Day Saints. Thank you Pres. Hinckley. I will miss you.

Julie C Moore

Contrary to Marci's comment, the news media has reported widely on the death of our beloved President Hinckley. See the Washington Post and The New York Times (both have articles--I saw them online) today. The NYT issued a bulletin last night, as well. Our local Reno paper has a nice photo and article this morning. I am certain other newspapers are noting his passing.


I'm glad that Pres. Bush acknowledged Pres. Hinkley's accomplishments. I'm glad that two leaders from slightly different faiths can come together as friends and associates and inspire all the world to stand a little taller. Pres. Hinkley was a great example to the world, and I am happy that he has finished his work and hope that we will always put into practise what he taught.


I admire the fact that there was a mutual respect between our President of the United States and our President of Christ's restored Church. Both positions require giving of one's life in a way that accomplishes an exponential amount of good, a pattern after which people can aspire to in its level of unselffishness. Both men give everything they have to push their respective works forward. God continue to bless our Presidents. w/out that blessing we're in a world of hurt!


I think it's great Pres. Bush took time to make the comment he did. Pres. Hinkley's passing was all my wife and I talked about last night. The hallmark feature of his life was the love he showed to everyone regardless of religious affiliation. He taught us we should reach out and love all our brothers and sisters on earth. He taught us not to live in cliques but to get invovled in our communities and make them a better place. He really did make me proud to be what I am. God bless our Presidents.


Pres Bush is the man for recognizing Pres Hinckley. Pres Hinckley really taught me how wonderful life can be in the way his life showed how it was possible to love every walk of life on this planet. I truly believe he was filled by the Spirit of the Lord which, in and of itself, inspires man to see more clearly every race, culture, and creed from the vantage point of God Himself. I really can't say how grateful I am for Pres. Hinckley's life and example.


Thank you President Bush for your kind words.

I live in Missouri, Clay county to be exact and nothing was on the local news. I did hear there was an article on USA today.com, the comments on that article are horrific. I appreciate those Non LDS that are leaving nice, decent comments here. I am astounded those that don't understand that this is about President Hinckley's passing. You leave consolendences or nice thoughts, memories of President Hinckley. It amazes me those that don't understand this. Even if I completely disagreed with every fiber of my soul with someone I would never leave awful, disparaging comments.

Georgia Teacher

I like so many of my brothers and sisters am saddened by the passing of our great prophet. I am sure that he has been welcomed home with a well done my good and faithful servant. I am also saddened that at a time when only the best of thougths should be spoken that we are so disparaging of another who has chosen to publicly give tribute to such a great man. Personal feelings aside I am proud that President Hinckley is being given reverence and respect due a man of his calbre on all levels. Let's celebrate that we are all in agreement that the world has lost a great and wonderful prophet, leader, and man.

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