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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I think President Bush's statement is gracious and appropriate. He certainly had help from his speech writers, but that is to be expected - all presidents rely on speech writers. They simply don't have the time to research and write speeches for every occasion. But, just because he had help (as we often do with sympathy cards conveniently bought at the corner grocery store) doesn't diminish the thought behind it. It is a generous gesture that did not have to be extended. Whether you like or dislike President Bush as a politician or as a person is irrelevant. As the leader of our country he wanted to pay tribute to another great leader who has passed on, and send his condolences to those who mourn his loss. I, for one, think it is a noble and grand gesture, and I think it is irresponsible to read too much, or too little, into his statement. I agree that this is certainly not the forum for political bickering. He isn't just playing politics. After all, President Bush has actually spent time with President Hinckley and gotten to know him personally. How many of us can claim that same privilege?

Scott, Vacaville, CA

Mr. Bush, thank you, I know your sincere in your words and yes President Hinckley was and is a great man. As mention above, I am sad and excited at the same time, he is with Sister Hinckley, his beloved wife of many years. We will miss and but his legacy will live for generations to come. I'm looking forward to The Teaching of Gordon B. Hinckley. What great the lessons will be.

Jeremy Roberts

Yet another great reason why I love President Bush!!!


President Hinckley was truly one of the "great and noble ones" ever to have lived on this earth. I have heard and read many comments that refer to the joyous reunion with his sweetheart, but for me, the sweetest reunion of all will be the one with the Savior himself, who President Hinckley so magnificently mirrored and so dutifully served. Picture if you can the majesty of the scene that was - to have the greatest servant of all welcome one of his most faithful desciples back home.

We love you and will miss you President Hinckley, and can only hope to be hear those words you heard last night - "well done thou good and faithful servant, enter in to thy rest".

Elizabeth, CA

President Hinckley you will be missed. Thank you for all your years of service and the way you helped in the growing of the church. We love you greatly.


Great remarks from our President. Wish he could attend the funeral.

Grandma C.

At the end of the day, as we retire to our private quarters, we are just people - regardless of the jobs we hold or the praise we receive from the world during the day. President Bush counseled with our beloved Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley on several occasions during his term in office.
No mention was made on the nightly news of the passing of a prophet. But George and Laura Bush took time to send a heartfelt message. I thank them.

Diane from WA

With great admiration, respect and love I will remember President Hinckley and all the many avenues he fostered. His example of selfless service to all mankind was inspiring. I especially admired the love and understanding he extended to those not of our faith. He was a great example to me of what a man who truly followed Christ could become. As he spoke one could feel of his honesty and love for our Savior as well as for each of us. What a great loss, yet how wonderful it is for him to be reunited with his sweet Marjorie. Surely he will be missed but never forgotten. May the spirit of peace and comfort reign over all those in the Hinckley family.
I am grateful to President Bush and his wife Laura for taking the time to share their thoughts and send condolances. God bless them.
Till we meet again at Jesus feet....thank you so much President Hinckley.


How I wish to have a righteous leader that will lead the Philippines like yours in the United States. Even to a president of a strong nation do recognize and pay tribute to a good man - Gordon B. Hincley. America will stay strong as your leaders do what Bush did. Because I believe that a great nation is great when there is a true prophet serving in that area. Gordon B. Hinckley is a true modern day prophet. You are always be remembered in the hearts and minds of every young Filipinos. Thank You Very Much for the Good Examples that You Have Shown to Us. We Know that you love the Philippines because you are the one who didicated our Temple.

Desiree R

Pres. Hinckley was the type of man whom saw the good in people and He saw that in our Pres. We should be like him in trying to live Christ like lives.

Mark Jacobsen

I have had the pleasure to meet and talk with Pres Hinckley numerous times and every time was a memorable experience. I feel fortunate to have been able to be in his prescence


I am happy that his trials in life are over and that he and his sweetheart can now be together for eternity. My sweetheart and I will miss him greatly. I would like to thank President Bush for his heart warmed comments. I am a convert to the church and do to his teaching is one reason I'm a member.

And to the negative people that posted on this board I would like to say. Would our beloved prophet like the slanderous comment full of untruths like that, I think not. You all should be ashamed. I have known people who of quit the church for such uncaring attitudes. But you won't have to answer to anyone but our Heavenly Father for turning out his children. So maybe you should think of the price before you say such things. You have the right to your opinion, but this isn't the time or the place to do it. This belong to our Prophet and him alone.

In closing I would like to thank our Heavenly Father for the gift of Gordon B Hinckley's leadership. We will all miss you, until we meet again.


God bless President Hinckley and his family

Dale Newton

To Bob F [assuming that's your real name] -
What a stupid comment to make at this time. For once can't you just leave politics out of it? I am 100% convinced that Gordon B. Hinckley is just fine with George Bush speaking his name.

Why such hatred?

I knew that people would again take the opportunity to spit on Pres. Bush, being so full of hatred. If Pres. Hinckley had enough love for Pres. Bush and considered the President a good man with good intentions, what does that say about LDS members full of so much hate? Would Pres. Hinckley want you to try and trust Pres. Bush or continue with your prideful dislike?


I am only twelve years old, and I feel unoppinionated but most kids my age don't really care that the Prophet has left us, so I thought maybe I should speak up.
President Hinckley was a great man, and he will most definitely be missed. I'm glad to know our president had respect for the leader of our church. Thank you, Mr. President, I've always had alot of respect for you as well as President Hinckley.
Oh yeah, and Amy Bjorge, what you said about that comment wasn't very nice, especially at a time like this.

Phillip Hotchkiss

President Gordon B. Hinckley is a truly remarkable person!! He has done more for the poor people
of any nation or any religion than any other Prophet before his time. He started the perpetual education fund. The church relief efforts helped more countries/people during his presidency than any other time in Church history.

I love you President Hinckley.

Thank you President Bush for your heart felt comment. You have a tough job and I have supported
you in all you have done. Because I felt you were a man of integrity


King Noah had no trouble saying compassionate things when Ezra Taft Benson and Howard W Hunter passed away.


People, please grow up and stop sullying President Hinckley's name by turning this into a Bush-bash-off.


BobF, you should be grateful for what President Bush had to say about our Prophet, just think of what it would be like for us if our president really insulted our religion!

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