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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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David H. Causey

President Hinckley is a great leader to our country and has blessed us with more temples so we can more easily go to them. He had a great love for all the people all over the world. I'm thankful for the Temples in the south in Baton Rouge Louisiana and Memphis, TN. President Bush was blessed to know him and all the things he has done in his Life. We are thankful for his Leadership and example. May God Bless his family.


President Hinkley,

Though you may have died, I know how you have influenced our world. You shall be remembered in our hearts forever, and to me it is not sad for YOU that you died, for you are with your loving wife, and are no longer suffering. While I am a little sad- I remember that your exaple has led millions to the path of god. Lord, take care of Hinkley for me.


Well done though good and faithful servant. May the Lord bless the memory of our beloved prophet, and be with his family as they mourn their great loss. And may we remember these comments are for President Hinckley, not President Bush


Judging by this board, it appears censorship and alive and well in Utah. Oh and forget about freedom of speech that kind of thing is against the law in this country!


I want to thank Pres. Bush for his condolences, and I have always viewed him as an honorable man. President Hinckley, Our Beloved Prophet, will be missed by us all, but we know that he shall receive his great reward for his works here on earth. I loved him while he was still here in our midst and I wait for the day I can see his face along with Our Savior's face. I also want to thank all you who are not LDS and who expressed your love for the Prophet also. It is nice to know he made an impact on all our lives.

Screen Age

Of course there are people who are so negative that they could twist such nice sentiments from President Bush into something bad, but I'm glad to see this. Thanks, Deseret News.


This is so gracious of our United States President George Bush acknowledged & respected such a spiritual man as our Prophet, Seer and Revelator Gordon B. Hinkley. President Bush's comments were caring, appropriate and showed his personal friendship for President Hinckley. Our sweet prophet is finally with his sweetheart, where he truly belongs. Just imagine that reunion at 7pm on 1/27/2008...brings such a glorious smile to my face. {:o)


I loved President Hinckley and will miss him greatly. I had the pleasure of being at BYU when his wife and daughters talked to the sisters at conference and saw how much he loved them. He was a great Prophet.
By the way, I am in Australia and it was announced on my yahoo news account.


Thank you President and Mrs Bush for your heartfelt kindness for the passing of our beloved Prophet. We pray for you in leading this nation.
President Hinckley, how can we ever thank you for all you have done for the world. We will miss your humor, we are so very grateful to have felt of your special spirit and listened to your wise counsel. One day we will all see you again, but until then, we will "Stand a Little Taller" and do the best we can.
Much love

Chad Hays

President Hinckley will be missed by millions of people. God be thanked for such a man--a prophet of God--as Gordon B. Hinckley.


President Bush is not worthy to speak President Hinckley's name.

Measure of a Man

What an example! We should all aspire to be like President Hinckley not judgemental, but full of love.

Gilbert AZ

Thank you President Bush for your comments.


Anonymous must feel that if things are positive there is something wrong and censorship is in play. Be an optimist. I'm thankful for President Bush and President Hinkley. They are great men for our times.


It is such a shame that so many people have chosed to turn this to politics. President Bush did in fact know President Hinkley quite well and talked with him on several occasions. Please have some respect for a man who knew millions and treated each one like he knew them personally. I too am very sad that such a good man (hard to find today) with so much love is no longer with us. Please honor and love the memory of this beloved man and respect his family in their time of sorrow....you would want nothing less...

We will miss President Hinkley very much


President Bush met with the leadership of the church several times during his administraton. There is no doubt in my mind that he and President Hinckley were friends. Let partisian politics go. Let us mourn and respect the life of one of the greatest leaders to walk the face of the earth.


President Hinckley did so much to help with humanitarian efforts around the world. He made me and my family want to be better people. Thanks to President and Mrs. Bush for seeing the greatness that all of us as church members saw in him.

Re: Anonymous

Be respectful and keep politics separate from religion. President Hinckley was one of the most inspiring and influential men.

It was not his job to tell President Bush to pull out of Iraq. He was a religious leader; NOT a political leader.


Anonymous: I think you need a nap...

President was gracious and kind. He can feel the good spirit of this prophet of the Lord. Thank you GwB.

I love you so much President Hinckley! Such a hero.... A true stripling warrior!!!! YOU WILL BE MISSED!

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