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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Our Prophet is home now. May you rest in peace and in the loving arms or our Father in Heaven. You have served us with love and understanding in a time when we needed it all over the world. Thank you Pres. and Mrs. Bush for your prayers. May all the leaders of the world feel these prayers today and forever.

Bob Pomeroy

It figures that W would call him Gordon. I remember politicians in years gone by being castigated for referring to "David McKay". W's ignoring the honorfics says a lot about the sincerity of his comments.


I am not LDS, but Pres Hinckley was obviously a man to be admired and respected regardless of your faith. I find it disturbing however, that people like the first commenter, "George", are so obsessed with George Bush Hatred Syndrome that he will take even as solemn an occasion as this to express his venom for our President. Pres Bush's comments were caring, appropriate and showed his personal friendship for Pres Hinckley.

Relocated Southerner

Politicians very rarely write their own speeches or remarks, but what they would like to say is conveyed nonetheless. Can everyone just stop getting upset based upon their political views and accept that the President of the United States expressed condolences on the loss of our beloved Prophet and leave it at that? Think of him as the President -- not a Democrat, not a Republican -- but the President of the United States and respect that the person who holds the highest political office in our land sent condolences. I was never a fan of President Clinton, but had he been in office at this time and sent condolences, I wouldn't have been insulted -- I would have been appreciative that he thought enough to send his wishes.


Re: News Media Coverage. There was an complete AP story on the Drudge Report last night. The L. A. Times coverage today begins on the lower front page (A-1)with a color picture of President Hinckley. The text and picture are 3 columns wide X 4 1/4 inches and continue on page A-10 with an additional half page, including a picture of President Hinckley and President Reagan.

Nancy Velez

I'm Sad but also Happy because he is with our Heavenly Father now and he is one step ahead of us,plus he is finally reunite with his beloved wife and I'm sure they're having a big "Fiesta" on Heaven becuase of his welcoming home and his achievements, on earth.
We thank you God for Our Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley.


Though I am no longer an active member of the church, I always had a fondness for President Hinckley. He was a great example, a noble servant, and a kind person.

Rest in Peace, President Hinckley. Condolences to his family.

casal moraes - Brasil

Sentimos pela ida do presidente Hickly, mas sabemos que ele esta ao lado do Senhor... esperamos que os mortos no Irque estejam ao seu lado tambm.

Angelika Bertrand / Utah

It's so sad to hear. I am not a LDS. But always tuned in to general conference . I found him irrestible intelligent, fun , humorous, gracisious, up beat, down to earth person. Some one who could bring people from all walks of faith's together. I loved him a lot. I will miss him. He was a great leader and a great inspiration to all of us. God bless him and his family.

AZ Reader

Classy statement -- thanks President and Mrs. Bush. Gordon Hinkley was truly loved and will be greatly missed.


I'm glad other media outlets mentioned President Hinckley's passing. I was surprised I didn't see one mention of it on the Today show this morning.

Relocated Southerner

I don't think it was intended to be disrespectful when he referred to him as "Gordon". Rather, I think it was meant to express a familiarity with him as a friend, as almost all adult friends do when addressing each other, and I'm sure many of the Brethren refer to each other by their first names in private. President Bush is not a member of our Church and, as such, is not as familiar with our terms of respect. When I moved here from the South, I was appalled that members of the local wards and stakes very rarely refer to each other as "Brother and Sister" but most often just use first names. Even the youth here call the adults by their first name, a practice that is almost NEVER done in the South, even outside the Church. So it's a cultural difference, based upon one's position, locale, etc., and I don't see it as anything more or less.


I am a gay man and not an active Mormon. I do not live by most of their standards. but I loved President Hinckley. What an amazing, funny, kind and loving leader. What an example his life has been for seeking to make the world a better and more loving place. He will be missed. People who are not LDS or those who use the faith as a means of justifying bigotry will not understand, but I believe most of the leaders of the LDS church understand the complexity of life and are loving to all humankind. President Hinckley was one such example.

Ernest T. Bass

This is the first thing in seven years that Bush has gotten right.


I am greatly sad for the passing of president Hinkley. He was a great prophet of the church. I hope that we will all have this week in peace and remembering the works of President Hinkley


We love you president Hinkley. Lets all just remember that he is now in a better place, no cane, but jumping around and playing with his wife. That makes me feel better.


It is good to see that Pres. Bush is aware of and acknowledging President Hinckley's passing. I find it incredable that the greatest man who ever lived has died and the only thing the media can talk about is who the Kennedy's are supporting for the election. It almost makes me sick. I loved President Hinckley for the great man and great leader that he was, and his memory will live on in my heart forever.


Shame on you George. This is hardly the time or place for partisan politics. President Bush is obviously much more gracious than you.

President Hinckley was without question one of the great men to ever live on this earth. His work and service continue today and he is no longer separated from his loving companion.


It is interesting that those who like President Bush, take great pleasure in making statements about how good he is, even though that is inappropriate for the occasion, but when someone makes a negative comment about President Bush, then that is wrong and this is not the time for that kind of comment.
President Hinckley will be missed because he truely followed the Savior's admonition to love all men as equals.


Thank you President Bush for your kind words.

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