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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sunny South

In regard to the above negative comments, this is not the time nor the place, if you have any respect at all for President Hinckley to interject political commentary. President Hinckley was liked and respected by numerous people throughout the world who come from all walks and talks of life. We may not agree with them, but we can recognize their respect for him and respect them for their thoughtful expressions. That being said, I too as a member of the Church will greatly miss Our Prophet, I loved to hear him speak and always waited for that little bit of humor that made him so appealing. I hope the Hinckley family will be comforted by the knowledge that so many others share their grief.


Thank you President Bush for your kind comments. I am so grateful to live in a country led by so great a man.
Thank you for recognizing the wisdom of our beloved prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley. We will miss him so very much but we know where he is and he is happy. Thank you, again, Mr President. May our Father in Heaven bless you and your family in all that you do.

Kathy, Fremont, CA

Thank you President & Mrs. Bush for your kind remarks regarding our Prophet and your friend, Gordon B. Hinckley. I have revered President Hinckley as a great leader for most of my life. I will miss him.


I am so grateful to be a member of the Church, and have such an amazing spiritual leader as President Hinckley. I loved him so much, and I have the utmost respect for him. He is a true prophet, and follower of our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have that he is with his wife once again. I know that he is so happy, and at peace. I am so grateful that President Bush has such a conviction, that he relies on his Father in Heaven as well to lead our country. President Hinckley is such a wonderful example to all of us, that we should treat others with kindness, compassion, and love. I hope that we all will remember him and will strive to treat others in the same way. I look forward to the time when I will be able to tell him that I love him, and I hope that until that day arrives, I continue to act like my Savior would, just like our beloved prophet.

Jamie Forbush

Thank you also President Bush for your kind words. President Hinckley and President Bush have been two great men that I have always looked up to. I too will miss President Hinckley greatly. May we work harder to be more like him. When we meet again, may he be proud of each of us.


How grateful I am to have lived on this earth during the earthly ministry of President Hinckley. He truly was a "Man for All Seasons" - a credit to the Lord, the church, the nation as recognized by President Bush and all to whom he so valiantly served. Well done, thou good and faithful servant! We all wish you a blessed journey as you rejoin your dear wife and family who are waiting for you.


President Hinckley was a wonderful, loving and optimistic prophet and leader of the church. President Bush was kind in his remarks regarding our beloved Prophet. He was recognized by leaders around the world as a man of integrity. I did notice a "Breaking News" headline in red on CNN's website last night stating that the prophet had passed away.


Thank you Mr. President for your kind words. I will miss our beloved prophet and his sweet smile.


La Iglesia ha crecido en todo el mundo bajo el liderazgo del presidente Hinckley. En Latinoamerica la Iglesia sigue creciendo gracias a su visin, a los templos y al Fondo Perpetuo Pro - Educacin.
Gracias presidente Hinckley.


Thank You President Bush for your kind and loving comments at the passing of our beloved Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. I loved him very much, and will miss him..but rejoice in this step he has taken ...and that he is with his beloved wife..... I also thank you President Bush ..to be the first President of our country, for many years.. who dared speak openly of God, your faith in him... prayer..and to know that you used all of these in your decision making...was a great relief to me..... Thank You

Joe Mama

To the comment regarding the news media not reporting Pres. Hinckley's passing...I live in Texas and it was on CNN last night that I learned he had passed away. It was reported on CNN again this morning, on Fox News and other news media outlets as well. It's been reported on the online editions as well on all major news outlets.

It was a surreal feeling last night when I learned of his passing. It's something we've known would happen, but never really thought it actually would happen. I will miss his wisdom and love, but rest assured that another will take his place and he too will gain our love and adoration as well. I consider Pres. Hinckley to be one of the greatest prophets we've had the privelege of knowing. His memory will remain with us forever.

Sad in Texas

I am sad for his depature... but I know that we will meet again soon. Til them I will strive to live as he did. My love and respect to President Bush for his thoughtful words.


Thank you President Bush for your kind word about President Hinckley. Thank you for your convictions in knowing that your Father in Heaven hears and answeres your prayers as you lead our country. May be when you have more time on your hands in the coming year you'll read the Book Of Morman .


Kind words to recognize an honorable patriot and religious leader. President Bush is truly the kind of man Gordon B. Hinckley talked about many times, in that he is kind and generous. Thank you Mr. President for the loving words of praise and the recognition given to President Hinckley for his love of country and fellowman.


Thank you for yours and Mrs. Bush's kind comments on our beloved prophet President Hinckley. I had the honor of hearing you speak at an AGC convention last year with our two granddaughters and to shake your hand. I knew then in my heart you are a good person. We appreciate the the feelings of friendship you have for our prophet. We will miss him.


Jody - "I am also grateful that our great nation is led by a man who trusts his Father in Heaven, and allows Him to participate in his decision making process. Too bad the 4-term rule can't be put into effect"

Heidi - "I am so grateful that President Bush has such a conviction, that he relies on his Father in Heaven as well to lead our country."

Jody and Heidi, please do not tarnish the memory of President Hinckley by using Bush's condolence as a platform to express your own political convictions.

Relocated Southerner

I saw it on all the major news outlets last night and this morning. And my sister, who lives in Texas and is not a member of the Church, talked to me about it this morning and said the news outlets were being very complimentary about what a good man he was.

With regard to the comments disparaging President Bush for his condolences, I saw nothing ugly in anything he said. He was only gracious and kind in his remarks about President Hinckley. Perhaps your personal feelings about President Bush colored your opinion of the very kind words he expressed about President Hinckley? I thought he was gracious and very complimentary of President Hinckley.

Different from you

President Bush didn't write that! I want him to voice his own opinion not just facts about the prophet. I know facts--turn on the radio facts flow like water!! Why doesn't president Bush say something in his own words...


Being a Hispanic member of the church I will always remember President Hinckley for his love towards all men and in particular towards those of us from Latin America. I learned of his death about an hour later. Our local Spanish news on TV in Houston carried it last night and early this morning as well as the English stations. One of the Spanish radio stations reported it and the comment wast made about the church's spots on TV and in the readio about families. We will greatly miss President Hinckley.


These were sweet, kind words. People have a way of knowing when they are in the presence of a truly great man. I think President Bush knew this. I didn't even have to be in his presence to know he was a truly great man. I felt it when he spoke.

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