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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I want to go. I think anyone who truly knew President Hinckley would want to go. Don't you think that just MAYBE he is going because he loves President Hinckley like so many of us do?

Mark in San Diego

I believe that many dignitaries will come to the funeral. Mitt Romney happens to be JUST ONE of them. I'm sure President Bush will have somebody attend as his personal representative (most of the time the current Vice President attends). I believe other churches will send representatives as will the Stake of Utah and the City of Salt Lake. Business and Educational dignitaries will be invited and will attend. The funeral tribute to President Hinckley should and will be a solemn and spiritual occasion. I'm sure there will be laughter, as Pres. Hinckley had a great sense of humor. And there will be music. And the huge majority who attend will be simple and faithful members of the Church who have been touched beyond measure by this remarkable Prophet, President, Husband, Father and man.

Loma from Down Under

Far Out - All this song and dance because a fellow Saint, living in America, is going to attend the funeral of our Prophet ? Have you taken leave of your senses ?

We have our free agency; it is our sovereign right to use this in accordance with the dictates of our conscience: that Mitt Romney elects to exercise said agency to the detriment of his campaign speaks volumes for his integrity. That he does not take the line of least resistance, fair warms the cockles of this aging socialist heart.

I am unashamedly a "Mormon" - so too, it would seem, is Mitt Romney. Love or hate his politics as you will, none the less respect his personal ethics. He comes, along with countless dignitaries from the world stage, to pay his last respects to a Beloved Prophet, Seer and Revelator.

His presence can only be 'politicised' by 'we, the people' - or do you fondly believe Satan's long standing canard, 'Vox populi, vox dei' ?

Many Saints from Down Under are winging their way to similarly pay their respects - I do trust we do not intend to suggest their pilgrimage is somehow political, too ?


you are all comical! Didn't Romney say "God Hasn't Talked To Anyone Since Moses!!"

Craig Willis

Why is this news? Will the mormon choir sing? they are so good! i saw them at the olympics in vancouver


I am alittle offended to whom ever said Romney should not go, if President Bush were to say he is going, would you disagree with that because of the Secret Service? and he is not even a member of our faith, like said eariler, i am sure Romney loves President Hinckley as do I and many others and i am glad to see him go and and show the world he is not afraid to show his religion , not to mention that this is causing people to ask questions which fuel missionary work. i wish i could attend the funeral personally but weather plus the roads do not permit.

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