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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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woopy dee doo, Romney is coming to Utah for political points.


wow!jr. what world are you from?? Romney doen't need political points in Utah, He's already got them!

Tracy Anderson

Romney is not coming for political points--He loved President HInckley as we all did. I am pleased to see that he can take the time out of his busy schedule to honor a great man!

RE: jr

I can NOT believe you could be so inconsiderate and cold hearted! Who are YOU to decide Romney's intentions? Quit being so unhappy with your own life that you have to put down others to make yourself feel better. I don't see anyone questioning your motives for every one of your actions. Get a clue you pompous windbag!


I personally feel that Romney should NOT go to the funeral. With his huge campaign enterouge, as well as the very large media that is following him around, plus all the extra security that would follow a presidential candidate will only detract from the funeral. Mitt should express his condolences and politely decline to attend, saying that all the hoopla surrounding him would not be appropriate for the funeral. Then he could meet privately with the family in the future and personally express his condolences. Bringing all that baggage with him just screams of "photo op" -- but that's just my humble opinion and I'm sure all you righteous people will set me straight about how wrong I am.


Actually, coming to Utah for the funeral could be a political risk for Romney because it will draw more attention to his religion.


I think that Romney does love this man, I just hope that he is coming for President Hinkley and not to campaign.


I think Romney has just as much right to attend the funeral as anyone else and probably more so since he has had personally interaction with him. It very well could cause a problem with his campaign as so many think his religion is a detriment to his campaign already. I believe that Romney would certainly not intentional bring any additional attention that would detract from the prophet funeral. Romney loved the prophet and respected him too as he was his prophet as he was many of ours. Romney is a dignified man and I don't think that having him come to the funeral in anyway suggests that he is trying to get some brownie points when he could very well be out campaining to the very states that (besides Utah)he will need that will be participating in voting on February 5th.


Of course he would come for political reasons. You truly believe the Republican Party would let him bring his enterouge for nothing. The Party raises and spends an enormous sums of money for his campaign. Wake up, it is all a show!

Re jr

what the heck are you thinking glad romney is coming to utah to honor a great man along with many others he does not need to come here to campaign hes already got utah under his belt


I think that president Hinkley was a great man! Mitt Romney definitely has a right to visit the funeral. I loved president Hinkley and I know that Romney did too!


Jr, Romney has the right to attend the prophet's funeral. We live in a civilized world, attending one's funeral is one of them. I hope when we die, all our love ones are around. Be cool, don't let hatered eat your heart. You will die a broken man.


Attending for political purposes? Isn't the legal objection for such a statement known as "Calls for speculation"?
What life-long, active member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wouldn't want to attend President Hinckley's funeral, especially if they had experienced previous personal interactions?

Tai H.

What the heck does Mitt Romney have to do with President Hinckley?!?

Were talking about the passing of a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator - and there's an article about Mitt Romney attending the funeral?!?

Who cares!

Funny how we don't have an article about Bob Bennett or Marie Osmond.


I am grateful that most people, who are commenting about a man loved by so many, are doing so with respect. I am also pleased that Mitt decided to attend the funeral even though it will be a detriment to his campaign and take away the precious time he has left to win in other states. Some people (Mitt included) think that things like respect and honor for the dead are more important, and should be more important, than politics.


To Utah: I agree with Mc that going to the funeral will be a political risk for Mr. Romney. And I admire Mr. Romney for planning to attend the funeral anyway - because of his love and respect for his Church Leader.

Also, since Mr. Romney has a habit of paying his own way it is unlikely that the Republican Party will have any objections.

Let's put it this way --

It's a "political have-to".
Logic says he'd rather not, because of the additional attention this will bring to the religion issue. BUT....if he doesn't show up, he could lose votes (and he knows it!)

Frankly, I think he'll be a distraction.

But watch for the services to be Saturday, and keep someone else from coming into town.

Re: Utah

Yeah right, and I am sure that President Hinckley dying was all part of the "show"? How timely eh? Also, how nice of President Hinckley to die right at this time to help Romney on his campaign. GET A CLUE "UTAH"! We are talking about a man (Romney)going to a funeral for a person he admired. That is reason enough and you have NO right to state otherwise because let's be honest here, how would you know?

Not so sure

it's a great idea for Romney to come. Yes he has every right to, but given his present endeavor of trying to win an election, and also considering the numbers of people who dislike him, hecklers who are sure to be there may increase in numbers. Mitt may be too much of a distraction to the sacred spirit of a prophet's funeral.

I am a supporter of Mitt Romney, but if I were him, I'd probably stay away at this point out of respect for the family and not wanting my enemies to cause a ruckus.

Another question, though. What makes people think he would bring his whole campaign entourage to the funeral? All he would need to accompany him would be his wife and some body guards. It would seem smarter for his entourage to keep campaigning in other states while he slips away for half a day to the funeral.


Grow up, Utah/Jr.

First of all, Romney is a free man. He can go where he wants. Secondly, anyone has the right to go to a funeral without being questioned on motive.

Thirdly, what campaign entourage are you talking about??? Did he say he was doing that, or are you just being jumping to an immature assumption again.

How about Harry Reid? Would you object to his going??? Probably not. Either person have just as much right to go to a funeral.


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