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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Rodri Portillo

Amamos a Nuestro Amado Presidente y Profeta, Gordon B. Hinckley, racisx al Gran Dios Eterno por su Guia, Revelacion e Inspiracion, para Nos, los Hijos de Dios.

Sarah Lualemaga

Our family will miss you greatly!!! You were truly a chosen man of God. You have been such a great example of the Savior's unconditional love and may you find your great reward in Heaven among the chosen spirits of our Heavenly Father. We love you and will terribly miss you this April come conference time. He was "AWESOME"!!!!
Love the Lualemaga Family
Fresno, CA

James Hopson

We Love you President Hinkley. You are a great Prophetof our Lord. I am glad you are now with Heavenly Father and Christ. You will always be in our hearts. We will miss you. God Bless

Led Zeppelin

All my wife could do was cry and I am crying now. He helped us in ways I will never be able to describe. How perfect an example of how wonderful marriage will be if we both put the Lord first in our lives.


Knowing what we do about President Hinckley, I think it's safe to assume that he's probably already hard at work (alongside Sister Hinckley) with whatever responsibilities have been assigned to him in the Spirit World. I think of how happy he must be that his youthful spirit doesn't have to struggle with a 97-year old body slowing him down anymore.

We'll miss you, President, but we know you'll be as great a force for good where you are now as you were here serving us. Thank you for your wonderful example of work and service to others.

Elizabeth Pollock

President Hinckley will be missed by all members of the church. What a truly wonderful man he was.

Thank you, President, Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley for your love and guidance. There are not words enough to express how much I will miss you. Although, I feel quite comforted knowing that you are now in the arms of God, and with your beloved and dear Marjorie.

Thank you for everything. I will miss you tremendously!

The Speechly Family

Our hearts and minds were enlivened when he spoke. We felt that we could be better and do more under his encouraging counsel. We will truly miss his cheer and optomistic perspective. May God bless his family and us as well as we adjust to the loss of this most noble spirit.


This may be the second most anticipated reunion on the other side of the vail ever. Im sure our Father is like a very proud father hugging his beloved servant that served him perfectly.

Bill & Ann Taylor, Iowa

We rejoice in your reunion with your sweet wife but will miss your words, wit and humor during General Conference. Thankfully the gospel will help confort those you leave behind. Till we meet again..

Bill & Ann

The Story Family

You will be very missed! Thank you for living your life in a way that changed all of ours for the better!

Lucie Martial

As everybody, I was in shock when I heard the news this afternoon about the passing of our beloved prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. He was such a wonderful man and I love him so much.

I express my tender love to the family and friends that he has all over the world and I know that he will truly be missed. I thank him for his counsel and his wonderful sense of humor and I will never forget him as long as I live. Thank you President Hinckley for your testimony and your love for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I know that your reunion with your beloved wife must be absolutely heavenly.

Lucie Martial
Champlain Ward
Ottawa, Ontario

Alice in Alpine

I loved his clarion call to be cheerful and always kind. It was a privilege and blessing to have him with us as long as we did. What a wonderful thing to be led by a true and living Prophet, and while he lives a vast hole in my heart, we'll soon be loving another great man called to be our Prophet!

Our prayers go out to his family, as well as President Monson, the remaining First Presidency, and the Quorum of the Twelve at this tender time.

Armindo Medina Jr - From Brazil

My family and all brazilian members are sad by passing of President Hinckley. Certainly we will miss him, his way of teaching the gospel and his spirit at General Conference.


The words well done my good and faithful servant, May we continue to follow his wonderful example of faith and endurance till we meet again. May his family be comforted with the knowledge of the gospel and the love we hold for him as a wonderful leader.

The Yo-Hos in AZ

We are converts. The first time we heard the Prophet speak, before we joined the church, I realized this was a great man and I was humbled by the way he spoke lovingly and respectfully about his wife. In the 8 years we have been members I have always looked forward to hearing Pres. Hinckley speak. He made me laugh with his sharp wit and he made me cry when I felt the Spirit working through and in him. I grieve our temporal loss of his marvelous presence and I rejoice that he is truly home again.

Rita Strattan, Lake City, FL

My family and I are thankful for President Hinkley's wonderful love, spirit, guidance, and example that he set for us. What a wonderful man of God! Just listening to him talk and feeling his great spirit reaching out to us lifted our hearts and our spirits and gave us hope and the desire to keep the commandments and live the gospel. We are so thankful for the gospel plan and for our eternal families. What a sad and happy time this is. Our lives are richer and better because of this great man.

Ryder Family in Mesa, Az

We send our deepest sympathy and prayers to Pres. Hinkley's Family and want to thank them for sharing their wonderful father with the world. We love that great and spiritual man. And we know that he is now with his wife and the other leaders of the church who have already gone "home". We will truly miss him. 'God be with you till we meet again'

Russ Willard and Family

We miss you, President. We love you. My CTR 8 primary class selected President Hinckley as their favorite prophet for an upcoming class presentation. All of the children love President Hinckley so much, including our grandchildren, a love shared by us all. God bless the Hinckley family, and God bless the Quorum of the Twelve.

Jeanne and Terry Holland

The tears roll down my cheeks but I am so happy for the glorious reunion beyond our reach. We'll never forget our dear prophet and friend and his magnificent life of love and pure example. May the Lord comfort those who grieve - may we honor his legacy by our lives as we lovingly remember those things taught by his selfless, continuous example. We love and miss you, dear prophet. We know you are overjoyed to be where you are now.

George Day family

We have been blessed by such an individual that communed with Jesus Christ. He lived what they both taught. May we all try a little harder to live by his example. We know he is receiving his rewards and with loving wife. Thank you Father in Heaven for allowing us to have him as our leader for such a long time. God our Father and Jesus Christ, is with him.

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