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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mike & Kathy

He is an example of enduring WELL to the end. Happy Day All is Well. How blessed we were to live during his administration. Thank you President Hinckley

The Blackett Family, Las Vegas

Thank You, President Hinckley for your inspired leadership and love for not only LDS members but for anyone of any faith. Your example has changed my life, I am sad that my boys will only hear stories of you, but life is eternal and you have taught us all to have an eternal perspective. Our family will miss seeing you at the pulpit every 6 months at General Conference. Your humor will surely be missed as well. I'm sure the heavenly homecoming was something splendid and remarkable. You will be missed by many but the work will go on as you would have it to do.

Thank You!!!

Williams Family

President Hinckley was the president of my youth- the beloved man who guided the Church and represented it ably to inquiring media and public across the world.

As a church member living in Washington DC, I am grateful for his missionary efforts and also for his humble leadership.

My life is richer for his example of Christ-like discipleship.

Ryan Hawkins

Thank you President Hinckley for all you have done.

You will be missed.

The Turley Family, Boise

Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant. Welcome home.

We Love you Pres Hinckley. Thank you for your guidance and direction We will miss you, but will see you again.

Jeanne Brown

And how do we honor the memory of such a great man? He brought us temples and asked us to use them more often, so we will. He set the standard for charity to all nations, so we must continue to donate and reach out in love to those in distress. He pleaded with us to be kind and loving to all mankind, to behave like true Christians, and so we will leave our political, religious and social differences behind us. He counseled us to be free of debt and leave the entrapments of the world behind. There is no better way to honor this prophet of God than to heed his counsel and "get to work"! When we honor him, we honor God.

Leuina E. Gisa

How we love this GREAT Man!!! Thank you for your great examples, Compassionate service, and words of wisdom...Your Legacy will always be remembered. May your reunion w/ your loved ones on the other side will be joyful n' sweet.... We love n' miss you our dear Prophet.

Brent Myers

We are saddened by the passing of a great leader. At the same time we are happy that he is now with his beloved wife. He will be greatly missed by people from all walks of life and from all parts of the World. He truly brought the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the knowledge of people around the globe.

We will miss him but are happy with the knowledge that the Leadership of the Church is in the hands of the Lord and the Council of the twelve appostles.

Anthony Pitcher

Many thoughts and feeling bounce around at this time. All and All the enourmous heart and open mind this man has inspires myself to be a good person. Not because of the faith he belonged to but because of his presence of truth, faith and Genuine Love for every thing this life had to offer. Amazing Man.

With much Love Given much Love is Given Back.

chuck, cincinnati

Dear President Hinkley, I have not been as active in Church as I know I should be. However, I will never forget your powerful spirit and messages that you have shared and delivered as a true prophet of God. ! have loved you as my General Authority and I will surely miss you. Now rest in peace until the Second Coming. Sincerely, Elder Simon

Christensen Family, Idaho Falls

Praise be to a wonderful and humble man! It is with a heavy, but joyful heart to know that our wonderful prophet is finally reunited with his loving companion. We, as Church members, hate to see such a lovely spirit leave us, but we know that his legacy of work here on earth will endure forever!

Until we meet again, We love and miss you!

Chrissie in South Wales

I was honoured to be in the Celestial Room of the Preston, England Temple with him when it was dedicated. I was overwhelmed by the spirit on that occasion. I remember his good and loving nature, his sense of humour, and also his absolute authority and reverence when it came to the dedication itself. What a wonderful man. I shall miss him.

Noel Carville, Portadown, N. Ire

President Gordon B. Hinckley was an Inspiration to us all, and a true Prophet of God. I pray for his Family, who will miss him most, but I know that he will be very happy at his Joyous re-union with his Beloved Wife!


This was a man...

Mark Beckstead

Anything that I say at this time will surely feel inadequate to express my feeling for President Hinckley. He was the president of the church when I was converted, my wife's and I first visit to a temple and obviously our eternal marriage.
He was honored by many of and not of LDS membership. He loved the saints and expressed this love in many discourses, these I will truly miss. Those who have gone on before us will now benefit his presents and love.

Mark Beckstead
Yucaipa, Ca.

corinne mcdonnell

I will miss you and I love you. Thank you for coming to Alaska. Just think I was a foot away from you when you wave good bye in went into the small white car.

a Lamanite from Alaska

The Judd family, Tacoma, WA

We would like to thank President Hinkley for his service, example and valued work. We congratulate his exhaltation. And appreiciate how the world has benefitted while he was here. May your family be comforted at this time of His passing.

Jocelyn Tan

President Hinckley had been a great inspiration and a force behind my keeping to the straight and narrow. I have never seen the man - but I have a strong testimony of his being a true prophet. I had hoped to travel from Toronto to Utah this year just to hear him speak. I have been inactive many times in the past and truly "do not procrastinate the day of your salvation." Although I have been active in church for the past year, I regret the days, months and even years I've lost for the opportunity to hear the prophet speak. He will continue to speak to my heart though. While we will surely miss him, he is now joyously in the company of his wife and the rest of his eternal family with his beloved boss - Jesus Christ whom he had served whole-heartedly in his lifetime

Bob Mullins - Logan Utah

President Hinckley has done so much good for the Lords anointed and the world. Though his life just short of centenarian, not many could have accomplished what he has in his century here on earth.

With the Temples dedicated and the work of the Lord going forward, his star will be a match with the seventeen jeweled stars crowning the Holy of Holies in the Salt Lake Temple.

As the fifteenth President of the Lords Church and Kingdom here on earth, his fulfillment of revelations given to Joseph Smith in bringing the Church forth out of obscurity and out of darkness has been an impact for good to this great Faith born in the Americas.

As the Lord has said to those who have returned to him beyond the vail, "Well done Though good and Faithfull servant, enter ye into the joy of the Lord." so it is with Gordon Bitner Hinckley.

Phil Johnson, Colorado

I am so greatful for the many messages given by President Hinkley and for his wise counsel. I will never forget sitting at his feet in the many Conferences. His great work. I know that truely He is a Prophet of the Living God and that he was called by him to accomplish the marvelous work he has done on this Earth. Thank you for your wonderful example and May our Heavenly Father bless you and your sweetheart through out all eternity. May your family be comforted with a sure knowleged that all is well.

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