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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Alberto Gulino

Thank you President Hinckly, for your service and love. Our beloved prophet will be missed but his joy is full as he is reunited with others who love him.


Thank you. You have helped us to raise our family, to love to serve, to be joyful, to walk in faith. I pray for your family and am saddened that you are gone. Thank you for showing us what living a Christlike life looks like.

We love you in Austin.

Tom N

Thank you Pres. Hinckley for all your wonderful service here and especially for the Manhattan NY Yemple. We love you for that wonderful gift.

Teresa in Colorado

I just want this morning to live honoring President Hinckley's legacy. To be just a little bit of what he was, to truly "stand a little taller", would make anyone a better person. I'm teaching the Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine class this year. I think this Sunday I will challenge the class to, once again, read the Book of Mormon in four months as a tribute to our beloved friend and leader.

Kenneth Hoover

I love you President Hinckley..I too will greatly miss you. Thank you. I will miss your love of God, your dedication to His great cause, and the kind and humorous way you inspired us to live. Thank you, our dear Prophet!!!

Eugene Powell Till

Tears roll down my face as many shared events are recalled. Thank you for being my friend and prophet. I love you.... Gene

lilia from Bulgaria

THANK YOU PRESIDENT HINCKLY for yor service. YOU are beloved prophet.THNK YOU for the good expample you were for all of us.
You will be messed from all ove the world.


We visited Cove Fort as a family quite by accident once, and learned of the Hinckley family connection to that place. I could feel that it was sacred ground. President Hinckley will be missed by so many, and we send sympathy to all of his family members and those who knew and worked with him closely.

Fiona Ivey

I spent the last 2 years reading his works getting to know him. What a great man i found, an everyday man like you or i. I loved him dearly and am so happy now that he is reunited with his sweetheart.He served us so well. Thankyou.

Blessed Concert in Arizona

President Hinkley,
Thank you for your service, not only to the Church but to the country as well. The world has lost a wonderful man.

My family has been blessed by your revelations and proclimations, and you will be forever in our hearts and minds.

J. Lowe

Thank you, President Hinckley, for inspiring me to be the best I can be, in spirit, word, thought, deed, as a person and daughter of our Heavenly Father, and as a mother. I have always felt the warmth of the Savior's love and protection, knowing you were near and here to guide and protect me and my loved ones. You have taken a large part of me with you. I will miss you very much. Till we meet again...


Praise to the man. He was so positive, and so full of love; such and example to all. I cried when I heard of his passing, but he was a great man, who lived an exemplary life. I grew into the gospel while he was the prophet. I will miss him, but I am happy he can reunite with his wife. Death has no victory through Jesus Christ.

Brenda Dowst

I am so grateful for the many years Pres. Hinckley dedicated to the betterment of the Church and all mankind. Heaven will be a better place with him in it. Well done, good and faithful servant. May your reunions be joyous and numerous.

New Glasgow Branch,
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia


Well done thou good and faithful servant.

R Musser

As much as the world will miss this amazing Prophet, my first thought was, "What a happy and wonderful reunion he is having with Marjorie."

" 'Till we meet again..."

Long Beach, CA

Aleta Vetter

At President Hinckley's first news conference in the Joseph Smith Building following announcement of his new resposibilities as President of the LDS Church, he was asked to describe the focus of his ministry. He answered, "Carry On." I think that is the best way we can honor and remember our beloved Prophet Leader by making "Carry On" our personal motto. "Carry on" in the work President Hinckley so diligently, brilliantly, inspirationally set the pace, remembering, as he did, the debt we owe to our "pioneer forbears" while we each do our part to prepare the world for the Savior's return.
Following a 1998 meeting honoring Sister Hinckley, my husband and I rode down the elevator with President and Sister Hinckley. This was shortly after their trip to Ghana in which he announced the Temple in that country. I asked President Hinkley where he would be going next, and with typical Hinckleyesque wit he answered "To bed, I hope!"

Dear President Hinckley, Enjoy a brief, well-deserved rest and reunion with your beloved Margorie before you don your "roller skates" again and get back to work in the Spirit World.
How we love you!
Aleta and Bern Vetter and family


Thanks to President Hinckley, we live in a better world. -- The Thomas family


It's hard to imagine the church without President Hinckley. He was more than a great leader, he was a great human being. His personality and demeanor did wonders for the church, but more importantly for my own family. Although my five year old daughter only had the privilege to see him on tv and his smiling face in the Ensign, she was nearly unconsolable at the news of his passing. He will truly be missed!

A Great Soul

a great soul has passed on. Few men were admired and respected world wide by church members as well as national and international leaders as was pres Hinckley. How do you fill such a void?


Our family will miss hearing President Hinckley at conference, being inspired by his words and lifted by his wonderful sense of humor. What a unique and wonderful man--it is no wonder he was so loved by many the world over. He can now join his beloved Marjorie.

Geneva, Switzerland

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