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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Aaron - Washington

We thank thee oh God for a Prophet. President Hinckley. Your legacy and love will always be remembered. Your example has forever and will continue forever to shape and change my everyday life. Thank you. Thank you. May your reunion on the other side be sweet. We love you and will never forget the things that the Lord taught us through you. Till we meet again. With Love.

Ron Luce

I listened to a great man with a big heart with a lot of love in his heart.
Sorry to see him leave the place i believe he felt where he was most at home with. Teaching about Love and Compassion.
RIP. he was a great man
My heart goes out for all the LDS faith people that loved him so much.

Signed a person that still has an heart for everyone,
Athiest and ex mormon. I believe I learned this from a great man.

Sara in Seoul, Korea

Thanks to the marvels of the Internet, we can express our love and grief at the loss of our Prophet from all areas on this planet. He has had an unbelievable impact on me for decades.

Daily, we observe the lives and good works of Korean saints. We were in the midst of thousands of faithful Korean saints in Seoul, gathered in summer 2005 with Pres. Hinckley, to celebrate 50 years of the LDS church in Korea. I can testify to his world-wide influence for good, setting a high example in many ways.

I miss him already, but am comforted to know that we will reunite in a better place someday, and that he has, at last, rejoined his eternal companion and other family members.

It is our challenge now, to continue to follow our Prophet's counsel to always "just do the best you can" to live a quality Christ-like life.

Lillian B. Anhder

I am saddened with the death of our beloved Prophet. My sister Dorothy Perry and her husband Don Perry lived in Governor Plaza Condos at the same time as President Hinckly and Marjorie before they moved to the downtown appartments. My sister was totally blind, and they were both so good to her, especially after her husband passed away. I did meet Marjorie in her one day when she was visiting my sister. She remained a good friend to my sister right up to the time my sister passed away. They were both so caring and good to her. I loved our Prophet and he will be missed, but thankful that he could be with us for 96 years, and happy he is reunited with his beloved wife. Love,Lillian B.Anhder Orem, Utah

Liz Grant

I remember with fondness his visits to Chorley, England. His dedication of the Preston Temple and the joy we all experienced with him on subsequent visits - driving around in the little electric cart - waving to the people and giving his security nightmares!! We have him to thank for a Temple, Chapel, MTC and accommodation all in a wonderfully landscaped site. He truly loved the area and the people where he served in Preston on his mission.

A mixture of sadness at his passing but joy in the knowledge of his reunion with his beloved Marjory - they were complete together. Now they are again. Thank you President Hinckley for the love and example to the world - they did not know he was their prophet too but loved him for his goodness.
The Prophet Joseph Smith will have much to discuss with him, they have much in common. Thanks and love to his family who shared him with us all. "Hail to the Prophet ascended to Heaven"
Livingston, Scotland


A sad day for the LDS world wide, especially the family and close friends of our beloved prophet. May he rest in peace beside his beloved Marjorie.
His legacy will live on.

Anne Flinders, Orem, Utah

At the last session of the Nauvoo temple dedication in 2002, President Hinckley mentioned that he hoped to someday meet the Prophet Joseph, so that he could report what he had done with the church while it was under his watch; and with tears he said, "I hope that Joseph will be pleased with what I have done. I have tried my very best."

Praise to the Man!

DTS in China

I remember when he, an apostle at the time, came to visit my small branch in Malaysia. Just two weeks later I was in Virginia and he was there to organize a stake. I sat right up front, and he said, "I was just in Malaysia visiting the good saints there..." He looked right at me, and I was sure he was going to say," and YOU were there!" Of course, that's not what happened, but having the privilege of sitting at his feet and being taught gospel truths two times in such a short span was truly a privilege. I love President Hinckley and will miss him with all my heart.

Ryans, Evans

How appropriate that after the many years of doing the Lord's work he is called home to the Lord on the Lord's day. The Sabbath. The day of rest. May this wonderful man and Prophet enjoy being reunited with his sweetheart Marjorie. And we do Thank Thee O God for a Prophet.

Barry - California

President Hinckley was one of the major determinants in my decision to join the Church. His simple faith, his wisdom and his love for everyone, member or no, touched something in me. Even though I never had the pleasure of meeting him I truly feel that I have lost a great and true friend.

Mark W.

President Hinckley, I will miss you, especially at Conference time. You lifted and inspired me, made me laugh, made me shed tears of conviction and love for my Savior, my family and my fellow man. Your words and sentences were so eloquent, like a song your voice and inflections, your comedic timing, your countenance, everything enhanced your well chosen words even more. I loved to hear your talks. You were a Prophet. A Prophet has passed. God bless the memory of Gordon B. Hinckley.

Heidi in Arkansas

Our family will truly miss President Hinckley. My husband doesn't cry much, but he did get teary-eyed last night when we found out that he had passed on to the Spirit World. What a remarkable man he was, and was loved by all.

William Hunt Family

We love our dear Prophet President Gordon B Hinckley.We pray for comfort for his family.
We know he is a Prophet of God and is in his
loving arms now. We are happy he is with his
dear wife now. We thank him for all he has
taught us and the pure love of Christ that
he had for his fellow man.


Please, those of you who visit this site with a less than positive attitude, I ask respectfully, Not here, Not today. Gordon B. Hinckley is a man who is loved and revered by millions of people and we mourn his loss. I must admit that I cried upon hearing the news but I am not sad, because I know where he is and that he is happy.
President Hinckley, God be with you till we meet again!

Exa Ruth Bodiford

I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the Hinckley Family and to church members through out the world.

I was at the dedication of the Lubbock Temple. What an experience to see the Prophet in person.

Midland Second Ward
Odessa Texas Stake
Midland, Texas

President Hinckley I love you.


We have been blessed to have been taught by a Prophet of God. May we always remember to do as he counseled many times, "to do a little better each day." We Thank Thee Oh God, for a Prophet. God Bless his family and God Bless all those who worked with him.

The Roller Family

President Hinckley, you have blessed our family beyond measure, we sorrow at your passing and will greatly miss your leadership, but rejoice in your reunification with your sweet wife and your hearing our Savior say "Well done, good and faithful servant."


Today I will announce the passing of our prophet to 20 youth. We will hold our own memorial service with youth who love and respect and honor a man who asked them to stand for something, to be smart and humble at the same time, to be worthy for things higher and better than the world ever gives them. Yes, we will miss his quick wit and the way he was always in touch with our needs long after he had conquered his own Goliaths. He was 97 in years but ageless in compassion and insight. We will love and support Pres. Monson as his successor and know Pres. Hinckley is being welcomed by all the "leaves" who left before him.


thanks for your kind leadership!god bless u

Kenneth J.

I will truely miss this great man. His Conference talks always lifted my up and made me feel as if he was talking directly to me. He was my guiding light and Prophet. President Hinkley, you will be truely missed. I love you.

San Antonio, Texas East Stake
Woodlake Ward

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