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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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matt, boise

Thank you for the years of dedication and sacrifice President Hinkley. It's hard to say goodbye to one of my true heros in life. Til we meet again!

shawna, central pt or

no words can adequately express what an amazing man President Hinckley is! a spiritual giant...a man of uncompromising integrity, 'steadfast and immovable'...yet one of the most humble, loving, compassionate and approachable men ever to walk this earth! i am in awe as i think of the millions of lives he has touched...his life, example and positive impact has left a lasting legacy. as much as we will surely feel the absence of such an incredible leader...i am comforted as i imagine the glorious reunion and welcome home celebration that has taken place with his beautiful wife, his beloved parents and family, and all those that had been awaiting his arrival back to his heavenly home. how grateful i am for the knowledge that life is eternal. i love you now and forever, my beloved prophet...til we meet again, may our Savior wrap you in his loving embrace

with reverence and love...
the marshall family

Sue and Bill of MO.

On behalf of all the missionaries through out the world who were called to their missions by this great Prophet, may we say "Thank You" for your example and faith in us to carry on the great work that you have called us to do. We honor you and will do our best to finish the work of the Lord where ever we are serving. You are our inspiration of enduring to the end. Peace be with you and your family now.

Don Crawford

The greatest tribute to our beloved dead is to translate our love for them to others, still amoungst us on this side of the veil.

I gotta' believe that President Hinkley wants us to continue to press on with our collective mission. Except as it related to his lovely wife, President Hinkley never seemed to be overtly sentimental.


Thank you President Hinckley for all your love and prayers on our behalf! We love you and miss you but can look forward to seeing you once again!

Joanne Tredway FL

President Hinckley came closer to what I imagine my heavenly Father to be than any man I have known. His love and compassion, his unending joy and optmisim, his approachability, his wisdom. He just got kinder and more loving as he got older. He was suffused with light and a great example of hope. I will miss him especially at conference. I often wished that he would just stand at the podium and talk for the last two hours of conference, that we could all soak up his spirit and love. Oh, how lovely. You are missed already and will long be remembered.

Kathy, Tulare CA

Thank you beloved President Hinckley. Words are not enough for all your love and kindness to all around the world. Rest in God's tender care and enjoy your muchly deserved reward in heaven with your beloved wife.Till we meet again..Peace and Love !

Marie McCowan, Florida/Idaho

I thank God that I was blessed to have had the benefit of this great Prophet. He was an inspiration to all who heard him -- if they were in tune with the Spirit at all. I loved him as though he were a dear personal friend and followed his counsel as nearly as I could.

I also have great respect for President Monson and pray for in his behalf that he will have the strength to carry on the heavy load of leading this great Church.


The world has truely lost a Prophet of God, A holy man, a saint. His voice, council, dedication, faith strength and conviction has been engraven into my mind and spirit. I Hope that we can all follow his footsteps as he followed the Lord's.

God Bless you President Hinckley. I am greatfull to God for your service and faithfulness.

Sam, Colorado

What an amazing man! I can only imagine how sacred it must have been in the Spirit World the moment Pres. Hinckley entered. I am so grateful for the opportunity to gain a testimony of the truth while Pres. Hinckley was our beloved prophet. I am so grateful to have felt his love for me and for all every time he spoke. I am so grateful for God's great plan of happiness and that the work will roll forth and that He will continue to communicate to his children here on earth through a living prophet!

Miriam Feldstein Case, NH

President Hinckley, I love you so very much. I have had the privilege of seeing you, and your lovely wife, several times. You did so much and did it so well. I will always try to " be a little better" because of your love, wisdom, wit and spirituality. I hope to meet you, someday, and give you a great, big hug!

Gary Johnson - Vancouver, WA

President Hinckley was truly a Prophet of God, and I thank our Heavenly Father for him and for President Hinkley's sincerity. He has a strong, beautiful and vibrant testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I know the Savior has welcomed him home with open arms saying, "Well done my good and faithful servant." May our Heavenly Father grant peace and happiness to you President Hinckley and to your dear wife Margorie.

My wife Michelle and I are saddened at his passing. We both know he is having a joyous reunion now with his dear wife, family, church leaders and associates who have passed on before through the veil of death. We will love and miss you, President Hinckley.

I will miss your talks in general conference and priesthood meetings they are such a comfort for me. Until we meet again. We will roll up our sleeves and get to work.


"World mourns"? Read the story. Utahn's everyone. That is not the world. Trust me, in Tennessee, only the LDS mourn. Nobody else knows squat, or cares, and it's a decent place. "The World" does not have a clue. Write a better story, without the Planet Utah mentality.

Larry, Panama City, Panama

I miss President Hinckley. I am most grateful the Lord allowed him to be with us so long. I have learned so much from him. He is having a wonderful experience being in the presence of his wonderful wife. He also will be greeted by the Great Ones of the Kingdom. I do beleieve that President Gordon B. Hinckley is one of the most significant Prophets in history. It is difficult to imagine the millions of blessings that have been received on both sides of the veil because of his hard work to make temples avaiable for so many souls.

Praveen Sumarajan, India

My heartfelt condolence to all the Family members as wells as the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter saints . I still recollect the day I met President Hinckley in New Delhi when he was no world Tour in year 2005 .

Looking into his eyes, I knew he was a Prophet of God. His voices confirmed the message the God would have us listen. I know he is wonderful leader, an exampler and man of vision to lead and build.

Being part of this church for 14 years, I know that He has led the Church the way the lord would want the church to grow. We love President Hinckley, we would miss him but His word and his example will live in our life."

His legacy would continue and God be with you till we meet again, President Hinckley
-Praveen and Sangeetha Sumarajan, Hyderabad II Branch, India

Steve Hemingway

I once went to his Ward in SLC. It was awesome to be in the presence of a man who has been in the presence of the Lord. He was so human and smiled when the speaker was talking about being his Home Teacher. Let us serve his memory as we spread the word of the restoration.

Don Forbush, Michigan

President Gordon B. Hinckley is one of the most beloved of prophets this Church has known. He will be greatly missed by all of us as members of this Church and by a great many who are not. Perhaps he shall be remembered most by the great mission and work accomplished under his direction and leadership over the past 12+ years that literally has brought The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints "out of obscurity and out of darkness" unto the greater understanding and respect of many in the world. President Gordon B. Hinckley, as a result of the great mission he fulfilled, is almost as familiar a figure to those outside of the Church as to those who comprise its membership. May his family and close friends and associates be comforted and rejoice in the great example and legacy he has left behind for all of us to benefit from. The great temple-building program, the expanded humanitarian relief effort and the Perpetual Education Fund are just a few of the many things accomplished under his leadership that now bless the lives of so many. I thank the Lord for His great Prophet and those yet to follow.

Halvorsen Family- Washington

What a remarkable legacy he has left behind. His passing is a gentle reminder for us all to reflect on his good life and example and try to be kinder and more Christ-like in all that we do as he has so many times admonished us. What a tremendous leader and servant.

When he spoke, you knew that his love for the members of the church and for the Lord was unwaivering. His enthusiasm was infectious and his encouragement, much needed and appreciated. We love him and will miss him.

Thank you

Thank you for your life, your love and example. We are all indeed better people because of you.

Although words can't explain our love and appreciation...

Thank you.

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