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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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AZ Mom

It came to my attention today that the wonderful youth that attend Basha High School in Chandler, AZ wore their Sunday dress clothes as a sign of respect to honor Pres. Hinckley. How wonderful, in this day and age that a man of 97 can evoke love and inspiration in teenagers, that they would wear white shirts and ties and Sunday dress to a high school where they are very much in the minority. These Mormon kids have at times been mocked for their beliefs, but their desire to show respect to their prophet was more important than fitting in with the group. What a tribute and what love he has inspired. What a most special man.

The Storts Family in Kansas

What an awesome man of God!! President Hinckley will be missed, but the gospel tells us that life does not end here. I'm sure he will continue to work with vigor to bring forth the return of the Savior. Alas he is with his sweetheart once again, what joy must fill his heart. Our family will miss his energy, his knowledge, his strength and his awesome humor. I can only imagine the other great spirits he will be mingling with who have served as diligent as himself! What a reunion!!


We are not to morn, that is but feeling sorry for ourselfs. He is apart of us all now and that's all we wanted while he was alive, to be more like him. Now we have a choice, if we truely loved him then he will forever be apart of us all. Be not afriad for I bring you -------------. Let us join all together as one in his memory and in celibration of life for I know that's what he wanted while he was alive, so let's do it now, for him. May Gods light shine around us for now he's apart of that for always and always, if he is not here then where is he? look no further then your own and your loved ones hearts, I assure you he is there. Let us go one more time to the mountain of truth, love and beauty and see everywhere and everything a shinning example of a life lived from his heart to ours. Do not cry for our loss but rejoice in a life well spent and not a day waisted in service to his beloved family and all of as much. Look up and be whole.

Bridgett Carter/ Clio, Alabama

What a great Prophet!!! We loved him so much and I know he was a true Prophet of God. I always looked forward to his talks and could not wait to hear his words of inspiration. I knew that everything he said was for the benefit of the Church members. But I do recall him saying he was the Prophet no one listened to. We are going to miss him so much and his cute humor as well. He loved all people and he told them so and he would always tell the members to be a little kinder toward others. He loved people of all faiths and I am sure they felt a great admiration toward him. Who wouldn't? I am thankful he was the Prophet when my children were teenagers. I know his counsel helped my children become who they are today. I will truly miss him and so many others will too. We thank thee oh God for a Prophet who guides us in these latter days and he most certainly did.

himirei martin, new zealand

president hinkley woke me up to the gospel! he truely was and is amazing! just imagine how he would be recieved by Heavenly Father, the Saviour and also his wife as he passed through the veil! what a reunion that would've been! especialy after living a life of high integrity and loyalty, and with such vigor in doing the lords work! imagine how he must have felt? its inspiring!

We love you president Hinkley
Himirei, Fiona and Bree

NZ'ers living in aussie,
Dandenong Ward

Patricia Jessop/ Australia

We heard of President Hinckley's sad passing away, 3 hours after it happened.

He came to Hobart, Tasmania about 5 years ago. I felt privileged to shake his hand. He gave me a smile and then looked kindly into my soul. I on the other hand was speechless and shocked at his youthful appearance.

I hope now President Hinckley can have his wish granted, and sit in a rocking chair with quiet music in the background and dedicate his time to his beloved wife.

Judith Bacon

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our Beloved Prophet. When I called my 16 year old Granddaughter Danielle to tell her, she expressed sorrow and was concerned with the idea of anyone else being our Prophet. I realized he was the only Prophet she ever knew, like so many young people in the church but that is the great beauty of the Gospel!! There will be more great prophets to lead the church. This one was a truly unique and beloved one but imagine the joy he is having with his Marjorie and with his dear Mother and Father and the great men and women who preceded him!! We will miss you and love you always and you will always hold a special place in the hearts of your people. We will meet again. With love

Denis Carrick ,Orem UT

I am so greatful to have been taught by one of the
masters. His constant reminder to be a little more
kinder,caring,forgiving and loving were a blessing
in my life.I love,honor and respect President Hinkley.He always brings a smile to my face and
an insentive to try harder to live the Gospel.I will
miss him very much.Thank you for the great example!!

Whare Dewes

My family and I are from New Zealand and we would like to show our respect to our beloved President Gordon B Hinckley who has passed away. Since I joined the Church in 1995, I came to know the Prophet by: videos, video conference, Temple Dedications, Ensign mag, live Conference and many more ways. I was told at church to learn the character of our Prophets. I love our Prophet so much. He has counsel so many people and given me hope. I will always remember him to be a very wise and humble man. He was always engaged in Church activity and always did a good days work. I am so greatful for being in this dispensation where I came to know The President Gordon B Hinckley.

Macabugao Family

We feel sad,that was our initial feelings when we learned of our Prophet's passing, but then we almost feel gratitude knowing he is in a better place,and knowing he is with our Heavenly Father and his wife. We will miss all about him and his great example and leadership in our church.Our children were born,baptized,learned to say their testimonies the time he is our prophet. We feel privileged to know of his faith,love to us and of his service to all. We love him and always be in our hearts. Till we meet again, Prophet Hinckley.

Mari, Puerto Rico

I feel privileged having known such and extraordinary human being. He was a true Prophet. His counsel, love, and example marked my life. I thank our Heavenly Father for the blessing of having him as our leader. I will miss him very much.




Our family were truly sad at the passing of our beloved Prophet but happy for him as he will be with his wife. When investigating the church about 14 years ago, it was President Hinckley speaking at an April conference on Easter Sunday which the Spirit spoke to my heart that this man is truly a man of God and this church and gospel are true. Our love and prayers are with the Hinckley family.


Oh my goodness! Can you imagine the joy and delight that occured beyond the veil when our dear Prophet was reunited with his sweetheart of so many years? I know that twinkle in his eyes is still there, and he is in great company! Well done thou good and faithful servant, well done!
May God keep watch over his family during this difficult time, and help them to know we love them and are thinking of them.

LDS Bahamas

We are deeply saddened by our dear Prophet's death but we also have the joy in our hearts knowing that he is now reunited with his beloved companion. Pres. Hinckley has made a tremendous impact in the life of our family as converts. We always looked forward to the conferences and the beautiful messages he always delivered. Pres. Hinckley will continue to live in our hearts. We love him dearly. We have been truly blessed by his remarkable example.

Diane Young, Arkansas

I loved President Hinckley. I had the honor and privilege of seeing him in person and although there were thousands in the room I felt like he was talking just to me and he was my personal friend. That is how he made people feel. He was an exceptional man and my family will miss him terribly, but we are very thankful for the knowledge of eternal families and we know he is rejoicing in heaven with his wife Margie. May we all gather strength and press forward in rightousness through the examples and life of this great Prophet. He has truly blessed our lives forever.

Grace Amundsen

Thank you for your devotion and being such an inspiration in my life. And thank you for having the same birthday as myself. President Hinckley you will be missed but we rejoice in your exaltation.

David, Arizona

My family and I are very sadden to hear about the passing of President Hinkley. My Wife was baptized in the same year that President Hinkley was called to be our Prophet. Our Daughter was also baptized while Presdent Hinkley was our Prophet. We were hoping that President Hinkley would live until after our Son would be baptize which will be this Sat. Feb 2nd. Our prayers goes out to the Hinkley's famlies and to all of us as members of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Saints. We will miss him very very much.

Gordon & Betty , California

We are deeply sadden of the passing of our dear Prophet Gordon B Hinckley. but, we know he is reunited with his Beloved Marjorie. God Bless the
Hinckley family.

To Meq:

Meq, there are 13 million members of the church worldwide, the majority of which are outside of the state of Utah. So indeed, there are mourners worldwide. I don't understand your need to attack the notion that this great man was beloved throughout the world, which he definitely was. I stood in a stadium of 100,000 people in Rio De Janeiro who had come to hear him speak. Also, if the world mourning is based on where in the paper it is located, as you seem to indicate, it was the head story on CNN.com last night.

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