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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Monica - Columbus, GA

Pres. Hinckley will be truly missed! I'm glad that he was one of the prophets! He showed people that LDS church members are kind & good people. He was a great person & a wonderful leader of the church!


Debbie - Pocatello Idaho

We will miss President Hinckley terribly! I had the opportunity of meeting him & what a kind, gracious, loving man! He always made you feel that you were the most important person in the room! The Lord truly inspires our leaders! As we mourn our loss of this great man, think of the great reunion & rejoicing in heaven! He is with the prophets of old! Our beloved prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. I amsure was there to welcome him with open arms! He is with his beloved Marjorie! May our apostles continue & know that they too are loved very much! God Bless you all - until we meet again!

Chuck from Florida

As for being a Member in the LDS Church for over 50 years now, in the St Petersburg 1st Ward, in Florida, My Family and I are sure going to miss President Hinckley, from when he started back in 1995, and came out with The Family: A Proclamation to the World, "Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.

We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.

RIP my Brother.

Allison Carrier

I cannot find the words to say how I feel about our beloved Prophets passing. Just tears flow and I think of the example he set for all the world. His sweet voice and the love he had for all. I will miss him,but I know that he is with his wife. They are together again, as promised by our Lord that we will be reunited with our loved ones again. He will be missed so much by so many.


President Hinckley,
Thank you for your love and great example. I never met you, but I always felt that if I did you would care about me. You truly had the Savior's image in your countenance.

Diana Alexandra Garcia M.

Nuestro admirado Profeta finalmente esta con su amada esposa a quien tanto extraaba.
Our Prophet finally is with his beloved wife.

Norbert Meissner, Germany

Tears fill my eyes when thinking about the loss by the death of our Prophet. Although he was high in age it was, as he would never leave the members of the church. Althoug living in Germany, we allways felt very close to him.
But the knowledge of resurrection, eternal families (especially the reunion with his wife Marjorie) and his life and his acts comfort me in my sorrow.
From Germany, I'd like to address my compassion to his family, his close fellow men among the General Authorities and all those, who feel sad.

Steven Wilson - Bay Area, CA.

President Hinckley you are finally reunited with your Eternal Companion. I am sure that the reunion shall be glorious beyond mere mortal words. When an Oracle of God comes home the reuniting with other past Prophets shall be a great meeting in the Heavens. To help bring the pass of Eternal Life to Man within all spheres. God be with you until we met again.

The MEACHAM Family

This is a true loss to the entire world. Although, President Hinckley has now been reunited with his wonderful loving wife, and that was what he most wanted in the end.

We as a family will miss him terribly! He meant so much to our family. I'm certain though, that the Prophet, president Hinckley is enjoying all his family and the many Prophets who have passed before him.

I hope he will say hello to my Mormon Pioneer ancestors as well.

Our prayers go towards his wonderful children. God bless you all!

Skyler Sanchez, Utah

Thank you for your great example of service and love. Thank you for helping me gain a better tesimony of the Restoration of the Gospel. You will be very missed. Thank you for everything.

Cary from Iowa

Dear President Hinckley, we will miss you and look forward to seeing you again! Thank you for all the wisdom you have passed on to us from our Savior Jesus Christ. I am thankful to have met you and been able to serve you, even in a very small way. I am thankful for your example of love and service and acceptance of everyone. We are also very happy for you and your sweet wife, to be together now for all eternity! You are one of a kind will be greatly missed by all who ever had an opportunity to hear you speak. Our condolences to your sweet family, we know they will miss you, but will also look forward to being with you as an eternal family. You have strengthen my testimony of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. We are eternally thankful for your being saved for these latter-days. Til we meet again!

Mike of Missouri

He fought a good fight and has finished his course. It has been heart-warming to read the comments of love and respect from around the world. May we always remember Gordon B. Hinckley as a true man of God, a servant of the Lord, and a friend and brother to all. On behalf of my family may I just say that we love President Hinckley and that he will be sorely missed.

Storts Family Kansas

President Hinckley was and will remain an awesome man of God, our family will miss him dearly. But we know that life does not end here and neither will his service. There is much for him to do on the other side, to prepare for the return of the Savior. And alas, he is once again with his sweetheart! What an awesome sense of humor that will be remembered and missed at the same time!!

Jones Family, Overland Park, KS

We are eternally grateful for great men like Gordon B. Hinckley.

Though we never met him personally, we can testify that he was a Prophet of God. He has blessed our family immensely by being a humble servant, who was steadfast and immovable in carrying the work forward. He truly helped lead the Church out of obscurity.

May the blessings of Heaven be poured out upon his family here on earth, and may his reunion be sweet with those he has been reunited with.

We love you President Hinckley

The Storts Family of Kansas

What an awesome Man of God President Hinckley was and is. Because of the Gospel we know that his service will not end at his death, but that he will continue on to prepare for the return of the Savior.
Alas, he is once again with his sweetheart what a day it must be for him. Although we will mourn for his absense, we will remember all that he added to our lives. His wisdom, love, and knowledge of the gospel will be passed on through the generations. His awesome humor will be sorely missed as well. It is a sad and yet a happy day. His journey here is done and so he begins another one. Home with all the other propehts, home with God.

Jennifer, Bozeman, MT

My heart is saddened to know that I will not hear his words this coming Conference, words that through the years have lifted me up and inspired me. Thank you for the many years of service. What a remarkable man! I am in awe, thinking of all that he accomplished. He had a way of giving me hope and I will truly miss him.

Scott Cameron

A truley remarkable human being. He was an inspiration to me and my family in Logan, Australia. My 8y old grandson was emotionally saddened when I conveyed the passing of Pres Hinkley to him. He will be missed but aptly able to say to his Maker "that I have had done the assignment that thou gavest me"

Ray Smith - Seattle

In the process of choosing a new stake president in the Auburn Washington Stake, Pres. Hickley interviewed the local stake leaders for their recommendations. I was privaleged to spend some 1 on 1 time with him and had a very pleasant time. My grandfather's brother was a neighbor to him in the East Millcreek area and served as Stake Patriarc while he was the Stake President. Also, as we talked about my being an Audiogist by profession, I realized the great sacrifice he made by his many trips by air around the world as he told me of the frequent middle-ear problems he had which were exasperated by the frequent altitude changes, even in pressurized aircraft. His only public comment regarding the condition was when he remarked at General Conference that he was using a cane because of bouts with vertigo (episodic dizziness). Dizziness is only one of the middle-ear problems as extreme earaches are part of the syndrome. Obviously, these problems didn't slow him down and many parts and peoples of the world were privleged to have personal contact with this great man of God!

Wes, San Diego, CA

Reunited with his beloved Marjorie, a time to celebrate in President Hinckley's life, I'm sure. I will miss his quiet humor in conference addresses, and the quiet confidence he instilled throughout the church. A triumphant life and a personal inspiration to me.

Ah Kiong Family - Long Beach

"We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet": We extend our deepest of sympathies to the Hinckley family.

This sure is a very sad for us because of his passing, but his reunion with his beloved wife Marjorie is of joy and love.

His life and exemplary leadership will be missed greatly. He is a man of wisdom who has always taught us all what we must do and how we must carry on. President Hinckley has always stood as a remarkable example of service and humility.

We love you President Hinckley and we will miss hearing your voice during conferences and devotionals. Your teachings will always live forever in our hearts.

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