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Since his mission, he spent just a year not working for church

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Harold Bishop

President Hinckley will always live in our hearts. The first living Prophet we know that give us instructions from our Heavenly Father. We love you very much and will love the next one too. Thanks.
Bro Bishop.

famille Cousineau-Pelletier

Nous sommes trs tristes que notre cher Prsident Hinckley bien-aim ne soit plus... Il tait un homme bon et aim de millions de personnes, et le monde a subi une grande perte...
We are very sad that our beloved President Hinckley left us... He was a good man, loved by millions of people and the world lost much with his death...
Nous sommes tristes qu'il soit parti, mais heureux qu'il rejoigne sa femme et notre Pre Cleste...
We are sad he left us but happy he is with his wife and our Heavenly Father...
Guillaume 11 ans
Il a men une bonne vie sur la terre, maintenant il a droit un repos ternel...
He had a good life on earth, now he deserves an eternal rest in heaven...
Jrmie 13 ans
famille Cousineau-Pelletier, paroisse de Mascouche, pieu de Montral, Qubec, Canada

Kyoni & Helene

We still loving you President Gordon. You still inspiring our family. You were great, you still being great, you wiil be great before our heavenly Father. Our Lord Jesus-Christ will be happy to rieceve you.Joseph Smith will be happy to see you.All prothets will be happy to have you as a prothet for this last time. You are great.

Kirsten W.--Brentwood, CA

You were born to be a prophet for this time. Everything in your life pointed to it. I will miss your warmth, humor, and optimism. God's blessings to you and your family. Thank you for your testimony that will continue to survive because of the technology that you so wonderfully used to the advantage of the church. I feel blessed to have been in the same room with you this past summer and that my children also got to see a prophet of God.

Debbie Piepgrass - Honolulu, HI

You were and are a true prophet of God ,as called by the Lord in these latter days with the keys of the kingdom passed down through Joseph Smith Jr. and his successors through Peter, James and John and John the Baptist.

With your publicity skills honed by many years of service at the highest levels, you took the original Church of Jesus Christ restored in these latter days of the world public in an unprecedented way.

We laughed with you as you got, I swear, ever funnier, through the years. But what are we to do about aging without a sense of humor? You were finely honed as both a servant of the Lord while bringing your spirit and wit with equal ease inside and outside the Church.

You have been a great boon to the missionaries because of this. You were an every man for everybody. You went from freckle haired and bashful boy to a hilarious and spiritual, hard working, down-to-earth dynamo who left us in the dust while temples dotted the earth.

How did you ever carry the load for so long?

You were asked to carry a cane, and you, well, carried it 'till 97!

Hongjoe Yang

힝클리 회장님.
다음 연차대회에서도 당신의 사랑의 권고와 인도를 또한 유머를 들을수 있을까 했는데 무척 아쉽습니다. 회장님의 지난 영적인 말씀들은 저의 생애동안 되새겨질것 같습니다. 힝클리 회장님 사랑하고 존경합니다. 편히 쉬시길 빕니다.

Rose, San Diego CA

President Hinckley is truly a Prophet of the Lord. Surely we will missed him and I pray for his family. I loved all his teachings and the sense of humor he shared to us. The love and humbleness he show for all the youth and children around the world will be forever in our heart; his an optimist person that never complain of his works with anyone.

Watching the funeral service lived yesterday tears just flow into my eyes, I just can't stop crying.


Pres.Hickley was the best president that ran the church for so many years.And was good at.All the best to Pres.Monson

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