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Since his mission, he spent just a year not working for church

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Michelle Sager

What an amazing man. To dedicate your life to the service of others is by far the biggest legacy you can leave behind. Our world will forever be blessed for the loving service President Hinckley has given us.

Kelly Hawkes

Pres. Hinckley was a great example of service; a dedicated servant of God.


President Hinckley is a wonderful example of faithful optimism. I mourn his death. He brought me closer to God and to his Son Jesus Christ. I am forever thankful for his service and love.


God bless Gordon B. Hinckley.

alex smith

I am sad at His passing but know that He will be together with His Dear Marjorie.He is a great Man and I am grateful for what He has done for me and my family and for the people of the world.God bless Him

A Floridian

Us members in Florida are deeply saddened at President Hinkley's passing. His optimistic and humorous interviews made living as a mormon a lighter burden in the missionfield as people started feeling more kindly toward the church because of him. We felt his love clear across the United States and will miss him dearly. We pray for his family.

Brittany Tomlinson

I feel calm at the moment, like the spirit is calming me. I am sad that we could not have him longer, but I am happy that he is now with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am thankful for all of his works and services. I'll pray for peace for his family and guidance for the leaders of our church. I know that the Lord would not have had it any other way. This is his plan and I shall accept it and follow it faithfully. I know that the Lord has blessed him and his family.


Good morning
I would like to appeal to all those out there who visit this site with a less than positive attitute.
Please, Not here, Not today!
President Hinckley is a man who is loved and revered by millions of people and whether or not you share those feelings he was none the less a great humanitarian who served tirelessly. His spiritual gentle, humorous nature should not be marred by those with and agenda. If you need a platform do it elsewhere, please.
President Hinckley, I will miss you, God be with you , till we meet again.

Leon Mason

President Hinckley was and is a prophet of God. He has gone to his new assignment and to be with his dear wife. I love them both. I am humbled by his greatness and godliness. I will miss him very very much. He has inspired me to be and do better. His legacy cannot be measured by man, it is greater than man's wisdom and understanding.

May the Lord bless the new president and prophet.

Steven Teng

President Hinckley was and always will be a prophet of God. Though I have a chance to meet him face to face ,I truely know the work he does is God's work on earth.My family are so grateful for all he has done, and now he sits at the right hand side of God.

I pray that God will bless the new president and prophet.

David Dodds

We love President Hinckley. Though I never personally met him, I felt as if I were close to him. He is a great man, and I wish everyone could have known him. Surely the world is a better place because of his diligent work, his love for all people, his wit and humor, his example, and his faithfulness in leading the Church. God bless him and his family.


President Hinckley is a true Prophet of God..who will be missed and forever loved . He was a man whom you felt the spirit every time he spoke, saw the love in his eyes..was a true man of Charity and love for everyone..He will surely be missed. He has inspired many people to have a pure change of Heart..A great appreciation for a loving Man..You will be missed, But the understanding of being with our families forever comforts me, and know that we will one day see your loving face again..
God Bless ..Till we meet again..

Martin Johnson

I have no memory of General conference without President Hinckley conducting, and I was born in 1976. I loved the man, and was honored to meet him in person (He was very normal, albeit shorter than I expected)

He will never be forgotten, of that I am sure. We now enter a new era in the church, and I support President Monson, but my heart aches for I miss President Hinckley already.

Martin Miller - West Jordan, UT

My heart has been heavy since I heard the news last night. Although it was not unexpected, it still makes me very sad to think he is actually gone. I will miss his leadership and example greatly. Every time I am tempted to dwell on my own selfish pursuits I will think of him and how he dedicated his ENTIRE life to the service of God and others.

Farewell President Hinckley. Enjoy your eternal reward now with your beloved wife.

Valerie S

I am so sad to think that we will never see President Hinkley at General Conference again. I always looked forward to seeing him and the warm feeling I always had seeing him and hearing him speak. He was a great man who was greatly loved by members of the Church. I am so happy for him that he is now reunited with Sister Hinkley, his parents and friends like President Faust. My heart goes out to his family and know that they will miss him. God bless them. We love you President Hinley.

Geri - Whittier ,Ca

Just think he's up there shaking hands and giving hugs to Joseph Smith and all the rest that were before him with his beloved wife Marjorie. Heaven SHINES BRIGHTER TODAY.

Sandy - Salt Lake

Thank you President Hinkley for you love and faithfulness and the Christlike example you have always been, God be with you until we meet again.

Michael Scrimsher - Burbank WA

While his death was inevitable, I will greatly miss his wit and candor, his unsurpassed speaking ability and his tremendous leadership and vision.

I had the opportunity to meet him when he dedicated our Columbia River Temple in 2001 - it was like looking into eternity to shake his hand and look him in the eyes.

What a great reunion he is now having with his beloved wife and others.

Sydney California

"We Thank Thee Of God For a Prophet, to guide us in these latter-days." President Hinckley lived the pure love of Christ. What a valiant prophet to serve so diligently! He served only to bring glory to the Savior and to God, never to himself, exemplifying love for everyone. What joy, the knowledge of the plan of salvation, and that he resides in Heaven, with his beloved wife, Marjorie, probably still working on the behalf of others. What a triumphant overcoming of the world! God bless his family as they will miss him more than the rest. Bright hope he gave, much loved he shared.

D. Branch

That which best defines President Hinckley can be shown during the time, due to the illness of the rest of the First Presidency, he literally had to take command of the Church. Not once did he ascribe that honor to himself although he had to assume the responsibility. During that period his attitude reminded me of the attitude of John the Baptists when the Savior began his ministry.

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