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Her sensible nature, devotion to family served her well

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I'm glad that they are together again. They are a great example of what "true love" really is. :D

MN Mom

I feel better just reading this. Its like they're not really gone.


I may not make it to the Celestial Kingdom, but if Pres and Sis Hinckley are hiring for Angel team, I'm applying for Guardian Angel School.
What a joy, spending eternity as a team member of Marjorie and Gordon's kingdom.


I was able to sit in on a private press interview for a regional conf in our state. In the room were Pres. and Sis. Hinckley, an apostle, a Seventy,a secretary, the reporter and me. Who was it that I touched me so brightly and so deeply? Sis. Hinckley. She is beyond words.

Led Zeppelin

Perfect example of how we need to live our lives to make it to return to our Heavenly Father. They put the Lord first in everything and showed an example of love in it's purest form. I remember seeing President Hinkley speak about a month or less after Marjorie passed away. It was amazing to see and feel a small part of what he had for her. I try every day to love my wife as Christ loved the gospel and these 2 have taught me so much and I have learned much from them.


Sounds like a wonderful lady, but crikey, never learned to swim or ride a bike??? Obviously, she was too busy once her father lost her job & she got married, and it was different era back then, but still, that sounds like a rough chilhood to me.

I am not religious at all, but I certainly believe this world would be a far better place if all the so-called religious AND political leaders today shared President Hinckley's wisdom & kindness. Condolences to all.


I am so touched reading this article! Now I know why President Hinckley lived a very long and happy life because of.... SIS. Hinckley. I wish that I could be like Sis Hinckley so my husband could live longer too :-) Anyways, I just wanna say that I know that Pres. HInckley is a real prophet of God and that his wife is a great example to al women in the world..... We will miss you both and thank you for helping me build my own testimony! We love you all!


Thank you for a beautiful article. You can almost feel the warmth and sincerity of those two dear hearts; it seemed that they were everyone's best grandparents, only enriched by faith and love many times over. If only we could model those same virtues; fidelity, humility, modesty, pureness of heart... what a world it would be! God bless you, Gordon and Marjorie, together as you should be.


I think that, that artice is very true I will always remember Gordan B. Hinckley and his family and keep them in my constant thoughts....The Hinckley couple is a very modest couple that many teen kids should look up to.....I know that I myself being a teen do look up to there modest relationship....I will miss Gordan B. HInckleys sence of humor at confence but I am also happy because I know that he has been reuniteed with not only his wife but also our Heavenly Father....A very honored member....


what a beautiful story!! i learned so much. she truly is an angel.

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