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Her sensible nature, devotion to family served her well

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sean Fisher

An excellent article. I truly look up to both President Hinckley and his wife as great examples. As sad as I am about President Hinckley's death, I am glad that he and his wife are together again.

in admiration.

how great it must be for them to be reunited together again and not restricted by the aches, pains and weariness of and old worn out body. Bless their souls and good for them, they graduated...with honors.


What a wonderful article. At the passing of the prophet how wonderful it is to know that he will be ruinited with his delightful wife and they can continue to love eachother and perform the Lord's work on the other side in even greater capacities.

Brother Hatch

Enjoy your rest with your eternal wife, president Hinckley. We love you and will miss you.

gina in texas

Interesting that the first thought
i had on hearing of Pres. Hinckley's death was that he had returned to his sweetheart, Marjorie. What a wonderful woman, wife, and mother she was. I think all of us benefited by the great love they had for each other. My heart is with his family and children. We all loved him so much and wish him Godspeed and are so happy he is in his wonderful wife's arms again.


Wow, what a great example to look up to. Sister Hinkley will always be remembered as well as President Hinkley. Today President Hinkley has passed away and has rejoined his wife. It gives me great comfort to know that the love they have shared together will continue in the eternities. They are great examples of hard work and dedication.

Caroline Kwok

What a great example in family relations, in human relations! I am so glad i have them as examples in life, and i am sure in the next life we will get to hear more!


Can you imagine a more glorious reunion? Our loss is Heaven's gain!


How much better the world has been because of the Hinckleys; how much better it would be if more people, couples and marriages were like the Hinckleys. God bless and Thank you!


Almost makes you want to name your next baby girl Marjorie, doesn't it? She was--and still is--my hero!

Love you both, President and Sister Hinckley.


Now who's knocking on the door of your heavenly abode? What blessing and rich life you two have shared in this life, imagine even richer lives up in heaven with you two together for all eternity. God bless you two together.


Great sadness came at the news of President Hinkley passing, but thinking of the joy and happiness of reuniting with his wife, I know they are enjoying each other's companionship once again. They will be greatly missed, but their examples of great leadership and love for the people and the church will forever be remembered. We love you President and Sister Hinkley.


I will miss President Hinckley but I know he is with Sis. Hinckley once again. I know he is very happy. I loved Sis. Hinckley so much. What a wonderful lady. When the Monticello Temple was rededicated we sat across the way in another room and when I turned my head to look back she would smile and wave at me each time I looked back. Ahhee' Pres. Hinckley & Sis. Hinckley for your love and example.

Shanthi Arul, India

The demise of President Hinckley brought tears to my eyes, but what joy it gives to know that he is now in the arms of his beloved, in peace, surpassing the aches and pains of being trapped in a mortal body; to live in eternal unity with happiness and love. What a great reunion!!

Thank you President Hinckley for your love and labor,
We love you and will always miss your presence.

Linda Hissong

The Saints in the South mourn President Hinckley's death, but, we are so grateful for the times we had him with us and for the many blessings that we received by being in his presence.
The sadness is made easier, by the knowledge of the gospel, the plan of salvation and knowing he is with his Eternal Companion and those of whom he served with.
If only that I can live to be able to greet him someday.
We will miss you, but, thanks for your service to our Savior and for us. God Be With You, Til We Meet Again.


Aftr reading this I could picture that as he passed through the veil and his beloved Marjorie met him she would quip 'So, what took you so long!" How wonderful that they are together again. How we will miss them

Hanson Family

We are so glad you can be together again. We will miss you both, but know how happy you must be now. Thanks for all your service, your love, and your example. We love you!


To "Beth".you are right, your comment on her sense of humor brought laughter and tears. She was indeed a beautiful, spiritual and loving woman and so much in love with her sweetheart Gordon B. Hinckley. How rich our lives have been with our President Hinckley and his humble, sweetness and especially his magic he spread with his sense of humor. Oh, what a loss but what a wonderful feeling to KNOW that he is with Marjorie, the love of his life and we have so many more wonderful and inspirational apostles and leaders to uplift us with words from God. We loved him, yearned to hear his counsel and experiences. He will be missed and hopefully he will know that we are living our lives in accordance to those words of counsel and love. Our condolences go to the family and extended family and friends of the Hinckley's.

Robyn J

I can easily see how they fell in love and stayed in love. They seemed to compliment eachother perfectly. God bless you both!


Okay, he could be pretty funny at times, but in terms of humor it sounds like she was MORE than his equal. What great one liners! It sounds like they were truly made for each other. Beautiful article.

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