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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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sam and mae swindle

he was a kind,humble man.he taught us that love and service to all mankind was better than preaching without practise or doctrine without doing. we love you.


God bless Gordon B. Hinckley. He was the prophet during many of the significant events of my life and is a great example to me.

I met President Hinckley in the Salt Lake Temple just before I left on a 2 year mission. It was a great faith building experience that I will remember all of my life.

He will be missed but I'm sure he's hard at work on the other side (Alma 34:34).

J Lundell

As a rank and file member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who was only in President Hinckley's presence a couple of times, I would just like to say (borrowing from Brigham Young), "I feel like shouting Hallelujah every time I think that I had the privilege of knowing Gordon B. Hinckley, the Prophet."

Unknown Friend

A great man
Unmatched in Christian service
On wings of glory to God


i didn't meet the prophet but i always make sure i attend every conference so i could listen to his voice. When i have the chance to meet him in the spirit world i would personally thank him for what he did to me and to the whole world.My family has been blessed becuase of him. He may be thousands of miles away from me but his exmaple has penetrated into my heart. I love Pres. Hinckley and glad that he already met Sis. Hincley

Corey W. Vernon

Eventhough, I have never Met President Hinckley, I will always Remember his Smile and the words he gave to all of us, Whenever Conference time comes around, I will Alwayd keep him in my Heart as he is a Prophet of God.


Congelese LDS, I have read many of his discourses.
he teached me important lessons of life.


I thank thee God for this prophet. I mean that.

The Ephraimite

In shock here in the isles of the sea. What a man!

Vaha & Suli Ma'ake-MA'AKE FAMILY


What a great loss to the world! His marvelous works,affections and advises have permanently treasured in our hearts and from our generation to our kids generations will be remembered.

I have taught myself with your 5B's speech and succeed! I am now teaching this principles to my children and I am sure my children will pass it to their children!

You are a great leader, great prophet, great light, great father, great man and a great example!

We love you so...dearly and our condolences and sympathy to your family.


Gasparino - Pelotas/Brazil

I will feel lack of the teachings of pre. hinckley, but I know that it this in the perpetual dwelling. I know that it lives. Morni 8:3

The Lion

President Hinckley would be the first to admit that he taught nothing new or profound or revolutionary. Everything he taught he got from Jesus, who is the real head of the Church. Although President Hinckley was a great administrator of a physical organization, let's please not forget who we worship and why -- lest our enemies find fault with our misplaced "hero-worship" and we give them evidence for the accusation.

Palomares family

Dear president Hinckle, thank you for your years of service, for your love and good example. We are going to miss you so much. Well always love you.

Doug Ward

Life is for the living and President Hinckley lived his a fully as one can. He touched many in ways that have changed them forever. He is already missed but the Lord has prepared a strong leader to step into his place.

heather duncanson from tx.

dear hinckley family i am so sorry for loss he is in a better place with his wife,


President Hinkley was such agood prophet. He was the person who encouraged me to read the book of mormon and I thank him for that. Thank You presedent Hinkley for your service. Your family is in my prayers.

In memory

Gordon B.Hinkley was born on this earth to live
His special mission, to love and to give.
He was raised in the LDS throng,
His work through so he couldn't stay long.
Don't cry for our prophet, put a smile on your face
He's up in heaven in Christ's loving embrace.
If you listen real closely then maybe you'll hear it,
The prophets loving voice being bourn by the spirit.
Keep the commandments and stay free from sin,
I love you so much, AND WE WILL MEET AGAIN.
L. Nielsen 2008

One of the greatest ever

God bless President Hinkley. I would love to have been there on the other side when you met those waiting for you. I must be a fantastic reunion!

Gary Krei

I was about ready to write that I never knew President Hinckley personally. However, anyone who had ever heard him speak or had the wonderful experience of being in the same building as this great man knew him personally. Such was the way he affected all with his radiant sense of humor and captivating smile. A great man, a wonderful prophet, a child of God. The heaven's rejoice, the earth weeps at his passing. Yet we know that we will meet again. That is the message he left with us all. Eternity awaits all who are faithful. Our prayer's are with the Hinckley family. Our prayer's also are with President Monson, his is a mission that needs our sustaining vote, and our continued support. God bless you all.


We love you President Hinckley. You were a wonderful man who served many. How I, a youth, shall miss you. My first prophet, live on.

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