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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Marlon Ordonez

As a convert of age 14, i and my converting family are truly growing eternally. My prayers 2d Hinkley family, will miss his accountance. I love the restoration "The Church of JesusChrist of Latter day Saints". :)...age21 and goin on a mission soon! keep it up saints!

Jared and Janelle Tonks, NYC

If we could all say that we have accomplished a quarter of what President Hinckley did we would have lived a meaningful life. We'll miss him!


I was shocked when I heard that our beloved prophet died on Sunday. I knew that he was getting very old, but it almost seemed like he would live forever on the earth! He's the only prophet I can ever remember and I will miss him dearly. But I can't help but to feel overjoyed knowing that he is with his family that has waited so long to finally see him again. We love you, President Hinckley, and you will be missed.


He was a great man and hes know happy he gets to be with his wife and i bet u hes with Joseph Smith right know talking with Jesus Christ.. He was a very spiritual person

The Greenwald Family

We will miss out prophet greatly but his work he was done. It is now up to us to continue. Our prayers are with his family.


Iam truely going to miss him He was the one who edvised me to return to church when i wrote to him 4 yrs ago.I followed his work for a very long time i read mostly all his books He is truly going to be missed by me. ALBERTO TORRES ALLENTOWN PA,

Jheniffer Porto

Eternamente serei grata pelos seus ensinamentos que me fizeram me achegar amis ao Salavdor Jesus Cristo, lembrarei sempre o amor que serviu nesse chamado beneficando a todos os filhos de Deus.
Amamos voc nosso querido profeta e saiba que dentro de nossos coraes ser eterno.

Jheniffer Porto
vitria -ES

Alice pereira

For hinckeley ..
More I can say is he is no longer among us?
(I carega it me forever, and its teachings also)
I love the prophet!
(Cable) pernambuco-Brazil

Love be lds!!

melody Fear

I will definitely miss him. He was a great prophet, seer & revelator. During his lifetime as President of the Church he has done a lot for me. I have been sealed to my husband and my parents at the Palmyra Temple which he dedicated. It has been the greatest honor to know the beloved Prophet of the Church. I am sure President Monson will carry on his beloved work.

Fred Harris

I am 4th generation LDS,I have a lot of pride of my
ancesters,they endured to the end!!! Brother Hinkley
has been the most industerous,and results oriented
President of our church, with the exception of Josef
Smith,who restablished the true church in these latter days. I have seen President Hinkley at our
conferances,and read all the good things he acomp-
lished during his liftime. Being a faithful servant
of the Lord,these many years, brother Hinkley will be remembered as being "Faithful to the end". I truly am blessed to be a member of the LDS church.We
have to do our own good deeds,and endure to the end.
I feel it has been my pleasure to have known such a man, and being on earth when he was showing every-
one the true meaning of love,devotion,and being selfless in all things he attempted(brother Hinkley)
Good health,bad health didn't even slow brother Hinkley down,he will be rembered and missed by mill-
ions of people,reguardless of religion or purpose.
Thank you brother Hinkley for your examples to live
by!!!Truly a messenger of God!!!

AnhMinh Tran, CA

It hards for me to say goodbye to our Beloved Prophet -President Golden B. Hinckley..Then I know that we all will meet again and be together forever...We are so blessed to lead by you..We love you. Your last speech on Jan 13 2008 in Garden Grove Stake Conference seem for me personal...You know what we need as Our Father knows.We love you


How we will miss our wonderful friend! We have loved him so much; moreover, he loved us all. God bless and comfort the Hinckley family, and God bless our new Prophet.

Vanetta Lunn

President Hinckley was a great Prophet. I enjoyed hearing him speak. He will be missed all the way. He is now with his beloved wife. I send my sympathy to all the family.

Luerssen Family, SLC

Truly a beloved prophet we all will miss, but at the same time we rejoice with him as he enters his well earned rest to be reunited to his eternal wife. May the grace of God flow forever upon him and his family for the great witness he has given this world of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.


he was a wonderful man and he will be missed but i also no in my heart that he is in a better place.

Jayziel Mesde, Philippines

I never had the chance of seeing Pres. Hinckley in person but I've felt like I knew him like my own father. I am now 20 years old and almost all my life I have heard inspirational messages from him like he was talking to me in person. I can see the sincerity and truthfulness of his words though we are thousand miles away. I was really sad for a lost of a Great prophet and President of the church but also am happy for him because he finally had the chance to be with his loving wife. He is indeed a GREAT MAN who inspired many lives and who had helped the church to reach its growth.
A picture of him in our home acts as a constant reminder of his counsels and had brought peacefulness in our family.

I love him and He will always be remembered.. A GREAT PROPHET who served a good life for 97 years! We Love you so much..

Till we meet again, Pres. Hinckley!


He performed a great work in temple building. The whole world has been blessed by the power that comes from the Houses of the Lord. Indeed "a wonderful work and a wonder".


A man who gave until the end. God bless you from the Southerners.

The Robinsons,Manchester England

A lovely humble man who inspired and led by example. We will miss bright eyes and sweet smile as he is reunited with his loved ones. Til we meet again.


Pres was a great man.

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