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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Hanson Family Utah

We will miss President Hinckley. We loved him and he will be greatly missed. He was very faithful and dedicated to all of the world. Thank you President Hinckley.
We love you and will miss you.

Michelle Rice

I will forever love you President Hinckley. As a convert to the church in 1998.... you are an amazing example and a man of integrity. Thank you


He has been the president my whole life. I'll miss him and always remember him.

Amazing Man!

President Gordan B. Hinkley was one of the greatest inspirations in my life!! I will miss him dearly, but I know that he is with his wife now and it was his time to go! He lived a great life and now as members we need to carry on his legacy and what he lived for. The church is still true, and with this knowledge WE will move on! May God be with everyone!!

Marisha Farnsworth

The Williams

President Hinckley has had a huge impact on our lives. We love him so very much! Everything he stood for was strong, positive, good, charitable, loving, and gracious. While he will be missed, he will never be forgotten, but will live on in our hearts till we meet again.

Our love and prayers go out to his wonderful family at this time of great loss.


He truly was a great man. He lived to serve others and I hope that we all can follow his example. With him gone it hits me that even though I never met him I loved him anyways. His smiles warmed our hearts while his words brought us comfort. He makes me want to be a better person while I can and to make better decisions in my life. It also helps me realize how close Heavenly Father is to us and that he wants us to be happy. I will dearly miss him and hope to see his smile again someday. I know that my Redeemer lives and loves each of us. I thank you for the bottom of my heart, my dearest President Hinckley.


What an honor to be raised in a time with such a loving, honorable man. He has taught so much and brought so much joy to many whether LDS or non-LDS. His inspirations are in all our hearts and homes and the love and example he has shown will be a legacy for all. Thank you to his loving family for sharing him with all of us all over the world we are truly blessed by being able to learn from his teachings.

Ray and Christy Corbett

Dear President Hinckley. Our beloved prophet and friend. To his family, please know how much we loved and revered him and will remember him always.

Kate from KS

We are all very sad, but we know that he is very happy. He is the only prophet I knew...


THough not a member, I thought highly of the man and his values.

the ciotti family

we'll miss you president Hinkley!!! you were the best president ever!!!!!!


Querido Presidente Hinckley, que grande perda mas que grande exemplo! Obrigada por ser o grande homem e lider que foi e continuara sendo. Thanks!


A man i never got to meet but has made the greats impact on my life.Words can not express the love i have for this man. He will be greatly missed and truly needed on the other side to carry on the work.

Edwin H. White Mississippi

President David O. McKay introduced me to President
Hinkley between the two conference session on the day that President Hinkley became the newest
Apostle. All of the Church and the World will
miss one of it's Greatest mortals.

The Wilder Family

We believe that he has done more for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ since Joseph Smith, Jr. He was definitely a great example of kindheartedness.

The Myers Family

I am truly happy that he and his sweetheart are together. What a true love story and what a great man. Our Heavenly Father truly has a plan.

Bryan T J

I cannot say how much President Hinckley's words and spirit have helped me in my life. I will miss him always.

The Murphy Family

The Great Temple Builder....we are all so indebted!


What an age to live to for anyone! I hope he stays as jubilant in heaven as he was on Earth. I can't wait to meet him on the other side someday.

krystle perth

President Hinckley was a great great leader of the church and a kind man, he will be missed :(

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