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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Turman from N.C.

I am not members of LDS and never meet him. I had been watch on TV several times and also read his books. President Hinckley is marvelous man and very inspiration on his works. I will always remember you and also your wife Marjorie, too. I love you both of Hinckley. Prayers is always with me and in my hearts.

To the bone head in WR AZ

Speak for yourself not the whole group of people.

Gary Barber

President Hinckley showed us what all of us can become like if we will turn our lives over to the Savior.

In many ways we saw glimpses of what the Savior is like through President Hinckley's life because he had become so much like Him.

Danilo Vaca B.

Los miembros en Ecuador le hemos amado, le seguimos amando y le recordaremos por su ejemplo, servicio incansable, por su amorosa guia y su vision profetica. Gracias siempre Presidente Hinckley.


Aprendi muito com suas mensagens inspiradas. Foi realmente um profeta de Deus. Agora descansa em paz em um lugar muito lindo. Sou grata a Deus por saber que temos sempre profetas inspirados.

Ileides G. dos Santos

Penina Tupua

President Hinckley is the only Prophet i've come closer too. I love how he loves the people. President Hinckley is the one that said it's okay to have a little humor. I really love this man and I'm grateful for all that he has done for me and for everyone.... I will miss him alot... President passed while i only have a 2 months left on my mission... Thank you so much for everything and all the love. Thank you for all the years you put in for us.... We love you and we will see you again.



Someone from Penn Valley, CA

The latter day prophets are #1......
Gordon B. Hinckley showed the way, we heard and followed his words, and in his heart he'll stay

I love you president hinckley!!! I will never forget you! you were and always will be my FAVORITE prophet. I can't wait till the day that i can see you again!

The Griffiths family

We are saddened by the passing of such an enthusiastic member of the Lord's team, enjoy the journey to your dear ones who have gone before. Our gratitude for the enthusiasm you have always shown, and especially for inspiring us all so much during these the last days. We love you and will miss you and may your successor have the joy and love of the people worldwide. God bless your children and their families.

Celeste Aldemita

I pray for comfort and love for the family of Pres. Hinckley. He always held a special place in his heart for the Filipinos and we will do the same for him and am eternally grateful for the great work he has done.

My family and I will truly miss a great Prophet and a wonderful person.

Sheryl Jewett

President Hinkley I know you loved us all individually and I loved you. I especially appreciate the love you have for your wife and family. Your example of equal partnership was exemplary. I am happy you are home with your beloved sweetheart. We will all miss you, I will miss you.I best I hope for is to be more christlike with vigor and joy as you did every day. I loved you with your cane and your joyfull wave.


I really thought that it was a neat thing that the people in the Salt Lake & Utah county school did to honor President Hinckley at the time of his death I was really neat to see all the Young kids dress up for school to honor President, Hinckley , We will miss him Very Much, He taught everyone so much.


We will sure miss our beloved Prophet, My thought & prayers go out to his Family in their time off need.

Amelia Hancock

President Hinckley has truly blessed all members of the Church in building up of the Kingdom by building so many Temples. He has personally blessed my life and those of may ancestors by doing so! Whenever, I take their names I will that of him. I loved his sense of humor and his smile. My prayers are with his family and friends.

Nona P

I knew the day was near at hand that he would be called home. I will miss him and his wonderful sense of humor, as well as his many years of guidance and direction he has given us. I pray for comfort for his family.
I love this magnificent man who was a great example to all mankind. He will be sorely missed by me.
I am grateful to have known him as my prophet !!

K. Cochran

I can only imagine that, President Hinckley's death was very much like the day Jesus Christ died. The world mouurned for our elder brother as many of us are mourning for our Prophet. God bless his family and all the members of our Church. May we continue to have faith and stand tall. We loved our Prophet so very much and listened to his words of wisdom and his revelations from Heavenly Father.

John Lee

What a mounument of a man! I will miss his love and his example. I wish his family the best and thank you President Hinckley for everything.


President Hinkley will be missed, especially by me. But I can't help seeing a picture in my mind of him with his wife, whom he loved so dearly. He has returned home with honor, to his Father in heaven, and his beloved wife. When I morn it is only for my own loss, for I know he is so very much happier where he is. Thanks for all the good work you did President Hinkley, and especially for your trip to Tasmania. It was a small thing, a small place, but it meant so much.


Thank you for showing us what it truly means to endure to the end. God be with you until we meet again.

Bengal Fan

I love this man with all my heart.
When he died I felt like someone had put their hand inside of me and pulled something right out. Words can't describe how much we all loved him and looked up to his incredible knowledge and example.
We will never forget President Gordon B. Hinckley.
I know that he was a TRUE PROPHET OF GOD!

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