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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The burden of running God's true Church here on Earth has finally been lifted off President Hinckley's blessed shoulders. To be reunited with Marjorie is a wonderful thing for the Prophet. President Hinckley has been the Prophet since before I was born. I was beginning to believe he would live forever.

Travis Marshall, Farmington Mo

I will always remeber when President Hinkley read in general confrence" Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." out of Joshua 1:9 and he said we never have reason to be discouraged I felt like he was talking to me and I sensed some of what he felt, because he was feeling discouraged at the end of a hard day but after pondering and praying he felt different, couragous. thank you.

Missing His Humanity

I don't regard myself a member of any religion, which includes LDS, and perhaps never will. But I have seen this man, have my picture taken with him and his wife, just the 3 of us, and have felt of his of genuine love of people, which particularly he was drawn to the Asians, which I am.

And although, I may not agree with all he had said, I will miss his humanity, his acceptance to all sects, race and creed.

There are many religious leaders, that speaks of acceptance, which includes LDS leaders, but I truly feel that he sets the true example of living his own teachings, by loving them with true intent and, most of all, real action.

He respected other faiths so much, that other leaders returned their genuine respects for him.

Not all of the LDS prophets could claim that.

Rose Pollock

Dear President Hinckley, We love and miss you so very much! It's hard to believe that you have left us for a time. We are forever grateful for everything that you have personally given to this world. We will miss your wonderful sense of humor. You have always seemed to be so happy with life and we will miss your bright smile. Although, we are at peace knowing that you are with your beloved, sweet wife, Majorie.

We will keep your family in our prayers.

Until we meet again dear prophet. All our love to you forever.

Daniel Tirado C.

The President Hincley, was one prophet very beloved, in latters days, my family and I the listen and we saw, in one conference in Culiacn, Sin., Mxico en 1998. After also in other time in the dedication of temple Guadalajara, Mexico. For we has been wonderfull receive of him the teachings of gospel of Jesus Christ, He will live forever in our hearts.

conference farewell

I will miss him greatly. I remember him making a comment in the last conference in reference to that being his last conference. I think he was saying goodbye to all that was what I thought as he made that comment, he truly is a prophet of God. I am glad that he will be back in the arms of his loved ones.

Blackner Family

We love President Hinckley very much. We will miss him.

Daniel Tirado C.

The President Hincley, has been a beloved prophet in the last days, my family and I saw and heard, at a conference in Culiacan, Sin. Mexico in 1998. Also in another occasion in the dedication of the temple in Guadalajara, Mexico. For us has been wonderful to receive from Him the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, He will live forever in our hearts.

B. Lashoodaloom

I am saddened that President Hinckley did not tarry with us just another 3 years. I am sure he would have thoroughly enjoyed being the first centenarian prophet in modern times. Of course, back in Bible days, a 100 year old was just a young whipper snapper. Times have indeed changed, and the 100 year mark is a rare accomplishment nowadays. Farewell, President Hinckley. Scoring 97 out of 100 is good enough.


Name a few things this "prophet" prophetisized. He was just a man. a misguided man that misguided others.

Alan G

Thank you from Orange County. Thank you for your tireless efforts, for standing at the crossroads, for helping to steer and guide all your your brothers and sisters towards a happier future. We'll see you again.

Angie Mohsenian

I wish to thank the Hinckley Family for their sacrifice of time with their Dad. He was truly a remarkable leader. We all loved him so much. It seemed he was our leader for many more years because he was often alone on the stand at conference taking over the duties of the other members of the Presidencies under which he served who were older men.His life stands as a great example of how to be a fearless missionary and spokesperson for Christ. Thank you again and again for your selfless life of service President Hinckley!

Scott Niendorf

Thank you for your service, Pres. Hinckley. 'Till we meet again. Our condolences to all the Hinckleys.
The Niendorf Family
Oakdale, CA

Diane L-Y

What sad news for us!! But we know that you're in God with your wife now. You're really a great man, thank you very much for your example and service. We love you President Hinckley, see you again later.

Great Man

What a great man. Truly a representative of Christ. We are so blessed to be able to have him as the prophet during our lifetime. I'm happy that he is finally able to take a rest from this troubled world but am sure he continues the Lord's work along with his wife, friends and prophets modern and of old. Most of all, I'm happy he is with Father in Heaven. What a great reunion.

David Smith

I will miss his cane waving and joke telling. I feel like many of you have mentioned. It is like my grandfather just died. He had that ability to connect with the average person and let them know that he loved them. I am looking forward to seeing him again.

The Kitchen Family

President Hinckley will be remembered for many things. However, I will remember him as the Temple building Prophet.
The best way to honor President Hinckley's memory is to do your genealogy research and attend the Temple regularly.

Phillip A Cline and June A

We loved our Prophet President Hinckley. He was such a great Father to us all. I know he is with his wife and I bet all the past Prophets came to Welcome him home, to be with them and rejoice together, with the LORD Jesus Christ. Well done good and faithful servant. We will miss you, but you taught us so much. We only wish we could have met you in Person. We will see you soon too. Love the Cline's from Salem,Oregon

BB San Antonio Texas

Oh President Hinckly, I will miss you waving your cane in the air one more time! I loved that joke you told in the old tabernacle when it was warm and you said "It will get a lot warmer if you don't repent!" You had such an optimistic way. We love you, miss you, so sad to not have you with us. God bless you and your family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Fa'a Fetai lava with much Alofa, the Bringhursts

Steve, Alpine UT

It's not easy to trust claims about a man most only felt they knew but really didn't, but who so gracefully discharged an office weighted with expectations of divine revelation and oracular vision. Could it be that under that burden President Hinckley's greatest repeated insight and caution was not to take ourselves so seriously that we lose our common humanity to the idol of self-importance? Thank you for demonstrating that truth in so many meaningful ways. I will try to remember. . .

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