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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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President Hinckley made a great impact on my life. I have hanging on my wall a few paragraphs of the closing remarks he gave at the October General Conference in 2000 and I have tried to put what he said then into practice ever since. I will remember him as the great Temple builder of the Church. He helped bring the Church out of obscurity. The Church will keep growing and will get stronger still because President Hinckley was at the helm.


Even though I'm not LDS, I had a lot of respect for President Hinkley and my prayers are with those who loved him.

SgtMaj SPB

My family and I were tremendously blessed by the life and example of this man. We Thank Thee of God for a Prophet.

Johanna Eliza Te Clair

President Hinckleys term as Prophet, seer and revelator only confirms that the Lord has truly reserved the brightest and noblest of his spirit children for this, the last dispensation. His vigor and zest for living and proclaiming the gospel has encouraged me personally to live righteously in these wicked and perilous times when the devil is working double-time to destroy the Lords Work. His teachings have brought my family closer and united in working towards a common goal. His writings will always be present on our shelves, bedsides and in our hearts.


As Jesus said.... "if ye love me, keep my commandments".

There's no better way to show your love for President Hinckley than to do what he asked.

Get out and stay out of debt. Control your temper. Be kind to EVERYONE around you, regardless of ANY other considerations that might otherwise prevent you from doing so. Be especially good to your spouse and children. Attend the temple regularly. Be a little better every day.

And don't drive like a maniac :)

That's the best way to honor the memory of this amazing man. I can't imagine him wanting anything else.

Ben Wheeler

He was the Prophet to lead us into the the 21st Century. He trained us, led us, encouraged us, and he finally he loved us. Gordon B left us prepared to take the next steps without him. He left the church better then he found it

The Flake Family

We loved our prophet - his love, his humor, his kindness, his goodness. We will miss him very much.

Greg in Pennsylvania

Only fond memories abound as I have pondered the passing of such a great yet humble disciple of Jesus Christ. Just as he taught us, President Gordon B. Hinckley lived his life without regrets. In so many ways he simply forgot himself and went to work - ever true to the direct counsel given him as a young missionary by his father. What a reunion he is having beyond this veil! Thank you, President Hinckley for your shining example, your great legacy of faith.

the Colemans, Lake Tahoe, CA

We will miss the twinkle in the eyes, the cute little smite, the charm of this very special man. But most of all we will miss his example of wisdom, his thoughtfulness, his devotion to his family, the church and the Savior. How blessed we have been to have lived under his tutelage. Rest well, dear friend, until we meet again.


WAY TO BE! Pres. Hinkley. Lots of Love!

Luke & Kirstin

Pres. Hinckley is a prophet and an inspirational leader and man. We, like many others, believe that he was chosen and prepared before he was born for his duties and he fulfilled them marvelously. We believe that his sentiments would be to "Carry on and go forward in faith' just as he exemplified throughout his wonderful life.

Brisbane. Australia

familia adobatto

lo recordaremos con amor en nuestros corazones

Pittsburgh Ute

The man gave hope to the hopeless through the Perpetual Education Fund.

The man gave light to a darkened world through the addition of over 70 new temples.

The man walked and talked with God.

I could listen to him talk all day long...

We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet!!!!

The Grimm Family

We loved you President Hinckley. We'll miss you.

The Battezzato Family

We love you, pr. Hinckley,our dear prophet.
You have taught us how to be loving, kind and how to stand a little taller. Thank you for your example.
You'll be forever in our hearts.
Daniela, Paolo, Stefania, Claudia and Alessio Battezzato.
Westford, Ma
Lowell Ward
Nashua, NH Stake

Sister Abram

I loved President Hinkley so dearly. He was such an example to me. His kindness, gentleness...I loved him. I'm always going to miss him.

Eric Watson, Anchorage, Alaska

The life he lived was incredible. To me, he died with his boots on, on a Sunday, and even one last church visit. He had a long, healthy life, and a calling fulfilled in it's fullest.
From the state of Alaska, and from the bottom of my heart . . . Thank you President Hinckley, my prophet, seer, revelator, and friend.
-Eric Watson
Anchorage, Alaska


President Hinckley has shown us how we can


Yes wonderful President Gordon Hinckey is very speech during general confence. Very mostly He is good speech everything and his testomiry mostly. I remember learning from pres. hinckey greater wonder. We love President Hinckey. I never forget watch during general conference meeting. My kids see it about gospel and etc. We miss him very much most time his life very strong and faithfully.


May we all live to make President Hinckley Proud of us. Remember to Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be true, Be Prayerful, Be humble and to be clean. I will do my best President.

Carry On

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