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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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What a legacy you have left us - you will be missed greatly however know we shall be in your presence again. Thank you for your love and direction and the example you were of living joyfully.

Wauneka, AZ

I was at a loss upon hearing the news. My condolences to the Hinckley family. President Hinckley was truly a Prophet of God! I will always remember the time he came to visit the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, AZ. Thank you President Hinckley for your love, teachings, example and leadership. You will truly me missed, but glad that you are reunited with your beloved wife, Marjorie.


the anonomyous Texan

President Hinckley was an amazing prophet! Everytime I listen to him speak I feel the spirit. We will always remember him. What a great example he was to us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we will be praying for your family. I love you President Hinckley!!

The Rasch's from CA

We are all very sad at the passing of our beloved prophet, President Hinckley. We loved him and will miss his warmth and witty sense of humor. The last few years have been tough on him without his dear sweet Marjorie. Never have we seen such devotion and love before. What a blessing it was to be present for the last session of conference this past October and he see him. We'll never forget this opportunity. Our prayers go out to his family at this difficult time. As hard as it is for us in the church to lose our prophet, the Hinckley family lost their Dad. I'm sure they are smiling thinking about that reunion between their parents. Thank you Hinckley family for sharing him with us all these many years. We will miss you and we love you! ! !
The Terry Rasch Family from Lancaster, CA.

Steve-Rename Conference Center

I say in honor of President Hinckley they should re-name the Conference Center in Salt Lake where they hold General Conference and other events. The new name? Maybe: The Hinckley Conference Center.

Anyone else like this idea? Someone should suggest it to the Church officials, I might soon. The more people that suggest it, the better chance of it happening.

Phil & Dalma Heath

What bittersweet emotions this stirs up in our hearts. President Hinckley has been called home and is rejoined with his eternal companion. We will miss him so much, but will forever be affected by his great legacy. Our sincere condolences go out to his wonderful family.

Linda - Monrovia, Calif.

I'm deeply saddened by the passing of our dear Prophet, but happy he is now with his sweetheart. I'm also very thankful that we got to see and hear from our dear Prophet at our Southern California Stake Conference via satellite transmission on Sunday, January 13. Beautiful parting words to remember him by. He was and is a remarkable human being. God Bless the Hinckley family.

Screen Age

What a well researched and well written article! This is the best article I've read on him since his passing.

Like everyone else, I've been positively affected by President Hinckley, and while I'm glad he and his beloved wife are reunited, I'll miss him as well.

15 yrs

an inspiration

janet reed

I'm inspired by this tremendous legacy. He was a man of God and we should all be grateful to have known any part of this true Christians life.

Anson Bentley in England

What a great example of a human being, family man and friend to all. Our dear prophet will be deeply missed. Anson


Everyone will miss this great, kind, wonderful man!

thadd & Liza & children

Pres.Hinckley has done a powerful impact in my life and my family. We love him very much.Thank you Pres.Hinckley for all you had done to me and my family and to the whole world.Im just happy to know that you will be with your loved ones,specially Sis Hinckley.I thought that Pres.Hinckley can visit us again in the Philippines to celebrate w/ us for the Jobillee year 2011.He was the one who opened and dedicated our country for missionary work almost 50 yrs ago.Now,many had been blessed by his efforts.The phils.now has 600thousand members and is continuing to grow.Thank you Pres.Hinckley,I know that you will never be forgotten and you will always be in the hearts of every Filipino Latter Day Saint.I had met you while I was serving in the fulltime mission more than 22 yrs ago and hope to meet you again in the next life.President Hinckley is trully a Prophet of God.

Thaddeus Sorronda

Texas LDS

We thank thee of God for a Prophet...he was an amazing example and a genius disciple of God. He still makes me smile.


Ditto on Kevin's comments. They are expressed very well.

Arven D. Hansen

I myself will greatly miss our beloved World Leader President Gordon B. Hinkley. He was indeed a great example to everyone to follow and for years to come. I will greatly love and miss you. May you rest in peace until we all meet beyond.


May President Hinckley's humor, positive attitude, and example live forever. President Monson will also be the same kind of prophet if it so be. What a great speaker and devoted man he is.


I will miss President Hinckley, he became Prophet, Seer & Revelator just a couple months after I joined the church. I loved his words of wisdom, candor and care of others, it is and was infectious. I hope we all will stand a little taller, be a little kinder, and love a little easier, as he wanted us to always. I cannot think of a more Christ Like Man than this man. I am glad he is with his sweetheart once again united. He will be missed, but the work in which he was engaged here on the earth will roll forth to fill the world, as he prophesied, and as those before him did as well. May God Bless Him Always.

Jesus Hermes Inzunza

The President Hincley he was an inspiration for the lds members, the wonderful man and de example for the humanity the love demostrate for all his the more great dedication for de human generation thanks for you example


What a great inspiration and example. Great leaders only come along every now and then. He will be missed. I can't help but think of the wonderful reunion with his wife, his dear friend Elder Faust, and his parents and other relatives. These are happy times beyond the veil.

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