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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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McCampbell Fanily

We will truly miss you! you were a wonderful leader and man. Now you can be with your sweet wife. You have been blessed with a wonderful life.


We thank thee, O God, for a prophet
To guide us in these latter days.
We thank thee for sending the gospel
To lighten our minds with its rays.
We thank thee for every blessing
Bestowed by thy bounteous hand.
We feel it a pleasure to serve thee
And love to obey thy command.

K Jones

We love President Hinkley and will greatly miss him and his influence in our lives and in our hearts.

tracy frye

President Hinckley was a great man and a great example to everyone.may the lord bless his family and the new president

Dony Dawson

Welcome home President Hinkley. Welcome home.

The Nehren Family

President Hinckley was one of the most amazing examples of what it means to be a disciple of Christ. He has had a tremendous impact in the lives of individuals throughout the world, and he will always be fondly remembered in our home.

The Nehrens
Eagle Mountain, Utah


What an example of hard work! His example shows us how to be happy. We won't forget him.


I Will miss Pres. Hinckley

Paul Wagner, Carrollton 3rd

President Hinkley will be missed by many. I didn't personally know him, but it felt like he was a great friend. How we will greatly miss him, but we also rejoice in his passing into the arms of the Savior, the heavens will surely be singing hyms of happiness.


For most of our lives President Hinckley has been the prophet. He is the prophet that we had while we made the most important decisions of our lives. We appreciate all he has done and all the great revelation he gave and teachings. It is sad to see him go, yet a happy time for him to be re-united with his sweet wife. We love you President Hinckley and know that you are just entering another phase of our eternal progression.

Mike Downey

He was a great man who is now in the arms of is loving wife who he missed ver badly... Good bye you will be missed by millions.



We were saddened to hear the news. We love President Hinckley very much. Thank you for all you do; we'll strive to follow your example.

Neil R.

I'm so happy he will finally be with his wife again. He loved her so much. He was a friend to many, and spent his life serving the world. He was so good, so pure. A more Christ-like person I have yet to meet. I miss him already.

Aubrey Schultz

I am 10 years old and just wanted to say that I'm sad that he is no longer our prophet, but glad he can be with his wife in Heaven.

Hale Family

President Hinckley was a hero's hero. Thank God that we got to know him. We loved him dearly. He will be missed. It's comforting to know that the World and the Church are in the Lord's hands.

Tupou from Alaska

We will miss you President Hinckley. Your teachings will continue to live in our hearts. We will always treasure your devoted service to the Lord and will stand in Holy Places until we see you again in our Father's Mansion. We will miss your warm sense of humors.


We'll really miss you President Hinkley, you truley were a remarkable man. It will be a lot differant without you here.

Elisa Velasquez

president hinckley will be missed, I thank him for his devotion and optimistic spirit, he was a great man, I dont evn have to mention it. He was a blessing to this church, the prophet of God.


When we told our six-year old son that President Hinckley had died, he asked us why we didn't pray earlier so he wouldn't die. He told us that he was very sad that President Hinckley had died. We explained to him that President Hinckley died of old age and that the prophet was now with his wife and others whom he loved, just not here on with us. This helped ease his sadness. And it helped also to relieve the sadness, yet bring in comfort to all of the children in our family.

Nathan Matson

President Hinckley was a great inspiration to me and i will miss him so much. He was an amazing individual and such a great role model.

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