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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The prophet is smiling down on us this very moment. We will miss your presence and heed your counsel. We love the prophet and the work he has done is marvelous.

Family Michia -Bs.As ,Argentina

Our Dear Prophet we are sorry for your depart and we'll miss you greatly ! But we are content that you are finally with your eternal companion and those your loved ones whom were waiting for you ...we'll see you again ,to enjoy your company ,your kindness ,your love.We love you dearly ! -The Michia Family , Ituzaingo III Ward ,Buenos Aires ,Argentina .

rob cernig

he was a great prophet - i am converted because of his vision and sharlese and joseph my brother


We mourn with you at this sad, yet happy time. Knowing how Pres. Hinckley will be missed is so sad, but also knowing that he is with Sis. Hinckley makes us feel some comfort at this hard time. My 6 year old son asked if we could go to his grave when summer comes and say goodbye. So sweet! Our hearts go out to you Hinckley Family.

Aaron W

God bless the Hinckley family. We are all better for his influence.


My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, all those who are mourning, and to Thomas S. Monson. I am glad that he is with Marjorie again, but I will miss him.

The Lloyds-Idaho

Thank you dear Prophet.
We will Carry On.


As he said of President Howard W. Hunter: "A majestic tree in the forest has fallen, leaving a place of emptiness. A great and quiet strength has departed from our midst."

He was a man of integrity and light with which he lived and influenced the world - for this those who knew him or of him loved him. We revered him as a prophet as we do 14 men before him. Now the mantle of the prophet falls upon another and we pray that President Monson will be strengthened.

The parting message of our dearly loved prophet, President Hinckley was always, God be with You 'til we meet again. God be with the Hinckley family and our church leaders.

Glen L Nygren Jr

I am so sad to hear of the passing of President Gordon B. Hinckley. Having been inactive for 30
+ years , I have become an active member since Dec. 2007 , and have since been ordained into the priesthood , and Babtised my three children , ages 8 - 9 - and 10. I am so grateful for the Gospel, and the oportunnity to have been an active member since President Hinckley has presided over the Church.
I know President Hinckley is watching over us from the kingdom of Heaven May he rest in peace.
Glen L. Nygren Jr.

Kathleen Boshard Selway

President Hickley's seemingly endless energy and focus was amazing. His fantastic accomplishments attest to this, while he worked hard to the end. I don't know how he did all that he did! His optimism was infectious and encouraging. His gratitude and support to women was welcomed and uplifting. My thoughts and condolenses are given to the family. I think they are lucky indeed to have such a legacy.


Thank you Presiden Hinkley. When ever I heard him speak, he made me feel like I was worth so much and that I could do anything I wanted. I am so thankful for his life and his example. If I can even accomplish a fraction of what he did I will be happy. We will miss him deeply, but I feel at peace in knowing that his journey is not over.
Thank you President Hinkley. We love you.

Catherine Demers

We are thankful for all he has done to increase commitment to the Lord, Jesus Christ. He will be missed.


How we love this man! His example and service will be a beacon to us for the rest of our lives!

Tonya McLawhorn (NC)

I love you, President Hinckley. Thank you for the wonderful example you have been to me and my family. Thank you for the inspired leadership you have provided. You will be missed and always remembered.

Darryl Meekhof

Happy day, all is well.

We will miss our beloved President and Prophet. We must live our lives in such a manner as to honor his legacy. I will sustain our new President with love and honor.


Gordon B. Hinckley truely was a prophet of God and I testify of this, he had a way with words, he knew what people needed in this life, he was a truely humble servant of God, the armies of God will be rejoicing in heaven. I know if it wasn't for Gordon Hinckleys hard work then the world would be less righteous. Thank you for everything Gordon Hinckley a prophet and a friend, yet another wonderful chapter in the history of God's kingdom on earth.

Swenson Family in Ca.

You will be missed. We heard your words three weeks ago in our stake conference broadcast and thought you looked weaker, yet you served nobly till the end. What a great example you are and were. We can imagine the joyous reunion on the other side. We're sure your greatest fear was to become an invalid and be unable to serve. God granted your prayers to be useful to the end. We do love you.


WE LOVE THEE OH GOD FOR OUR PROPHET!!!! I will greatly miss President Hinckley so much. He has taught me so much and I will always remember all of it. He was a special man and a great leader to us all. I know he is happy now reuniting with his beloved wife. God Bless His Family!!!! WE loved yall and yall are in my prayers daily!!!! This man did so much for so many people and touched so many lives he is gonna be missed so much. I have cried till my eyes are swollen and blood shot since I heard about his passing. Bless you President Hincley for what you did in making a difference in my life. I love you and will miss you very much!!!!!


Nancy Acquisto

Oh how my heartaches in losing President Hinckley even though he was 97 years I was hoping he would live long enough to see both of the new Temples in the Salt Lake area dedicated. He reminds me of my father (who passed away this last June). They both had a great sence of humor and both talked with their hands and so Christ-like. Knowing he is with the Lord and his Savior as well as his dear wife again makes it easier to accept. What a great leader of the Church and all that he did. Thank you President Hinckley.


thanks for helping me! as one of your last ones needing help! thank you with all my heart!

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