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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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A great man and leader that the world will certainly miss.

Hayden W.

I love President Hickley. I was so close to him. And I'm only 14! But I am friends with his nephew, he's the one that called me. Anyways, he will be missed by all...

JFBusch and Family

President Hinckley you will surely be missed. Our
hearts and prayers goes out to the Family during this time of your loss and ours.
Salmon, Idaho

Robert G Foster

If only I had known what a great man a sinner like me had the privilege of sitting next to, for dinner, a few years back. I would have had so much to ask him. He was definitely a man of the people, inspired by God. His wisdom, humor, and insight will truely be missed.

Jessica M.

I was looking forward to seeing him at the spring session of general Conference.He was such a happy soul, and had great humor.
I have never seen him before, but thats just too bad. He was a Wonderful prophet. He Inspired to many people
like myself.
He will be missed.
-Jessica <3

Walker family-Grass Valey, CA

We are deeply saddened at the loss of such a great and loving Prophet and man...we will miss him and rejoice at his reunion with his dear wife. We have been blessed by his service.
Great thanks to the Hinckley family for sharing their father with the world. We send our deepest appreciation and love to all of you.
The Walkers

Michael Clarke, Sugar Land, TX

There are few who matched this tremendous spirit in life. He stands tall among the likes of Joseph, Brigham, Abraham, Enoch and Issac. His leadership and presence was reassuring during his latter-day tenure and the void is acutely felt. To me he was a hero...to me he provided hope and reassurance....to me he was a lighthouse amid the turmoil of today's worldly difficulties. It's a sad day for for us who are here but such a joyous day, I am sure, when he was greeted by his sweet bride. God bless you Gordon B. Hinckley you will be missed!

Regina and Dave

It is strange to think that on Jan 4, 2008 he was talking with Brother Watson before Brother Watson attended the Bountiful Temple to perform our sealing. At our ceramony Brother Watson stated that he spoke with President Hinckley as he was getting ready to attend the Capitol's dedication. Brother Watson stated that President Hinckley sent us his blessings. And as we were gathered around as a family at the dinner table and hearing of the death of our prophet was very emotional. President Hinckley was a righteous man and lead our church to many new milestones. He will ever be remembered in our new journey as we were given his blessings when kneeling across the alter.

MacKay Family

Pres. Hinkley
We were so blessed to be at the temple dedications of The Hague, Netherlands and Helsinki,Finland Temples and hear your wonderful words You will always be in our hearts and remembrance. What a wonderful example you have been in our lives. We will miss you but know that you are now reunited with your wonderful wife.

Sean Tate

I keep hearing everyone say that they are so saddened by the loss, I must honestly say that I am not, we all know where he is going due to the way he lived his life and we also know that he is going to see his best friend, Marjoray whom he must have felt lonliness in her passing, I am grateful for the example President Hinckley always gave and his great love for the temple. I am also appreciative of the true gospel that lets me know that the church will continue on.

The Sukhan Family

Thank you so much for your example of love, faith, devotion, and service to mankind. We will never forget you and your legacy.

Moe Family in MD

We will miss President Hinckley's optimism and candor. We have become a better people for it.

Faafetai lava President Hinckley.


President Hinckley has been an inspiration in my life and I will miss him greatly. However, I am so thankful for the the lessons he taught me and my family. Ultimately, it brings me peace to know that he is with his lovely wife and relatives. Well done thou good and faithful servant!

Cathaleen Mol

I can only imagine the joyous reunion of President Hickley and his sweet wife. I am happy for them though it still brings selfish tears to my eyes to think of his passing. How blessed my husband and I were to be so close to him at General Conference and feel of his spirit. We will forever remember him raising his cane to wave and smiling as he was leaving the stage. I feel like I've lost a personal friend. I miss you President Hickley...

BYU-I student

What a great and marvelous man. He was my prophet, the head of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He will be greatly missed. God bless his family and loved ones and collegues. God bless the Hinckley family.


To President Hinckley.
I shed a tear for you today!WHAT A POWERFUL EXAMPLE you were to all, around the world. Have a great reunion with your DREAN GI.RL

Catherine Inscore

His soft kind voice resinates deep within my soul; the love which flooded with every utterance stands as a sweet testimony of the love Pres. Hinkley has for our Savior, Jesus Christ--
Thank you for being mt first president and for teaching me and many more about the love our Savior has for us all.

Til we meet again...


As I have scrolled through these remarks, I have been gratified to see evidence of the love and respect that this fine gentleman had inspired, not only among the members of his faith, but also from several who were not members of the faith.

I was gratified that except for one moronic remark...the contents of this thread have remained respectful.

"Goin' home, goin' home
I'm a goin' home.
Quiet-like, some still day
I'm a goin' home.
It's not far, just close by
Through an open door.
Work all done, care laid by
Goin' to roam no more.
Mother's there 'spectin' me
Father's waitin' too.
Lot's of folks gathered there,
All the friends I knew."

Welcome home brother.


Hard to express my feelings at this time. I so looked forward to seeing and hearing President Hinckley every Conference. He is such a great example of enduring to the end. His wit,humor and sincerity was what endeared him to all. My first thought was great, now he finally gets to be with his dear wife. Thank you President Hinckley for everything you gave to the world. You will be missed and loved by many forever.

The Hancock's

What a great example of love and charity! There is nobody that deserves a rest as much as he does. We will miss him!

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