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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Jason Pollock Family

What a wonderful prophet! We will miss you so very much. We love you President Hinckley more that you know!!


Thank you for your life President Hinckley. We love you.

The Swenson Family

Our family was very sad to hear of President Hinckleys passing. He was a great leader with a warm caring personality and a wonderful sense of humor. Even when he was chastening us as members of the church he always did it in a kind and loving way. May his legacy live on in the hearts of the people of the world. Hopefully we will all remember the words he taught and continue to reach out and befriend people of all faiths and recognize the ways we can touch each others lives for the better no matter what we believe or what church we belong to. We are all God's children and he loves us. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Hinckley family at this time. God Bless You.

A Methodist

President Hinckley was more than just a prophet to the LDS faith, he was a leader and voice in social and spiritual matters, in the local community, Utah, the U.S., and the world.
He was a great man to people of all faiths, a true bridge builder.
I, as a member of a different faith, will truly miss this great man!
Condolences to his family, and our neighbors of the LDS faith.

Martinez Family

Thank you for everything President Hinckley. You made me feel great about being a Mormon. I have always been so proud of you.

B Marshall

Last night around 8pm I received a text that President Hinckley passed away. My wife was looking over my shoulder and we both saw the news simultaneously. It felt as if the world had stopped for a moment and then I realized how much more I need to do. It is incredible how he inspired me even in his death.


Gracias por todo, mi vida cambio por su ejemplo, un gran hombre


He will be missed. It makes me sad that people in my school don't now who he is. I can't belive he's gone.

Joanne Gines

Oh that I can earn the words I know have been spoken to him by the Savior! Well Done thou good and faithful servant...Enter into thy rest! So Richly deserved! We will miss so many things, but have been richly blessed to have known him. Enjoy your reunion with your sweetheart President Hinckley.

Ver´┐Żnica Castillo

Es triste
Se pierde un hombre sabio y muy trabajador, lleno de esperanza y amor por todas las personas
Lo unico es que se podr reencontrar con su amada esposa
Hasta Siempre
Un Siervo de Dios que hizo todo en pos de edificar la obra ac en la tierra!

Andrew Davis

President Gordon B. Hinckley was a great and kind man i am so sad he died and that he didn't live longer. I morn his loss and that he is so gone he will never be back. I will always remember this historic profit. he lived longer than any other prophet in our church. I wish he did not die. I feel bad for his familys loss. it is such a trajic event that almost everybody knows about. i just wish he could of lived longer. all his humer was so fun to listen to he gave such great talks and how he loved the whole church. he was such a great man and how he loved to give talks. he was a verh faithful man and i will never ever forget this profet. I was hopeing he would live to be one-hundred but he didnt make it he was hopeing he could live to see another general confrence. he loved evrybody.


se que era un profeta de Dios, aqui en venezuela amamos al presidente hinckley, y sabemos que ahora esta muy feliz al lado de su amada esposa, siempre sus enseanazas estarn en nuestros corazones y en nuestra mente para guiarnos hasta el padre

Familia Munhoz, Porto Alegre, Br

Amado Profeta! Nossos coraes esto entristecidos por sua partida. Todavia, seu exemplo de f e retido marcar para sempre nossas vidas!

D Harrington

We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet! And what a great Prophet he was!

north dakota

He will be truly missed he was a great example of a true prophet. Our wishes are with his family during with difficlut time.

Randy Dalton

I loved this great man!

Bob from NC

Not many, but a couple of anti-Mormons on the thread,
But guess what?
President Hinckley would have smiled at you and invited you to come to church..

What a great missionary.

Wentzel Family Rexburg ID

He will be missed. I am sure he is happy with Sister Hinckley. I know that though the Prophet has died the office has not and we will always have a prophet.

David Gaines

He was a man of god and we will all miss him so. We all loved him

Wendy in Atlanta

What a great man and great example. I hope I can honor his life by following his great words and counsel. Someone needs to write a 2nd part to his biography--he's accomplished so much in in the last few years. Truly an example of a follower of Christ. Glad he can reunite with his sweet wife.

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