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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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It's hard to be sad when you realize the joy he so richly deserves at being reunited with his beloved wife. I just can't feel grief at knowing of his personal joy.

Al & Konnie WA

What an amazing example of dedication and love for the Lord and his Church. We have know President Hinckley all of our lives and have continually learned from him, what the Lord would have us do in many circumstances. Our heart felt support goes now to the Quroum of Twelve and their task to select the next voice of this church. We send our absolute support and love to all of you. To President Hinckley's family we send our condolence and love. He will be missed by us and our family. An exciting reunion is now taking place filled with excitement for all who have been waiting for this time in his life. Life goes on, we look forward to being in his presence once again. Love to you all.

Vanessa G�mez

Im so grateful for being part of this blessed generation, that could enjoy and learn from one of the greatest prophets...there is so much to do now, to honored his wonderful work in the earth and dedication to the church and its memebers.


He was one of the few church leaders to sincerely Thank the membership....a few of the higherups could take some notes...

Amy Brooksby

We can overflow with flowery dialogues that we love and respect our wonderful President Hinkley, but to truly show him our love, we will follow his example and the Lord's gospel which he taught (John 14:15). May we continue onward as vibrantly as President Hinkley did and "go forth with new energy," as he encouraged. Let us love our families and neighbors, let us magnify our callings, let us open our mouths and share the gospel.

Isn't it wonderful to envision the sweet reunions on the other side? We are so blessed to have the gospel and know that death is "really a step forward in Heavenly Fathers plan."

Jan & Johnny Page

What a blessing President Hinckley has been to us and the world. We are so thankful for this prophet. We know he is busily engaged in the next world with his loving wife and family members he has been separated from. We pray that we will someday get to shake his hand and tell him how much he has meant to us.

Phil Vonk

Non LDS... We pray for the Hinkley family and for all of Utah as you mourn this loss. We pray for a fresh and bright revival in Utah as you seek the face of Jesus for your comfort.


President Hinckley,

We love you. You are an amazing leader. You will be missed. I'm glad you can be with you lovely wife, Marjorie, she was also a wonderful example.

Our prayers are with you family.

Texas Dodge

He was a prime example of someone who wore himself out in service of the Lord. I hope he takes a few days off before he gets crackin' on the other side. It helps my sad heart to wonder about his reunion with his sweetheart Marjorie, and to think about his reunion with all of his beloved brethren who have kept the faith so well, and who have served so well and diligently, like him. May we show our gratitude by doing the same.

tarazona family

this is such a bad news ,we all loved this wonderfull man we live on a small island called dominican republic we all will moved forward tahnks to teh lord and president hinckley


I am so grateful to have been lead by such a great man! I am also grateful that he may now be reunited with his wife and the one he served so well. He will be greatly missed!

The Gibbons family

He was a beloved prophet, admired and loved by millions of people all around the world. He was and is a wonderful example of how we all should try to live our lives. He was committed and worked hard to do what was asked of him each day of his life. Thank you President Hinckley. We will miss you greatly.

Lori Brevard

What a wonderful wonderful man!!!I did not know him personally but always felt as if I did. He is the only prophet my children remember and oh what an example he set. He will be deeply missed here on earth but what a reunion on the other side. May his family be blessed with strengh and comfort. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Craig Hammond

We truly do thank God for a prophet, especially Gordon B. Hinckley. He was a great leader and lead not only those of the LDS faith, but the world to be better people and fulfill the desires of Heavenly Father. May we rejoice in his joyful and magnificent reunion with his wife, family and friends, and the welcoming embrace he so greatly deserves from our Heavenly Father.

A follower in Christ

God bless his family. And may we all remember him and his counsil to live it always. As we do we may also look forward with the optimism he always bestowed on us. The parting is bittersweet, bitter for us who stand to mourn his loss but sweet for him to go home to the God that gave him life and to his beloved wife.


I think it caught everyone off guard. Only a prophet of God could do what he did at the age of 84-97 He traveled everywhere. He truly was driven everytime he spoke he had a message. He will be greatly missed the work will go on.

Alan Linda Delahunty and Family

Nothing can describe the tender feelings of our hearts as we have loved and followed our Prophet these many years. He did prepare us that he would be leaving soon and we do not mourn that he is gone but we celebrate that we had him so long.

IVAN CRUZ Estaca Pq. Pinheiros

Pres. Hinckley foi um dos maiores homens que j pisou nesta terra. Em cada conferncia ele falou especialmente para mim. Ensinou-me a ouvir meus filhos e a am-los de maneira mais incondicional e terna. A controlar a ira e aproximar-me do Senhor. Quantos favores ele fez, mesmo sem o saber.
Ele foi como um grande pai que, de longe, aconselhou gentilmente se filho no caminho mais excelente.
No estou triste por sua morte, pois ele tem um lugar especialmente reservado mo direita de Deus, nosso Pai, mas estou triste pela separao momentnea. Que o Senhor abenoe sua famlia nessa hora.

Obrigado Presidente.


Sarah in DC

I am honored to have sustained President Hinckley as a prophet. No doubt he has reported for duty and is busy still.

in Stockton, Utah

I had the pleasure and honor to meet this Prophet of the Lord in the Salt Lake Temple last year. He was a great man! In person, or on the T.V. he showed all people great love. He grew up with my grandfather, so I heard a lot of fun stories of their youth together. My father played w/ Pres. Hinckley's children in the tree that is now the pulpit in the Conference Center. I was at the Day of Celebration at the U of U when Pres. Hinckley spoke to the youth. I am blessed to have been in his presence, under his leadership, and a member of this glorious church at this time.

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