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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I was very saddened to receive a call last night informing my of President Hinckely's passing. He was so amazing in his tireless efforts to further our Savior's work as the head of His church. What an example of combining talent and creativity with hard work to help bring souls to Christ! The list of his accomplishments are astounding. I thank God for this Prophet and the immeasurable good that he did. As the brethren have pointed out, he is the greatest temple builder in history. His ministry has blessed the lives of countless millions here on earth and in the hereafter. Thank you President Hinckley. We can scarcely express the depth of our love and appreciation for all you have done.

Timiney Family TX,

A prophet that led the church with such vibrance as he did will deeply missed. I will miss the talks where he can so lovingly inspire us, make us laugh, but then remind us to be grounded just the same in respecting our fellow man and promoted religious tolerance to those not of our faith. Let us do as he did when he became the prophet of this church and "Carry On". God be with the Hinkley family and all who mourn him at his passing. 'Til we meet again...


This is by far the most comments I've ever seen, since Deseret News started doing comments by thier readers. Would'nt be nice to go where he's going I mean he's got a first class ticket to the highest kingdom we can live in. I LOVE YOU...President Hinckley, and thank you for being here for us. I'm very greatful to have lived during your era.

Kerrs from California

We always felt that when he smiled he was smiling right at us. We knew he loved us and we loved him. He was the Prophet of our children's childhood. We thank him for his leadership and his love. He will be missed!


Thank you so much President Hinckley. I know that you were called of God and that the fullness of the priesthood was/is truly with you. I'm so happy that you will now be with your dear wife and friend. We love you and your witness. As I listened to your last talk in General Conference I couldn't help but smile knowing that it was a witness of the boy prophet, Joesph Smith. I am so grateful that one of your last testimonies was that of Joseph Smith seeing both the Father and the Son. We will miss you.

CO Cougar

Unfortunately I knew this day would have to come, his health had been going downhill ever since the death of his wife. But in a way I am happy for him now, he is no longer in pain and he has been reunited with his loved ones, the Church will never forget you Pres. Hinckley, God bless you and your family.

You will be missed.


The end of a great era, with sadness as one so great leaves us more lonly. An old giant has falled, a stature that stands tall next to anyone in history! We will miss him greatly. A yet, life rolls on.

Led Zeppelin

Tears of love from my wife and I for this great man who inspired and helped bless our lives with great council that has helped our lives in every way. President Hinkley and his wife are the worlds hope and example of everything that is great about marriage and how we should be.


It is so sad that he died. i was at a standards night fireside, and after it was over, someone in our stake presidency stood up there and just mentioned that he just recieved the confirmation that President Hinckley died. so that is how we found out that he died. and then we sang We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet, But barely anyone sang because everyone was so sad.But that was a very sad way to find out he died. we were all so happy, and then boom, there came the news. I loved President Hinckley. He was my favorite prophet. I cant wait to see him in heaven someday!


Pes. Hinkley is such an amazing man! Im so sad he has passed but so happy for him!! He gets to be with his sweetheart and our father.


Pres. Hincley was the prophet for the majority of my life. And he has impacted my life in lots of major ways. I love him dearly. He will be sorely missed. I know he is glad to finally again be with his eternal companion. Pres. Hinckley will never be forgotten.


To the Hinckley Family:

Thank you so much for sharing your father and grandfather with the church and the world. Your sacrifice allowed President Hinckley to bless this world with his wisdom, wit and inspiration. I had several contacts with him over the years and I was personally blessed by him and his tender care at a time of personal sorrow in my own life. Thank you again.

Al C in New Jersey

Dear President Himckley,
I look forward to hopefully qualifying to serve under your leadership on the other side of the veil.
I've been grateful to know that I was baptized on the weekend (6 Apr 1958) when you became a General Authority of the Church, as an Assistant to The Twelve. As a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, you made our little branch a ward and me a grateful bishop. I know your leadership continues, and many members who preceded you through the veil during your Presidency here have been looking forward to your joining and leading them there.
Praise the Lord!


What a remarkable man! I'll miss his wit, humor and most of all, his brilliance and wisdom.

Teena Castle

We were sad to hear the news and my husband and 3 daughters cried as we realized that we has lost our beloved prophet but they were also tears of joy as we knew that he was with his wife of so many years forever never to be seperated. Our hearts and prayers go out to President and Sister Hinkley's family as they go through this period of mourning. As one who has lost both a mother and father I understand the tender feelings of this time. May we all go forward and indeed "Stand for something" as we strive to be the kind of example to each other, to those around us and to the world of what it means to be a disciple of Christ and a member of His church. We love President Hinkley and will miss his quick witt, his wonderful smile and gentleness that made him loved by so many member and non-member alike. Thank you for teaching us what it means to be a true christian.
The Castle Family Howard, Teena, Julynne,Jessica and Jennifer Baraboo Wisconsin


If each of us loved people as much and gave as much service to the world as he did, can we just imagine what a wonderful world this would be! We love him and we will miss him. We are praying for his family, the quorum of the twelve, president Monson and President Eyring.


I will miss his delightful sense of humor and inspiring words. With his unflagging optimism, he just had this way of making everything seem better--that there really is hope for the future. He really was a great man.

Vance Family

We will always remember Pesident Hinckley with love


Our President Hinckley has gone to a better place with her beloved wife. I know he is a prophet, I cannot express how sad I feel knowing he won't be here to speak to us anymore. I will always love him, and I will always remember how positive he was for life, how much he care for all of us and how much he loved our Heavenly Father. He is a great example of true love. He will be miss always. I think the only thing we can do right now its to do what he told us to do. Be obidente, strength our testimonies and never forget that there is a Heavenly Father in heaven who listen to our prays.
Thank you my beloved President Hinckley, Now I know you are with your wife again.
We will miss you.


Solch ein Beispiel! Solch ein wunderbarer Profet. Du bist nicht mehr mit uns, aber wir werden dich niemals vergessen. Wir freuen uns dass du mit deiner Frau wider bist.

Wir beten jetzt fur President Monson.

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