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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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President Hinckley has now returned from where he came from before coming to earth. He set the example, gave us encouragement, direction, etc. to help us return to where he has gone.
Can't thank him enough to him being a Prophet of God.

Karen LDS in TX

Our family was so sad to hear of President Hinckley's passing. He is with his beloved wife now. He was a wonderful Prophet and example to us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
He will be greatly missed.

With Sympathy,
The Gebauer family

Lusi k


Kent Stake Youth

As we got the new at the Kent Stake Youth Fireside I could feel hearts swelling in sadness because we lost a great Prophet. He wasn't just known for being the oldest Prophet to live, he was known for how many lives he touched and how many hearts where touched as well. The closing song we sang was changed to "We Thank The Oh God For A Prophet". As we sang that song so many people were crying because we new we wouldn't be able to see him again until it is our turn to go live with Heavenly Father. Right now all i can really say is God be with you till we meet again!!

Breona Carter, kamas

Pres. Hinkley is such a powerful example of service, love, and courage till the end. He was so candid in his messages. I will miss him dearly.

Jay Studder

May God Bless

Jonathan & Gina James

This man inspires all he came into contact to be better and to reach higher. What a tremendous legacy he has left. A true example of laboring tirelessly with no expectation of reward. This world mourns his loss but rejoices in the knowledge that he has been reunited with his sweet wife.


What a Great Man--The world will truly miss you!

Elizabeth Pollock

There are not words enough to express how our family mourns the loss of this wonderful prophet and great leader.

Thank you President Gordon B. Hinckley for your perfect leadership. You have given so much to our world. My family is eternally grateful for you, and the devoted and genuine love that you have so well expressed to others.

I am truly happy that you have been reunited with your beloved Marjorie.

You will be so deeply missed by all who have been touched by your earthly spiritual presents.

Thank you for making the world a better place for us all. xoxoxooxoxoxxooxxo


He was the most remarkable man, such positive attitude among such a pesimistic world. You could always look to him to find the silver lining in ANY cloud. He will be greatly missed. I am so glad to know he is with his sweetheart now. I know the church will go on and a new Prophet will be just as wonderful and bring what we need at this time.


Pres. Hinckley was sustained President of the Church shortly before I was baptized in 1995. His words and testimony gave me light and strength during difficult times. I will forever be grateful for this good man.

Shelly R Ladouceur

From Edmonton, our family was sad to hear of the passing but rejoices in the glory he is now experienceing. He is still an wonderful example. Give Sister Hinckley a hug from us!

Cortney Mathews

Prior to President Hinckley's passing, I often asked myself how I would react when he died. I would be devastated, I thought; however, when my wife and I heard of his death last night, my initial thoughts turned to the joyous reunion between President Hinckley and his sweet wife! It was a great moment I'll never forget.

Dustin Birch

I was sad to hear of President Hinckley's passing. He was a great man and will be dearly missed. I'm confident his great work will affect generations of people to come. I'm sure he's grateful to be reunited with his wife and I'm sure he'll continue his mission on the other side.

West Jordan Pete

I am no longer active. Still, I never lost my love, respect, and admiration for this great man.

Wilson's/Pasco 3rd Ward

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Hinkley Family. He was such a wonderful person, and a great example to all of us. What an exciting time for him, as now he is reunited with the love of his life. As a convert to the Church I am grateful for the examples he set for me, and for leading our Church in the right direction.

God bless Our Prophet! God Bless Gordon B Hinkley! God Bless the Hinkley family.


I skimmed through this long list and I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have issues with our fath for being kind and not using this time to criticize our fath and I thank you our this great man. Thank You so much.

Mary Ungerman

I think of President Hinckley as a prophet of surprises. He had so many surprises for us such as the many temples, the perpetual education fund, the conference center, the pulpit in the conference center, and one of my favorites, the birthday parties which he gave and invited us all to attend. How we will miss him!

Stephen in Oklahoma

Thanks be to the Father for allowing us to have President Hinkley for so long. Praise to the man.

What a Resume!

Kudos to Deseret News for such a fantastic article on an inspirational man. The article is so comprehensive and informative. President Hinckley was an example of hard work, humility, and integrity.

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