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LDS president met call with humility, vigor

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ryan L

He was a great man who gave his life to the lord. Many thanks to his family for their sacrifice.

J B Anguiano

It is amazing to me the impact that this single servant of The Lord made. What a wonderful life lived! My heart aches for his family, and is overjoyed at the thought of his open armed reception.

Dave and Jeni Taylor

What a wonderful man! We were so blessed to have him lead and guide us! President Hinckley's love and cousel saw us through high school, college, our marriage and the births of our children. He has inspired deeper testimony and faith in our Savior. We will be forever grateful for this wonderful prophet of God that will be forever in our thoughts and hearts. May we all live up to his expectations of us to stand a little taller. As my 6-year-old daughter always spoke of him, Heavenly Hinckley is my friend!

The Reed family

What a wonderful legacy President Hinckley gave us: great faith, eternal optimisin, marvelous sense of humor and strong leadership. May the Lord be with the Hinckley family.

Til we meet again, dear Prophet.

Doug Perry

Pres. Hinckley was the perfect prophet for our time. Truly, one of a kind. No one of any age could match his quick wit, veracious thirst for knowledge, ability to eloquently deliver a message that could be enjoyed by old and young alike, his untiring efforts to lift his brothers and sisters across the world, nor his vast knowledge and experience in so many fields and disciplines. He was a renaissance man in a world ruled by the niches of society. God bless the life and legacy of this great man!

Jessi in CA

It saddens me to know that he is gone, but I know that he is now with his beloved eternal companion and he is happy. I'm sure he is still doing great things to help this church move along on the other side. He will be greatly missed.

Marcelo Gomes

This single man has done so much more that can ever be expressed in words in advancing the work of the Lord upon the Earth. On behalf of hundreds of thousands of Brazilian saints who love President Hinckley, I express my love and "saudade" for our wonderful leader.

Kuhnz Family, RanchoM, Ca

You have been one of the most influencial people in our lives, and wil continue to be so. We love you and your energy and dedication to the work of the Lord. You are a constant example and will be forever.


We thank thee Oh God for a Prophet - President Hinckley, in these Later-Days! He will be missed!

Happy to have known him

All men die. Not all men truly live. Thanks for everything brother. Enjoy some well earned time off.

Brent Toolson Family

We are so grateful to have had such an OPTIMISTIC, LOVING PROPHET! He was full of life to the very end and inspired all of us to be better, to accomplish more and to read our scriptures daily! We are Thankful for the challenges he gave us and for the "Way to BE". "We will Stand For Something" as we "Stand A Little Taller" We are thrilled for the reunion in Heaven and for his Sweetheart! What a party there is today!!!
Although our home is full of 7 heavy hearts, I couldn't help but be touched at how the spirit in our home changed at the news. With 4 wrestling, active teenage boys, ages 16-12 and one sweet 7 year old girl, complete silence added to the shock! The quiet reverence for "THEIR" beloved prophet was a wonderful tribute to the prophet of their testimonies. How Bitter/Sweet this life is!
Thank You dear Hinckley Family for all that you have given to us, even your father, brother, uncle, friend! Much love and prayers are with You!

Tim and Ramona Wilson

Our Dear Prophet and President has completed his mission here on earth. What a great man and leader he was; truly an ensign to the world. We mourn his passing and remember his great works, his energetic service, and his loving smile. How happy he must be to rejoin his loving wife! May his family and friends be comforted during this difficult time.

Edith Carpenter

President Hinckley has made as much impact on the lives of all who knew him. What a loss to his family and the world at large. My condolences to the family and blessings on those who now carry on the leadership roles without him.


I showed up to a high school today and half the kids were dresserd in church attire. They were showing respect for the passing of a prophet who had such an influence on the youth! At 97 he could relate to teens! AMAZING!

Montana fan of Pres. Hinckley

I'm sure he hit the ground running on the other side. There is much work to do and he was always in there doing more than his part.


Can you imagine the applause when he past through the veil?

MaryAnn Kibbie

I was in a fireside when i got the news about President Gordon B. Hinckley. As They told us the sad news, I and a whole bunch of others started crying. Because he was such a great man and did so much for our church around the world! He blessed us all and touched so many hearts in so many ways! I know we all miss him, but he is in a good place now with his Heavenly Father and his Wife, Marjorie! The one thing i am going to miss so much is hearing his talks at General Conference and also seeing his smiling face every time i watch BYU Television.

Elder/Sister Nield

We were so saddened to receive an early morning phone call telling us of President Hinckley's passing but know he is now experiencing a joyous reunion with his beloved, Marjorie. We thank God for such a wonderful prophet and now pray for his family and those who will continue to serve and move the work forward, which is just what President Hinckley would want to happen. He always "forgot himself" and "went to work"! What a great example to follow.
Elder/Sister Nield Ireland Dublin Mission


What an example of hard work, dedication, and focus on the eternal things of man's existence. We should all mirror the principles this man loved.


I teared up reading through these comments. If greatness is measured by the love a person leaves behind in this world, then surely Pres. Hinckley was a GREAT man! He will be missed, and his life will be celebrated now and forever. May God grant him peace and rest from the cares of this world. He truly earned it.

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